Minutes of the Clergymans Committee
National Freedman's Relief Association
May 7, 1863

A.M.A. 86420
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New York May 7, 1863

The Clergymans Committee met to examine candidates for the Post of Teacher at Port Royal. Present Messrs. C. B. Frothingham, Whipple, and Brown. The following persons were
examined and approved and recommended.

Miss E. Conkley Old Lyme Conn. Governess in a family at Lyme, member of Congregational Church, Amount of salary is 1,000. Surprised the salary would be small, but is is no
object. Friends do not think well of this work but would not object to it. Can furnish credentials from Rev. Dr. S. Branard and Rev. P C. Nichols. Approved.

Miss Elizabeth Arrand, Camprille N. Y. About 30 years old. Been a missionary of the American Baptist Free Mission at Haiti, Well recommended by Rev. W. Brown an A. L. Post.

Approved and Recommended

The following were also present and were acted upon by the committee.

Miss Bella McKechim No 10 Nichols Newark N. J. Credentials from Eliza A. Chase Principal of High school in Newark and Rev. ? P. Wilson Pastor of Clark St. Church Newark Aged
19. Has been and now is a teacher of a private school. Her Father would object to her going to Beaufort but none to her going to North Carolina To be kept on record

Miss S. E. Parsons, M. D. graduate of the Penn Medical College in 1860. Age 31, Member of the Baptist Church at Elinira. She is recommended by Herman Fassett of Elvirna has
always been Anti-Slavery in feeling. Declined