The National Freedman's Relief Association
Paper for July, August, and September, No 3, 1863

A.M.A. 86413
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Index: Stephen H. tyng, Wm. C. Bryant, Charles C. Leigh, Charles Gould, Francis G. Shaw, Wm. Allen Butler, George C. Ward, Mansfield French, Joseph B. Collins, Edgar Ketchum, John
W. Edmonds, William C. Russel, C. C. Leigh, Horace James, Brigadier-General Wild, Miss Kellog, Doctor Durant, Edward A. Wild Brig.-Gen. Vols., General Foster, Rev. Mr. James,
Cornelius Curtis, John F. Anderson, General D. P. Woodbury, General Saxton, Chloe Merrick, 54 Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, General Wadsworth,