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Ocean View Hotel
132 Bay St.
St. Augustine Florida
The above description is from 1883-84. The beginning date this building (1851) was turned into a hotel is unknown.

It had gas in the office, parlors, dining room and halls. In charge of the house was Mr. W. S. M. Pinkham (who
would also later be the Mayor of St. Augustine and the St. Johns County School Board Superintendent.)

The dinning-room sat 100. This was the only hotel directly on the bay in the 1890s. In 1898 the manager was
Frank C. Hayden.  In the 1900s the Ocean View came under new management. A. Madole and Company
took over matching it with the Lebanon Cottage in Chautauqua, N. Y. The Ocean View featured in its
advertising fine fishing and northern cooking.

The Tatler in 1891 reported: "This house has been undergoing repairs for several months and will be partially
refurnished, making it as attractive in appearance inside and out as it is delightfully located. Gas has been
placed in the office, parlors, dining room and halls. The sanitary arrangements have been changed and
greatly improved, office and halls newly carpeted, the office enlarged and a gentlemen's washroom added.
Mr. Pinkham is in charge of the office with Mr. Cox as assistant generally.

The dining-room of this house is a large, well-lighted room, with a seating capacity for one hundred. One of
the principal attractions of the house is its piazzas extending across the south and east on first and second
floors, and across the front on thrid, affording guests delightful outdoor sitting rooms, and with views of the
ocean and bay unequaled. This is the only hotel directly on the bay, and from the rooms on three sides the
ocean may be seen with the island in the foreground, making a beautiful picture and one that never tires."
Northern Ad in the Brooklyn Newspaper 1898
Ocean View Hotel
1906 Ad
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