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Orelues Milton
12 Year Old Student in Port Royal
June 3, 1863

AMA Records H5211

Beaufort S. C. June 3d 1863

Mister McCraw My dear sir

Am glad that I am learn to read and right and when I go to school I will try to learn to read and right and I will be a good
boy in school and I will try to love my good teacher in the school and I will love my book and I is study in the third reader
and in the geography and in the arithmetic and my dear sir I to go to school to learn about god when I go I will be a
good o God halpe our school teacher that them may teach us but God and teach many more and when them done
teach us hear lord call them home to heaven lord to dwell there with the lord thy God forever for my mother say I must
try to learn now becausw when my master was hear I was not allow to learn to read and right but har that I am free and
if I am free I must learn to read and right and I must about god to and when I whas Slave I whas hath to do for my
master but he whas not a bad man but he cared my dear mother of and I will sing that say I have a mother in the
slavery land and my mother call me I must go to meet him in the slavery land.

Orelues Milton
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