Case of Patty Murray
Letter of George Attwood, St. Augustine Fl
Oct 8, 1870
St. Augustine, Fla.
8th October 1870

Capt. J. H. Dunkee
Claim Division and Bureau for Florida
Jacksonville Fla

Dear Sir

The return of Patty Murray to St. Augustine has enabled one to perfect her purpose by sending you enclosed Certified copies of her Marriage Certificates and the Blank you
sent to me duly signed and certified.

Please have the returns sent to my care as I am out some clerks fees and postage on her behalf, the reimbursement of which I desire to ensure.

Very respectfully and truly yours,

Geo W. Attwood
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P. S. Is not Patty Murray entitled to a Pension?

Geo W. Atwoods

P. S. In forwarding to you the conveyance for the School Building I could not send you a certified copy of the Deed for the lot. It being a Government Lot for which we have
not yet received any complete title but the use of which was obtained by Genl Howard from the Sect of War ? the usual Red Tape ?

Geo W Atwood
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