Petition of the Mayor and Citizens of St. Augustine
In Support of Major W. Gates
July 7, 1836

Army and Navy Chronicle Vol 3, No 11, September 15, 1836
In June of 1836 Major William Gates was court martialed for cowardice, having failed to retrieve the bodies of slain
soldiers outside his bulwark, resulting in their being mutilated by the Seminoles. He would later serve in the Mexican
War and would be further disciplined in a case involving SS San Francisco when it was wrecked in a storm on
December 24, 1853. An investigation of the incident found Gates to be delinquent in this duties and he had no more
active assignments from 1854 until 1861. With the outbreak of the Civil War in April 1861 Gates was given an active
assignment, despite being 73 years old. In December 1861 he  commanded Fort Trumbull in New London, Connecticut
and was reassigned in March 1864 to Fort Constitution near Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He remained at Fort
Constitution until his full retirement in 1867 after 66 years of military service. After the Civil War, Gates was breveted as
a brigadier general for "Long and Faithful Service in the Army".

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