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E. S. Williams
St. Helena Village
April 26, 1863

American Missionary

1. Uncle Cyrus - one of several older man who assumed a fatherly role in this case as a teacher in other cases as
older men who volunteer for service in the regiments (See
33rd USCT).

2. Notice the reading in the testament. This is the American Missionary Association (see
Miss M L Kellogg)

3. Rev. French was an early organizer of the Port Royal Experiment from New York.

4 O. S. Presbyterian - Old School Presbyterian - Old School Presbyterians are committed to the idea that the Bible,
which is the Word of God, is entirely sufficient for everything in their faith, life, and practice. It was a schism of the
Presbyterian Church in the United States of America which began in 1837.

5. Remarriage ceremony - Slave marriages would not be viewed as legal marriages. All the marriages that were
done before the War of the Rebellion were redone (See
General Rufus Saxton - Marriage Rules)

Col James Montgomery of the 34th USCT was a Kansas Jayhawker. It would have been like meeting his friend
John Brown (whom he made an attempt to rescue before the war.)