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Instructions to Teachers
Pennsylvania Branch
American Freedmen's Union Commission
October, 1866

The Pennsylvania Freedmen's Bulletin
These rules are specific to The Pennsylvania Freedmen's Society although they may be an adaptation of the whole
American Freedmen's Union Commission.

1. Procedures for monthly reports - notice the duel reporting requirement with the Freedmen Bureau.

2. Corporal punishment frowned upon and must be reported.

3. Graded school desired. This was a very difficult problem with the lack of teachers.

4. Emphasis on highest class being a normal school.

5. Recognition of the difficulty of attendence and discipline as a comparison to Northern schools.

6. Set school year from September 15 to June 15 with a week's vacation at Christmas.

7. Salary paid by district superintendent, traveling expenses of teachers to and from school paid, one month's salary
paid during summer vacation if teacher is reappointed.

8. Teacher's may stop at Teacher's Homes in transit under orders but they must pay their expenses. (Editor: there
were teacher homes in Port Royal, Jacksonville, and eventually St. Augustine - privately owned.)

9. Applicantions for reemployment must be made before August 15th.

10. Teachers encouraged to interest themselves in the moral, religious, and social improvement of the families --
visit them in their homes. They are encouraged to take part in religious meetings and Sunday schools but no
denominational or sectarian controversy.

11. They should be careful to avoid problems with other teachers either their associations or other associations.

12. Any teacher must be report back to whatever society or auxiliary society is supporting them.

The instructions were signed by Robert R. Corson, Corresponding Secretary.
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