Return to Port Royal Experiment
Laura Towne
Report for 1865-66
July 30, 1866
The Pennsylvania Freedmen's Bulletin
This letter by Laura M. Towne was published in The Pennsylvania Freedmen's Bulletin in October, 1866.
It sums up the school year at St. Helena's island, South Carolina. Item to note is the recognition of the Tax
Commissioners' schools that were located on St. Helena's Island. These schools were on the land administered
by the Tax Commissioners that would be turned over for sale to the Freedmen's Bureau with specific profits
going to the furtherance of public education on St. Helena's island.There were four schools supported by the
Pennsylvania Freedmen's Association on St. Helenas island. Teachers noted in this article are: Laura M.
Towne, Mrs. Adelaide Strong, Miss Harriet Murray, Miss Kittredge, Mrs. E. N. Gladding