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Mitchelville School Building
June 20, 1864

American Missionary Association H5351
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Beaufort S. C. June 20, 64

Rev Geo Whipple
New York

Dear Bro

Your brief letter of the 15th is before me--- I regret it is not more lengthy as I am anxious to hear from you more extensively.

1st In relation to my remaining in my present work here,--- what are your views and wishes?

Duty is not plain to me, ____ mainly, on acct of our younger children.____

2nd -I am in great need of money for my own use and for some of our teachers. I have written several times for this but have heard nothing. I had to borrow in
order to get my wife and Miss Shuming north. Tell Bro Whitney send me $100 for mission purposes.

3rd I wish for more school reports, for teachers. I have recvd only 3 as yet.

4th Our School house a Mitchelville

I have contracted for the building of it by the quartermaster at H Head, through Bro Martindale, as he is acquainted with the officials there.

It is all done under the sanction of Gen Foste.

The building is to be 25 feet wide and 50 feet in length, with 12 feet posts. We propose to have rooms in one end for teachers to live in as there is no other
place. We are to have all the materials furnished at Government prices. Govnt give us all the team work and labor needed to put up the building.

This will be quite an item in the expense of the building as team work and labor are very high here, our contract with Governt will be cash. The building will cost
at least $600/

With the check you give, we have $400 pledged. the ballance $200 I wish to borrow for three or four months from the Society or some good firend. Bro
Martindale and myself agree to raise the $200 within four months if we live to come north as we hope to ? --- if not before.