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Monthly Report of Night School Beaufort SC - Adult School
Ellen M. Richardson
Feb, March and April 1864

American Missionary Association H5290
This is a monthly report of the Beaufort Night School taught by Ellen M. Richardson in Feb, March and April of 1864. The school was established in
December 1863. This school was holding classes for 140 males and 35 females
The night school reported on this sheet was organized in Dec 1863 by Mrs. Richardson and myself; we were assisted in the school by our Son Miller of 14
years and our daughter Clara of 12 years and also more or less by some of our kind-hearted soldiers.

The school was composed almost entirely of adults, a large proportion of whom were males—

Nearly all of these men are in Government employ and are very often obliged, many of them, to work a part of the night on the docks and boats on the acct
the average attendance was not large.

The labor of teaching adult schools is much greater in proportion to the number than among children owing to the difficulty in classing them, on acct of
irregularity in attendance.

The improvement of those who were able to attend regularly has been very gratifying in some cases very ?

Yours respectfully F L Richardson