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Presbyterian Committee of Missions for Freedmen
From American Missionary vol 37 Issue 2 (Feb 1883)
The "Presbyterian Committee of Missions for Freedmen," was organized by the General Assembly in 1865 and began
its work at once, by sending preachers and teachers to the South. Its efforts thus far are confined to the two
Carolinas, Virginia and Tennessee, with a few missions and schools in georgia, Kentucky and Florida. It has under its
care three chartered institutions: Biddle University, Charlotte, N. C. (with a Theological Department), Wallingford
Academy, Charleston, S. C., and Scotia Seminary, concord, N. C.; 2 normal schools; 3 graded schools, and 50
parochial schools. Total number of schools, 58; teachers, 108; scholars, 6,088. Lincoln University (Lincoln University
P. O.), Oxford, Pa., has an able corps of 13 professors and 200 students---18 theological, 100 collegiate, 82