St. Johns County
Public School #1
Aviles Street (Hospital)
St. Augustine Florida
This is the cornerstone for the first public school building in St. Johns County. When it was originally
erected in 1856 the school was owned by the City of St. Augustine. In 1869 it became
school #1 for
the St. Johns County Public School system and was further funded by Peabody grants. The building
was located on the old "Hospital Street" (Aviles Street today), and would have been across the street
from the Old Spanish Hospital and alongside the St. Augustine Historical Society Research Library
(which from the 1890s was the public library). The school was expanded upon until 1910 was a new
school was built on
Orange Street (which then become Public School #1)..
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Public School #1 on Aviles Street as it Grew
Public School 1 Class (circa 1909)

1st Row
1. Harrington Wilson
2. ?
3. Lawrence Mickler
4. Troy Haigler
5. Kevin Wilson
6. Freddy Shugart
7. Arnold Melcher
8. Will Hutson
9. Fred Kirtland
10. Ray Dodd
11. George Ritchie   

2nd  Row
1. Alline Hellier
2. Carrie Backer
3. Helen Bennett
4. Jenny Dodd
5. Elrina Gibson
6. Cloria McGinnis
7. Mary Pinkham Pacetti
8. Helen deMedeus
9. Marjorie Walton
10. Katie Mae Branett
11. Carl Mabeley
12. Earl Blue

3rd Row
1. Lucilli Center
2. Josephine Whetstone
3. H Mullettir
4. S Pomar
5. ?
6. Sheriden Owen
7. Harry Genovar
8. Gordson Pellier
9. Emmett McWilliams
10. ?
11. Gabriel Lee
12. ?  

Top Row
1. Sprague Finley
2. Reid Guyon
3. ?
4. Mary Fuller
5. Maud Davis
6. Naomi Barnes
7. ?
8. ?
9. John Stokes
Mystery photo - This photo is supposed to be a class of Public School #1 around 1897. The
building is clearly not the school.

The following people are identified in the photo:
top row, 3rd from left: Fred A. McGuire
top row, 4th from left: William Joseph McGuire
front row, 3rd from right May Beeson.

(If anyone can identify others, or the location of the photo or verify that this is a Public school #1
class. Please email me.)
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