St. Augustine Florida East Coast Railway
Union Station Railway Park
St. Augustine Florida
This is the remains of Henry Flagler's railway park at the Union Depot in St. Augustine. It was the
Union Depot because the Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Halifax Railway, St. Augustine & North Beach,
St. Johns Railway, and St. Augustine & Palatka Railroad used the depot. These were all railroads that
Henry Flagler would own.

The park itself had fountains and even kept an alligator in them to entertain the guests on arrival to St.

You would take the short ride from the depot to the hotels in St. Augustine by carriage on streets that
Henry Flagler had paved with asphalt in 1888.

St. Augustine Weekly News
February, 1889

Around the New Depot
The work of asphalting the pavement around the new depot is going on quite rapidly, and the
appearance of the vicinity is being much improved. A very pretty little park has been enclosed, which
will be set out with flowers and plants, and a handsome fountain will be placed in the center, making to
the traveler, as he first enters the Ancient City, a very pleasing picture.
St. Augustine Union Depot
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Title:  St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Florida, 1910
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