Return to 33rd USCT
Receipt of Application for Pension
For family of William Morris
33rd USCT
July 23, 1867
Pension Record
Adjutant General's Office,
Washington, D. C.
July 23d, 1867


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of application for Pension No 148, 956, and to return it herewith, with such information as is
furnished by the files of this Office.

It appears from the Rolls on file in this Office, that William Morris was enrolled on the 30th day of Sept., 1863, at Beaufort S. C. in Co. "G" 33d Regiment of
U.S.C.T. Volunteers, to serve 3 years, or during the war, and mustered into service as a Pvt. on the 30th day of Sept. 1863, at Beaufort S. C., in Co. "G'
33d Regiment, for the months of Janry and Feby. 1864, he is reported Died of Typhoid Fever, Beaufort S. C. Feb 25th, 1864.

I am, Sir, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,

Fec Taggard
1st Lt. U. S. A. in charge of Bureau for Col'd. Troops

The Commissioner of Pensions,
Washington, D. C.

Name of Applicant,

1. This document shows that William Morris was one of the earliest recruits (besides Hunter's Regiment). The question will be how did he get from
to Beaufort.
Jacksonville was captured by the U. S. Army on March 12,1862 after his September 30th recruitment. As a free man he could have been in St.
Augustine at the time of its capture on March 11, 1862. The 4th New Hampshire moved from St. Augustine to Beaufort on September 6, 1862. Col. Bell's
unit had hired many blacks to work on fortifications for St. Augustine. It could be possible that he hitched a ride with them.

2. This document gives you the death date of William Morris as February 25, 1864.
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