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Resignation Letter
Wm McClue
February 15, 1864

American Missionary Association H5284
Dr. Pope Plantation
St. Helena Island
Beaufort S. C
Feby 15th (1864)

Revd S. S. Joclyn,
My Revd Sir

Mr. French, has made some statements to you or the association about me not being liked by the colored people
which I say is not the case. I now hand in my resignation to the American Missionary Association as having nothing
further to do with that association – but allow me my Rev Sir to mention, that I will do all in my power, with the help of
God for my friends the colored people; I can look back with some pleasure upon some of these colored men and
women, that I have taught to read, write and count; on this Island St. Helena – I feel happy to mention that the
Association has still a man and a Christian in this good work, namely Revd W. T. Richardson – I am sorry to mention the
death of the Revd Wm S. Phillips on this plantation upon last Friday --- I am my Rev’d Sir yours very respectfully
Wm McClue
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