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Freedmen's Bureau
Restoration of an Abandoned Plantation on St. Simons Island
February 14, 1866
Bureau R. F. and A. L. Office Asst Com State of Ga
In the field Savannah Ga Feby 14, 1866

Special Field Orders

Sara Stevens has permission to return and occupy the property on St Simons Island in the County of Glyme and
State of Georgia bounded north by lands of Col. Hazzan, East by lands of Wiley, South by the lands of the Estate of
Gould and west by branch of the Albamaha River except that portion sat aside under the provisions of Genl
Shermans Special field Order dated January 16, 1865 to freed people

Davis Tillson
Brig Genl. Vols and
Asst. Comm.

Af Sarah Stevens

Bureau of Refugees, Freedemen and Abandoned Lands
Office Assistant Commissioner, State of Georgia
Atlanta, Ga., January 6th, 1869

Special Orders No. 2    Extract.

II --- The Provisions of Sections 9 and 11 of the Act of Congress entitled “An Act to establish a Bureau for the relief of
Freedmen and Refugees’ and for other purposes”; having been complied with, all that tract of land situated on St.
Simon’s Island, County Of Glynn, State of Ga., and belonging to the Estate of Charles Stevens, is, subject to the
approval of Maj. Gen’l O. O. Howard, Com’r., hereby restored to the heirs of said estate, the same appearing on the
records of this office, as belonging to Charles Stevens, and Stevens’ heirs.

By command of Bvt. Brig. Gen. Caleb C. Sibley, U. S. A.
Assistant Commissioner,

M. Frank Gallagher,
2d Lieut. 16th U. S. Infantry, A. A. A. G.
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