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Arrived at Beaufort S. C. May 21 / 65
Remained there until the 1 wk June. The meantime preaching to freedmen and addressing Schools.

On the 10th June I left Beaufort for Charleston where I filled the pulpit of Zion Church up to the 16th July when the
General Assembly (O.S.) sent an agent to Charleston to take charge of said pulpit.

Having obtained by military authority the use of the Glebe St Church building I commenced services at the same on the
30th July.

We began our religious enterprise with but six persons.

On the 5th Sep. four other persons beside myself met at the house of Robt. Howard Esq to consider the proprety of
organizing a church of the new school Presbyterians order when October was agreed upon as the time to organize.

On the 21 September according to a previous notice a meeting was held at the Church for the purpose of electing
trustees to act in behalf of the new organization as follows: Robt Howard President – Philip Thome treasurer Paul
Poinsett Secretary.

On the Sabbath of the 25th September after morning services and according to due notice from the pulpit Robt. Howard,
Wm Force and Robt Morrison were duly elected as candidates for the eldership of the new mission Church.

On Sabbath 1st Oct. this above named persons were duly set apart to the eldership of the church.

After the morning services the Session of the Church was organized.

After due examination ten persons were admitted to the Communion of the Church.

Our church was organized with fourteen persons altogether.

In the afternoon of the same day we administered our first communion.

At present our church numbers 21 persons.

Our Congregation varies from 150 to 200 and 300.

I opened a Sabbath School on the 21 August.12 scholars being present and myself the only teacher. Now we have
about 130 and 10 teachers, 5 of whom are teachers under the American Missionary Association.

We have had a course of seven lectures for the benefit of our church and community.

We have held a Fair for the benefit of said church.

We have in hand as profit between $200 and $300.00.

Having  been deprived of the Glebe St. Church building we hold services at the Morris St Public School building.

As soon as the sufficient amount of money is raised a place of worship will be secured for the new organization.

The field of labour in and about Charleston is ample and the prospect of a good harvest encouraging.

To farther and strengthen our cause we shall make an earnest appeal to its friends of the north.

Yours in behalf the missionary work in Charleston S. C.

E. J. Adams

Dec. 1865

P. S. We at first opened the Glebe St building for the benefit of the 54th Mass. Reg. Vol but they did not attend being
soon afterward mustered out of service.

We have performed ten marriages, baptized ten or twelve persons and buried a large number E. J. A.
Rev. E. J. Adams
Missionary Report
Charleston, SC
December 1865

AMA H5627