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Rev. C. O. Reynolds -
St. John County Public Schools
2nd Superintendent
Rev. C. O. Reynolds was the pastor of the Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine. He was a graduate of
1848 graduate of Yale University.  He came in the waning days of the Civil War.

In 1870 a new Presbytery was formed in Florida. Entitled the Presbytery of East-Florida consisted of
Rev. Charles O. Reynolds of the Presbytery of New York, Rev. William N. Page, of the Central
Presbytery of Philadelphia; Rev. Jonathan C. Gibbs, of the Presbytery of Atlantic, and Rev. James W.
C. Pennington, D. D. of the Third Presbytery of New York; the Presbytery of East Florida was
attached to the Synod of Atlantic with the first meeting of the Presbytery held at
Jacksonville, Florida on
the third Wednesday in June 1870.

His wife was Lucy Whiting Bingham (1826-1896). She was the daughter of Hawaiian Missionary Hiram
Bingham. Hiram Bingham was one of the first missionaries to arrive in Hawaii in 1820. Hiram II (her
brother) was a missionary to the Gilbert Islands.   She was the aunt of explorer
Hiram Bingham III. Mrs.
Reynolds nephew Hiram III in 1900 married Louis C. Tiffany's niece, Alfreda Mitchel. His son, Harry,
was an American Counsel  in Vichy France helped Jews escape from Europe.

Charles and Lucy would have two sons of importance in St. Augustine: Charles Bingham Reynolds who
would write the Standard Guides and other histories of St. Augustine and Erskine Reynolds who would
also become St. Johns County School Superintendent. He worked for the Model Land Company.
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