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Freedmen Bureau Schools
Robert Small and
Board to American Missionary Association
December 31, 1867

American Missionary Association
Beaufort South Carolina
December 31st 1867

To the officers of the American Mission Association 53 John St. N. Y:

Gentlemen; We the undersigned officers of the Beaufort School Board, with the other members of said Board, are not
holding in trust for the people of Beaufort a certain piece of School property upon which there is due to the
government the sum of six hundred and ninety-four dollars said amount to be paid in a few weeks. The building is now
occupied by schools. We are assured by Gen’l Gile (officer of the freedmen’s bureau here, that three hundred and
fifty Dollars of the amount will be paid by the bureau as rent for the building. In consequence of the failure of the
cotton crop here during the past year the people are unable to raise the money to pay what is now due the
government, therefore we desire to make some arrangements by which the people may not loose said property; and
we resort to you hoping that you may be able to assist us in this matter; and propose to mortgage the property to you
for school purposes until the amount loaned be paid giving and granting you possession and control of the property;
or if the above proposal doth not meet your approbation, we will turn it over to you, to hold in trust for the people as
we hold it. We are willing to do anything to save this property for the object for which it was purchased.

Robert Smalls President
Jonathan J. Wright
W P Whipper Sec
L. L. Langley
S Simmons Tres.
Israel J. Cohen
Jonathan J. Wright
Robert Smalls
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