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Savannah Educational Association
January 10, 1865

AMA 19338
Savannah Ga Jan 10th 1865

Rev Geo Whipple
New York

Dear Bro—

There I am in this fine city now “the land of the free and the home of the brave” I arrived here yesterday morning in
company with Bro Alvord.

He had spent a few days here the week before to in connection with Bro Lynch had stired up the minds of our colored
brethren to go forwards to organize among themselves, an educational association.

I have not time to give you full minutes of our doings tonight as it is now nearly midnight and I must close this letter to
send by Bro Alvord, who leaves early in the morning.

We are all surprised to find to much intelligence and money ability among the freedmen of Savannah. They have
already contributed some eight hundred dollars for the support of schools among themselves. These schools we put in
operation today with some five hundred scholars.

Several persons were found among them competent to engage in this work as teachers and are now in the employ of
the association.

Large numbers of these children find can read very well. I think the cold children of this city are today on a level with the
children of Beaufort in point of education and good behavior. But I must not dwell on these things now, I will send you
soon some facts about things here.

An appeal to the people of the north for publication.

The association formed here passed a resolution expressing their desire to place themselves in connection with the
AMA for aid and counsel they may need in their work, which I pledged them on your behalf, I shall spend a part of my
time here for the present and it may be best for me to make Savannah my headquarters before long.. I think we shall
hold this place, as we have now arranged things for our own fieldmainly in connection with the local ass here. I wish you
to send me 6 (six) good experienced teachers to aid in the work here at Savannah soon as possible. I hope to see some
of the new teachers soon, I need one to help me now.

Rev. W. T Richardson
Savannah Georgia

Bro Alvard and Lynch have rendered much service to the colored people here in their recent labors and have been
instrumental in placing things in our hands.

More soon.
Yours truly
W. L. Richardson
Savannah Education Association
American Freedmen Report Vol II, May 1866

In January, 1865, soon after the capture of the city of Savannah, the colored people formed a society called "The
Savannah Educational Association," whose object was to found schools for their own improvement. Without interfering
with the management of a work so well begun, we offered them our assistance whenever they should need it.

Of the 25 teachers sustained by the N. E. Society in Georgia, six were selected and commissioned by this Association;
and six more Southern teachers have since been commissioned by the N. E. Branch. Two are supported by a society of
Friends in New York.
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