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Savannah Slave Market School
January 25th, 1865

AMA 19335
An interesting fact

Free schools in the slave market!

One of the buildings now used for colored schools was used as “Bryans Slave Mart (as the sign over the door indicates)
until the taking of the city by the union forces. It is a three story brick building fronting on Market Square and contains
two large rooms on the second and third floors about thirty by fifty feet. the upper one has strongly grated windows at
which the poor slaves have often been confined there to be bought and sold as the beasts of the field.

These halls in which the poor slave mother has often groaned in the anguish of her soul as she has seen her darling
babes one after another torn from her embrace and sold forever from her sight are now resounding with the merry
shouts of happy school children.

I am most happy to see these noble efforts put forth by the Freedmen of Savannah in their own behalf, but we must not
suppose that they, will be able of themselves to bear the whole burden.

They have given in their poverty for the support of these schools God grant that the abundance of our liberality may
abound towards them in temporal, and spiritual things.

Newport, January 25th, 1865
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