Colonel J. T. Sprague
April 29, 1867

Freedmen's Bureau Records
Office A. A. ? ? Bur R. F. and A. L.
St. Augustine Fla. April 29th 1867

The attention of Sub  Asst. Commissioners and Special Agents of the Freedmen's Bureau, who are responsible for public animals, is called to the following --

Hereafter, forage for public animals in service of the Bureau R. Fr. A. L Fla. will be purchased each month at the lowest market price by the Sub Asst. Comiss, or Special Agent in charge of
the animals. Vouchers for the same in duplicate, will be forwarded to this office before the middle of the month for which the purchase is made - signed in blank, upon ? all Dept.

The army allowance only will be purchased each month.

By order of Col. J. T. Sprague
Asst. Commissioner

Lt. 7th U. S. Infantry, D O
A. A. ? B. R. F. & A. L.
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St. Augustine Reconstruction

Col John T. Sprague