St. Augustine Reconstruction

Col John T. Sprague
Circular #1
John T. Sprague
February 20th, 1868

Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands
Office A. A. L M. and Disbursing officer B. R F and A. L.
Tallahassee Florida February 20th 18676

1 \
Ii. Authority is received by telegram from Maj. Gen. O. O. Howard for issuing in cases of extreme destitution, additional subsistence beyond the one months supply heretofore allowed Refugees and
Freedmen who have actually settled on lands under the Homestead Law. Sub Asst. Commissioner will report all cases within their jurisdiction requiring this additional aid, with a full statement of
circumstances attending each case.

II The attention of Sub Asst. Commissioners and Special Agents of the Bureau R Free A. L. is called to the necessity for greater for / in rendering their accounts for forage purchased. Voucher for
each months purchase must be forwarded to this office before the 10th of that month.

III. sub Asst. Commissioners will not change the location of their offices without first reporting the same and receiving directions from the asst Commr. In no case will more than $10 monthly rent be

IV. All Sub asst. Commissioners and Special Agents are reminded of their personal accountability for all public property horses and horse equipments & c. in their possession of each officer and
Agent, will accompany the monthly Report for February. Grain sacks being considered public property and borne on the Returns of the A. qm of the Bureau will be preserved and turned over to him
whenever an officer is relieved.

By order of Col. John T. Sprague
Asst. Commr Bureau RF and AL.
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