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Bureau Schools
Assorted Teachers in Various Schools Post April 1865
by New England Branch Freedmen's Union Commission,
New York Freedmen's Commission and
American Missionary Association
The records on this page are also part of the Freedmen's Bureau records and are included on that page. These
teachers are beyond the narrow confines of the Port Royal Experiment as they moved throughout all the Southern
states. The enviorment was more harsh, the dangers greater, the need overwhelming.  

American Freedmen's and Union Commission
By February 1866 the following organizations joined together to form the American Freedmen's  and Union
Commission: The New England Freedmen's Aid Commission, the New England Refugee's Aid Society, The New York
National Relief Association, The American Union Commission, The Baltimore Freedmen's Aid Society, The Cleveland
Freedmen's Aid Society, The Michigan Freedmen's Aid Society and the Pennsylvania Freedmen's Relief Association.
See officers and agents)

The commission had been rejected by The Western Freedmen's Aid Society and The Maryland Union Commission.
In April of 1866 it was still under consideration by The Pittsburg Freedmen's Relief Association, the Indiana
FreedmenRelief Association, The Pennsylvania Union Commission, The North West Freedmen's aid Commission.
The American Missionary Association was not a part of this consideration.

The individual branches still maintained their organization see the
New York Branch for May 1866, Pennsylvania
Branch for Dec 1866   

Muirkirk, Md 1866 - Charlotte A. Crafts
1867 - P P Whitehouse paid by Milton Society

Nottingham 1869 - Jane Knight

Woodville 1869 - Delie Gordon, unknown Charlotte York New Bedford Mass.

Robytown 1869 - Martha J. Smith

Upper Marlboro 1869 - John b. Douglass

Pisccataway 1869 - L N Gaines

Forrestville 1869 - P C Groves

Patuxent Forks 1869 -  A M Powell

Horsehead 1869  - Aaron Wemyss

Broadcreek Neck 1869 - Alice M. Smith

Miss E. B. Eveleth - Adult School

N C Dennett
Agnes Gorman
Miss M E Stratton - supported by New Haven CT from New Haven CT
Miss E. C. Stowe - Jacksonville School
Miss E. B. Eveleth - Jacksonville School

Carrie Greely
S. A. Knapp - from Tarrytown, New York
F. A. Morgan
L. E. Osgood - Supported by Portland Maine
M. E. Stratton

Miss E E Richmond - supported by English Fund

Miss E.E. Richmond
A. Lynch
I.V. Richmond

Unknown dates: Ellen Abbott and Mrs. Melinda Abbott from Bangor Maine, Harriet Barnes, Norwich Conn, Anna M.
Bartemus from Groton Junction Mass, Mary A Benson from Potsdam New York. Maria Campbell from Portsmouth NH,
Laura Ford from Parishville New York, Mary T. Wildes from Portsmouth, NH

Port Orange, Fl 1867 through 1870 - Esther Hawkes paid by Second Church Boston from Manchester N. H.

Lake City, Fl 1868-69 - Lucy and Sarah Chase paid by Lincoln Mayhem Society

St. Augustine 1866 Cornelia J. Smith - North Pitcher, New York supported by Chenango, N. Y
Eliza J. Smith
Fannie J. Botts from Syracuse NY
Mary M Harris
1867 - M. M. Williams
1871 - Carrie M. Semple from Cincinnati Ohio and Lightfoot Watkins
1872 - Miss Sarah A Mather, Mrs. S. W. Russell
1873 - Miss Sarah Mather, Mrs L. W. Russell from St. Augustine, Mrs. Isadore Hamlin (through 1875) from Anna
Arbor Michigan
Unknown - Lydia P. Auld from East Boston Mass, Abbie A. Bowker from Brunswick Me, Mary N Gillespie, Vincennes

Palatka 1866-67 Charlotte J. Henry - Brooklyn, NY.from Cohoes New York

Knapps Plantation (near Micanopy) 1866 - Miss A. Reford

Fernandina 1867 - Rosetta Coit supported by Greenfield, NY.
Juliet B. Smith
Unknown - Sarah Brown from Waterford NY, Abbie W. Johnson from North Brookfield Mass, Mrs. A. E. Kinne
Syracuse NY, Chloe Merrick from Syracuse N Y.

Gainesville 1867 - Catherine Bent - supported by Newburyport Mass
Mrs. M. M. Williams

Ocala 1868-69 - Catherine Bent - Newburyport Mass

Kings Ferry 1869 - J. B. Smith

List from the American Union from Dec 1866 includes all teachers in the American Union.

Monthly Reports
Monthly Report of Adult School Jacksonville Florida Ermma B. Eveleth January/February 1866

Monthly Report of Adult School jacksonville Florida Ermma B. Eveleth March 1866

Monthly Report of Jacksonville School Jacksonville Florida Miss E. C. Stowe and Miss E. B. Eveleth July 1866