Statement of Abram Lancaster
33rd USCT for Pension
February 17, 1890
Pension Records

St. Johns County
St. Augustine Fla Feby 17th 1890

G. B. Raurn Esq.
of Pensions Washington D. C.

Dear Sir
In conformity with your request in letter to hand under date 7th Inst. I respectfully submit for your Inspection the following statement of the origin of my
disability of Breast alleged in my Claim for pensions No 731.812 and I am sorry that I am unable to furnish you with as approximate dates of the origin of
my disability and changes of residence as I would like to be able to do for reasons that I have no education consequently I have to depend soley upon my
memory and it has been such a long time since the war that it is impossible for me to remember all the details connected with my case therefore I shall
only state as far as my recollection serves me and ask that you will accord me the benefit. I enlisted at St. Augustine
St. Johns County Florida January
12th 1863 under
Col. Liberty Billings and was enrolled in the 33 Regiment Co. F. at Beaufort South Carolina where I was pronounced a sound and able
bodied man. I remain in Beaufort S. C. as near as I can recollect about two years performing guard duty my Regiment left Beaufort and when to to Morris
Island South Carolina and performed Picket duty in the vicinity of Morris Colds Follie and James Island I contracted disability of Breast on Follie Island
South Carolina under the following circumstances I was a member of a detail of men from the several companies on Follie Island under command of Capt
Nath. Donnelsin it being necessary to Build a Bridge near Breast works to cross a boggly place and while lifting a log with Scipio Miller I fell by stumbling
and the log fell upon my Breast I was taken to the Regimental Hospital and tended by Surgeon Jim Hawks who present P. O. Office address is Hawks
Park Volusia Co Fla. I moved from place to place with the Regiment but I never after Contracting disability of Breast was able to perform any heavy duty
and after knocking around with the Regiment for some time doing light duty occasionally but in Savannah Ga. I was confined in the General Hospital.
Surgeons T. T. Minor Post Office address Port Townsend  Washington Territory Surgeon E. S. Sterrant PO Covington KS whose the Surgeons who
treated me in the General Hospital at Savannah Ga. I remained in the Genl Hospital until the Regiment was ordered to Charleston S. C. to be mustered
out of the service which took place January 8th 1866. I contracted disability of Breast about July 14 1865 in Follie Island S. C. after my discharge I came
to St. Augustine Florida where I remained about six (6) months but was unable to do mannual labor I leave St. Augustine Fla and went to Jacksonville
Duval Co. Fla where I remain for about fourteen years and resided in the corner of Market and Beaver Street ? number, my occupation while there was
Contraction ? the different periods of dates that I was prevented from folling that occupation I am unable to state but I know that I was confined to bed
from time to time with my disability and at last I had to give up my occupation in account of increase of disability I then obtained situation as lineman in the
Government Steamer
St. Mary which plied between Jacksonville Fernandina Fla. I worked on the Boat about 8 months but by advice of Doctor Baldwin
now deceased I had to quit that occupation on the account of my disability in ?. I then return to St. Augustine I think it was in 1880 and being reduced to a
? ? and without means of support I obtained ? to the Colored Home here where I was treated by Dr. A Anderson who have furnished my attorney John V
Lehrmaen Washington D. C. with his sworn affidavit also. Dr. Dunham made affidavit of his treatment on me I am unable to do any work excepting
tinkering around mending old furniture or the like but I am dependant on my relations and friends for support as I am not able to support myself
otherwise. I support myself therefore I beg that you will give my case your closest and immediate attention and I shall do all that I can to aide you in
determing the legal merits of my claim to speedy settlement
I am
Your obedt Servant
Abram Lancaster
Coprl Co F. 33 Regt.
R? B. H
C. P. Agent

No. 731.812
Abram Lancaster
Corpl F 33" S. C. or
Fla Regt.

1. A very strangely written letter indeed. Strange spelling, grammar, etc. If you simplly read it you may suspect that Abram Lancaster wrote it, but
apparently it was a pension agent.  

2. See
Col Liberty Billings for a short biography.

3. Disability of the breast - The disability was the result of an injury received but today would have probably meant cancer. However, this disability does
not have any cancer notations.

4. See
Dr. Andrew Anderson for a biography. I made copies of pension records in probably 1993. Most doctor records I ignored as an unnecessary
expense so I do not know if Dr. Anderson's papers are in this pension files.

5. Colored home in St. Augustine would be the
Buckingham Smith home. This is the first instance that I have of a personal account of being in the home.
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