Statement of Domingo M. Pappy
Civil War Pension Claim of Abram Lancaster
33rd USCT
October 21, 1893

Pension Records
Southern Div
BF Ex't
Orig Inv No ? 31812
Abram Lancaster
Co F 33 Reg't U.S.C. Inf.

Return this letter with your reply

Department of the Interior,
Bureau of Pensions,
Washington, D. C.
Oct. 21, 1893


To further aid this Bureau in determining the merits of the above entitled claims for pension, be kind enough to answer in your own handwriting the following questions, giving
more complete details than your affidavit affords.

Very respectfully,
D. L. Murphy
Acting Commissioner

Domingo M. Pappy
St. Augustine

When did you first see claimant after he returned from the army, and how do you fix the date?
as near as can be remembered in the year 1866 but can not state the month

Of what disability did he complain, and how was he affected?
Answer: claimed to be affected in the Brest and legs as he walked with two crutches at that time.

How frequently have you seen him since your first acquaintance?
Answer: very often as he only lives a short distance from my residence

If he has continued to suffer with such disability, please describe the symptoms which were apparent to you, and state to what extent he has been disabled for manual labor
thereby during each year?

Answer: from the fact that he seems to be cripple and weak and unable to work

My means of knowing the facts of the case are these: I have seen the claimant very often and shortly after he return home from the army he was compel to be taken in a home by
a charitable institution to be cared for some time.

Commissioner of Pensions,
Washington, D. C.

Very respectfully,
Domingo M. Pappy

The purpose of this second statement is unknown. The questions are the same as the May statement. He answered them slightly different including crutches and the mention of
Buckingham-Smith house
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