Statement of Domingo M. Pappy
for the Pension of Abram Lancaster
Veteran 33rd USCT
May 18, 1893

Pension Records
Southern Div.
B F S Ex't
Orig Ind No. 731812
Abram Lancaster
Co. F 33 Reg't U. S. C. Inf.
Return this letter with your reply.

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions,
Washington, d. C.

May 18, 1893


To further aid this Bureau in determining the merits of the above entitled claim for pension, be kind enough to answer in your own handwriting the
following questions, giving more complete details than your affidavit affords.

Very Respectfully,
Andrew Davidson
Acting Commissioner]

Domingo M. Pappy
St. Augustine

When did you first see claimant after he returned from the army, and how do you fix the date?
Answer: In the year of 1866 unable to state the date or month. But it was just after he was mustered out of the army.

Of what disability did he complain, and how was he affected?
Answer: He was brought to this city very ill his complain run to have been in his body and was confined his bed for some time.

How frequently have you seen him since your first acquaintance?
Answer: I have seen him very often say weakly ever sense.

If he has continued to suffer with such disability, please describe the symptoms which were apparent to you, and state to what extent he has been
disabled for manual labor thereby during each year?
Answer: He complain with pains in his body, chest back and limbs for some time he were unable to walk and I am sure ever since I have seen him since
returning home he has not been able to do anything.

My means of knowing the facts of the case are these: I have lived in this city for many years being my home the claimant lives only a short distance from
my residence and has for years and I have cause to see him often.

Commissioner of Pensions,
Washington, D. C.

Very Respectfully,
Domingo M. Pappy

1. To receive a pension they must be able to prove a disability and a disability that was service related. Over time the rules for pensions would evolve so
that if a veteran was not eligible at one point would find that they were eligible at another.

2. These statements were clarifications of earlier general affidavits. They were signed but not witnessed or notarized.
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Col Andrew Davidison was born in Roxburyshire, Scotland, Feb
12, 1840 and came with his parents to Otsego County New York
in 1846. In the Civil war he enlisted as a private in Company E,
121 New York Volunteer Infantry in August 1862 and was
comissioned 1st Lieutenant in the 13th USCT. He purchased the
Otsego Republican at Cooperstwon, New York in 1874. He was
the first Deputy Commissioner of Pensions in 1894 under
President Harrison and was Deputy Secretary of State under
Palmer. Later he was appointed Commandant of the Soldiers'
Home. He died on November 10,  1902.