Defenses of St. Augustine
and Spanish Florida
Ayamón (Watchtower at Little Matanzas or El Penon Inlet)

Batton Island (opposite Mayport - before 1700)

Castillo de San Marcos
Drawing of the Fort by Moncrief

City Gate

Cubo Line

Elena (St. Elena) - Talbot Island, Duval County.

Fort Diego  -1739 - (on the Tolomato (North) River at the head of Pablo creek (a fortified house).
San Diego de Spinoza Palm Valley in St. Johns County

Fort San Francisco de Pupo  (west shore of St. Johns River opposite Picolata)

Fort Mantanzas

Fort Moses

Fort Piribiriba

Fort Picolata (east shore of St. Johns River)


Mil y Quinientos - (The Fifteen Hundred) - The Colonial defense perimeter going to San Carlos Ave in today's St.

Mission San Diego de Salamatoto (St. Johns River)

Point Quartell (Porpoise Point) - Cartel 1mile north of Anastasia Island. Established in 1575. Used by Oglethorpe in

San Nicholas - Fort guarding ford at today's Jacksonville.

Horse Guards Sentinel Station in South Jacksonville Beach

Cubo (St. Augustine)
Santo Domingo Redoubt (Cordova and Orange Streets) (Cubo Line) - a lunette 2 3/4 feet high - junction with Rosero.
Also called the Tolomato Redoubt and by the British - Fort Moultrie

Medio Cubo Redoubt - a lunette 6 1/2 feet high - midway between Santo Domingo and the River.
Cubo Redoubt - Rectangular work 7 1/3 feet high on the San Sebastian River Shoreline.

Rosario (St. Augustine)
San Francisco Bastion
Maria Sanchez (Merino)

Redoubt in Apalachee  - Fort San Marcos de Apalache

Redoubt in Pensacola - Bateria de San Antonio - British built at the Royal Navy Redoubt and in the second Spanish
period Fort San Carlos de Barrancas

Rosario Line

San Juan de Pinos (North shore of the inlet north of Anastasia Island)

Santa Maria (Amelia Island)

St. Mathias - San Mateo, Caroline, Charlesfort) Duval County 1744.

St. Augustine Watchtower and later fortified Lighthouse (Anastasia Island)

Tenaille - 1791 from the west end of the Hornwork to the west end of the Cubo along the east bank of Sebastian River

Mission Villages around St. Augustine
Nuestra Senora del Rosario de La Punta - South of the Rosario line
Palica - Lincolnville
Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de Tolomato - Tolomato cemetery today
Nuestra Senora de la Leche - Mission Avenue today
Mose (Macarizi)
San Juan del Puerto
San Luis de Talimali
Santo Tomas de Santa Fe
Santa Caterina de Guale
Location of Ayamón, Fort Matanzas, St.
Augustine, St. Augustine Watchtower and
Fort Moses
Fort Marion on Matanzas Bay, St. Augustine, Fla.
Harris Co.
Date Created/Published: c1912.
City Gate

Old City Gate, St. Augustine
Detroit Photographic Co.,
Date Created/Published: c1898.
Medium: 1 photomechanical print : photochrom, color.
Fort Matanzas,
Saint Augustine, St. Johns County, FL
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