St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church
St. Augustine Florida
Beginning of St. Cyprian (May 18, 1890) Rev. W. G. Emanuel has now come here for the purpose of
holding services every Sunday during the summer at Witsell's hall, Spanish Street. Services will be held at
11 am and 7:30 pm and Sunday school at 3 pm.

St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church was organized in 1893. There were four families, with 20 people and four
communicants.  Within two years Rev. P. W. Cassey was the deacon-in-charge of St. Cyprian's. In 1896
the church met at Witsell's Hall on Spanish Street. In 1897 the group moved to Treasury Street with Rev.
Emmanuel. Rev. Syracuse took the church to Washington Street next to the Odd Fellows Hall.  The
current location was reached in 1899 by the donation of a lot on Central Avenue (Dr. Martin Luther King
Street) and Lovett Streets by Emma White.

The Story of Miss Emma White (WPA Records)
Miss white was out walking one Sunday afternoon and was walking along Washington Street; as she was
passing by a private house she heard some negroes conducting a service of the Episcopal church, she
went in and joined the service. After the service was over she asked the members if they would like to
have a church of their own, and they all replied unanimously, "Yes", so she said that upon her return she
would bring with her plans for a church building. True to her word when Miss White returned to St.
Augustine the following season of 1901 she brought with her plans for the new church building and bought
the lot, which is the present location, for the church building and paid for the construction of it herself.

During the time when the services were being conducted in the private home on Washington street, a lay
reader came out from Jacksonville and conducted some of the services, then an ordained priest by the
name of Emanuel came out occasionally from Fernandina and conducted the services on festival days.

Since Archdeacon Wood has been rector of the church he has made the following improvements: a vestry
has been added as well as a lavatory to the church building, a lot of ground and rectory has been built and
paid for, giving the entire property a valuation of $13,900.

Archdeacon Wood is now compiling a brief history of the church which is to be presented at the
centennial meeting this month, and which he has promised that he would give a copy to the (WPA)
Historical survey.

There were many members of note in the 20th century including Richard J. Murray as lay reader and
senior warden. Rosalie Gordon-Mills, secretary of the vestry board, James Webster, junior warden and
treasurer, Elizabeth Calhouns, service and gifts.
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