St. Johns County Teachers
St. Johns County Teachers. 1900-1901
The following appointment of teachers for St. Johns county public schools for the ensuing year have been

High School -- Prof. J. W. McClung, principal; Prof. O. P. Steves, vice-principal; Miss E. M. Hamblen,
second assistant; Miss Lulu Bryan, eighth grade; Mrs. M. Reese, seventh grade; Miss Bessie Moore,
sixth grade; Miss Elise Alexander, fifth grade; Miss C. A. Sherman, fourth grade; Miss Leone Rood,
third grade; Miss Alleen Cooper, second grade; Miss Winifred Young, first grade.

Lincolnville (colored)--Prof. G. M. Elliot, principal; George S. Chaires, assistant; S. A. Jordan, Anita T.
Reeves, Lulu Jackson teachers.

Fruit Cove (colored) -- Jas. A. Browne.

North City -- Miss E. L. Watkins.

Sampson -- Miss Zannie Brantley.

Twenty Mile Ridge-- Miss C. B. Steles.

Picolata (colored) -- Maggie L. Ross.

Picolata (white) -- no teacher.

Tocoi Creek -- H. E. Verner.

St. Joseph's Academy -- Sisters of St. Joseph.

Armstrong -- Sisters of St. Joseph.

Cow Pen Branch -- Miss Ada Mann.

Turnbull -- Miss Margaret L. Sheppard.

Pellicer Creek -- Miss Nellie Hooper.

Moultrie (white) -- S. M. Clendening.

Florence -- H. H. Williams

Orange Dale -- Miss Maggie Hewson

Espanola -- Miss Mattie Hancock.

Bakerville -- Miss Annie Miller.

Haw Creek -- Miss Marie Ludwig.

Trough Creek -- Miss Amelia Sellor.

Moses Creek -- Miss Maud Shorter.

Diego -- Miss Stella Bloom.

Durbin -- Miss Fannie Anhorn.

Red House Branch -- Miss Mary Sherman

Mantanzas -- No teacher.

Holy Branch -- Miss Jessie Cameron.

Switzerland (colored) -- Marion T. Cabule.

Switzerland (white) -- E. Untermann.

Moultrie (colored) -- A. P. McElvin.

New Augustine (white) --- Miss Amy Mann.

New Augustine (colored) -- C. S. Thompson, principal; Sarah L. Sanders, assistant.

Hastings -- C. J. Dupont, principal; Miss Annie Holloway, assistant.

Bunnell -- No teacher.

Billingsville -- Miss Kate Nash.

Osceola -- Miss Lottie Miller.

Neoga -- Miss Marie Ludwig.
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