St Paul's Episcopal Church
Federal Point, Florida
Capt. Edwin Smith in 1880 petitioned John Freeman Young Episcopal bishop of Florida, for permission to start the
mission. On June 7, 1882 the contract was made to build the church for $1,000.00 There is no record of how much
money was raised by selling the alligator eggs, but church historians said that "beautiful stained glass windows were
manufactured in Buffalo, N. Y., and placed in the church for the service on Dec. 2, 1883." The bell was purchased in
1892 for $32.00. The parish house was constructed in 1951.

Priest at St. Paul's:
Lay reader William A. Evans, 1880
Charles S. Williams, 1882
Albion W. Knight, 1882
Charles Stewart, 1885
J. S. Beekman, 1887
E. C. Belcher, 1889
Lyman Phelps, 1890
Robert Lansberger, 1893
DeWitt C. Loop, 1896
W. H. Phillips, 1896
A. D. Whitcomb, 1897
John Rose, 1897
R. D. Davis, 1898
George W. Southwell, 1900
J. N. Graf, 1903
G. S. Fiske, 1905
L. S. Goodwin and W. Lund, 1906
F. W. R. Arthur, 1908
George L. Gordon, 1908
Chris W. Knauff, 1909
Wm. W. Fowler, 1913
Melville E. Johnson, 1918
Grant Knauff, 1919-20
John London, 1920-21
Francis Wakefield, 1921-31
A. G. Harrison, 1931-33
T. W. Taylor, 1936-40
Wm. C. Cravens, 1941-42
George M. Alexander, 1943-45
W. Pipes Jones, 1946-51
V. G. Lowery, 1951-56
James H. Taylor Jr., 1957-65
Robert A. Stuart, 1965-68
Miles O. Cooper, 1968-69
James F. Skirven Jr., 1969-73
John Staub, 1971
Robert C. Clingman, 1973-74
Miles O. Cooper, 1974
John B. Lipscomb, 1974-76
Miles O. Cooper, 1976-77
Stanley Gresley, 1977
Paul David Kidd, 1978
Joseph Emerson Noll, Jr., 1978
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Bishop John Freedmen Young
St. Paul's Episcopal Church,
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