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Freedmen Bureau Schools
Strawberry Mills Mission - Jacksonville FL
Rev.  Greeley to AMA
January 4, 1866
St. Augustine Fl
January 4, 1866

Chaplain Moore, who is detailed as Superintendent of Ed for Freedmen in this state under the Freedmen's Bureau a
good friend of the colored people, together with another gentleman has bought for the benefit of the colored people
8000 acres of land on the right bank of the St. Johns River below Jacksonville which they sell for cash to the
freedmen at an average of $3 per acre. The land being good and the location eligible is being rapidly taken up. About
1/2 of the Protestant colored people of this place have engaged lots of land and are making haste to move. One
installment of them expect to leave the first of next week and the rest soon to follow. Probably very few, except the
Catholics and the soldiers will remain by the last of this month. The will take from 3 to 20 acres to a family average
about 15 acres. The probability is that the tract will all very soon be taken up and settled by more than 1000 people,
and the settlement be extended. It seems to be a general and strong desire of the immigrants from this place that I
should accompany them. Chaplain Moore has expressed the same desire in behalf of the colony. Besides my proper
work in the gospel ministry, they know not or whom to lean except me to see that their business is done correctly and
for general advice. To me, it seems a Providential call and if you see fit so to order I shall be very happy to go. I shall
accompany those who will go next week, and return for to await the removal of others and your orders. If you see fit to
send me to that place, it would be desirable for Mrs. Greeley to go with me, which would also be very agreeable to
her. There are houses which can be occupied by the missionary and others for a while. Probably there will soon be
an opportunity for teachers to work, first one, and soon more.

Rev. G. Greeley


October 9, 1866
Strawberry Mills Mission
Jacksonville Fl

In the first of the year in St. Augustine the Lord gave us a very refreshing season, believers were quickened and
some souls gave evidence of conversion. In this place also we have had some cheering prospects of revival; much
seriousness among the people; but no decided evidence of conversion. We have received into our independent
religious society 22 persons. I hope to be able to organize them regularly into a church as you proposed and intend
to try it as soon as circumstances seem favorable. We have a prospect of some intelligent white people for pillars on
the whole, I think the prospect is encouraging.