Surgeon's Certificate
Abram Lancaster
August 19, 1903
National Archives Pension Records
This document is a surgeon's certificate for Abram Lancaster dated August 19, 1903 for an increase in pension. The board recommended an increase from $8 to $12 a month. This certificate lists
all the problems that Abram Lancaster is facing as a 69 year old black male including the cause of his death cancer of the tongue (still in its early stages.) Abram Lancaster was a veteran of the 33rd
USCT Company F.

Surgeon's Certificate

Increase Pension Claim No. 1008582
Abram Lancaster
Corp Company F 33 Reg't USC Inf
116 W DeHaven St. St. Augustine, Florida

Address of Board: Jacksonville
Date of examination August 19, 1903

Pheumatism, disease of bladder, senile dibility, disease of kidneys, injury of left shoulder ext side, breast trouble, dropsy, soreness at the roots of tongue insomnia and general dibility. He receives a
pension of 8 dollars per month. He makes the following statement in regard to the origin of his disabilities and date when first discovered by him: Rheumatism for some years, disease of bladder for
sometime. Senile dibility for a number of years, disease of kidneys same as bladder, injury to left shoulder (?) same as rheumatism, breast trouble is rehumatism dropsy none at this time; soreness o
tongue about one year, insomnia and general dibility 8 to 10 years.

Birthplace, St. Augustine Florida; age, 69 years; height, 5 8 1/4 weight, 138 pounds; complexion, colored; color of eyes, Brown; color of hair, Gray; occupation, None' permanent marks and scars
other than those described below, on right leg.

We hereby certify that upon examination we have the following objective conditions:

Pulse rate, 70 76 86; respiration, 24 28 32; temperature 98.6

Rehumatism:  All joints, tendons and muscles normal, no swelling stiffness or tenderness or loss of power of motion.
Heart - Apex impulse in mammary line 1 1/2 in below nipple, evident to palpation and inspection, slightly hypertrophy, rhythm fair, sounds clear, some increased force, no murmurs, no dyspnoea,
cyanosis or oedema
Disease of Bladder & Kidneys: Urine medium straw, acid 1020, no albumen, no sugar, soe evident irritability of the prostate, with hypertrophy.
Senile Dibility - tongue coated, some what fissured, shows the effects of age and appears as old as the age given.
Injury to left shoulders: No evidences of at this examination.
Breast Trouble: Full inspiration 36 expiration 33 respiratory murmur is full free and easy in all portions of the lungs. No physical signs of any trouble with the breasts.
Dropsy No evidences of.
Soreness of the tongue We find a small punctated irregular shaped tumor involving the sublingual glands and the floor  of the mouth situated largely to the left of the median line. this tumor is
probably a cancer.
Insomnia: Says he cannot sleep on account of pain in the tongue.
General Debility: He shows a debilitated condition to a marked degree.

We find that the aggregate permanent disability for earning a support by manual labor is due to condition of heart. Senile and general debility and cancer of tongue (probable) not due to vicious
habits and warrants a rate of $12.00.

? ? Md Pres Jay St Derkee Sec'y F Williams M. D, Treas.
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