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Surgeon's Certificate
Scipio Miller, 33rd USCT
June 25, 1890

Pension Records

Attention is invited to the outlines of the human skeleton and figure upon upon the back of this certificate, and they should be used whenever it is possible
to indicate precisely the location of a disease or injury, the entrance and exit of a missile, an amputation, &c.

The absence of a member from a session of a board and the reason therefor, if known, the name of the absentee, must be indorced upon each certificate.

Insert character and number of claim Original Pension Claim No 751,085
Name and rank of claimant Scipio Miller, Rank, Priv.
Company G, 33 Reg't USC Inf. Post office address of the Board 170 ? NY State, 548 41 St Date of Examination June 25th, 1890

We hereby certify that in compliance with the requirements of the law we have carefully examined this applicant, who states that he is suffering from the
following disability, incurred in the service, viz: injury to feet and that he receives a pension of ____________ dollars per month.

He makes the following statement upon which he bases his claim for Original pension. Was injured in S. C., 1864, result of a cut by an axe.

Upon examination we find the following objective conditions: Pulse rate, 64 respiration 19; temperature 98 1/2 height, 5 feet 3 inches, weight, 134 1/2
pounds; age, 45 years.
There is an adherent acatino extending the entire length of the laisal bone of the great toe of right foot cectrix is tender, in ? is interferred with and painful.

There is no injury of the left foot; that is in a minimal condition.

He is in our opinion, entitled to a 4/18 rating for the disability caused by injury right foot . Preston M. Wright, Pres. Tho Franklin Smith Sec'y D D Thomas,

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Scipio Miller
Co. G. 33 Reg't U. S. C. Inf.

Applicant for Original No 751,085

Date of Examination June 25, 1890

Preston W. Wright Pres.,
Tho Franklin Smith Sec'y,
D D Thomas, Treas.,
Post office, 170 E. 60'st N Y
New York

Doctor -
What is the condition of right foot Clamant allez disorder of both feet you direct ? left foot.

Very respectfully

July 3 90

1. One foot injured, big toe - note the rating number assigned this would determine the amount awarded.

2. This is simply a judgment of the value of the injury it is not an acknowledgement that it is service related.

3. This is not Scipio Miller's surgeons. This is the board of pension surgeons.
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