Volusia County, Florida

St. Johns River
1869 (A guide book of Florida by Daniel Garrison Brinton)
Good boarding-house by Dr. Langren - price moderate.. Little is now seen from the river but a few ruinous houses and
the marks of a once extended cultivation in overgrown "old fields," but the place has a history worth recording.

Soon after the cession of the county to the English crown in 1763, Mr. Denison Rolles, a gentleman of wealth, actuated,
it would appear, by a spirit of philanthropy, proposed to transport large numbers of the unforunate women of the London
street to this new country, and there give them a chance to lead a better life. With this object he obtained a grant of
40,000 acres, and located it in this portion of Florida. The manor was called Charlottia, from the queen. Several
hundred acres were cleared, a large mansion house erected, a handsome avenue laid out, which was to reach to St.
augustine, and colonists to the number of three hundred brought across. But, as so often happens, unexpected
obstacles arose. Supplies failed to come in time, fevers carried off many, the proprietor was accused of parsimony, and
finally the settlement broken up, and those who survived went to Carolina and Georgia.

A Winter in Florida, Ledyard Bill, 1869
Volusia, farther up, and beyond Lake George, is another city of the past with an unwritten history, though known to have
been an important point when both the Spanish and English held it. It was on the line of travel, and one of the principal
points for crossing from St. Augustine and the Musquito Inlet country, on the east coast into Middle and Western Florida.
It occupies a high site; and the opposite shore stands boldly out, --- quite in opposition to the theory of one writer, who
asserts there are no points opposite in this river where both sides are high and dry. Indigo was extensively cultivated in
the surrounding country a century ago, while rice and cotton received considerable attention.

Seminole War
On the opposite bank from Volusia stands Fort Butler.
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