Death of W. H. Chambers
Comptroller Flagler East Coast Railway
August 5, 1914

The St. Augustine Evening Record
Cable Brings Sad News of Death of W. H. Chambers was comptroller of the Flagler system

News of the death of W. H. Chambers, comptroller of the Florida East Coast Railway and president of the Record
Company, came by cablegram at 10 o'clock this morning to Theo. V. Pomar auditor of the Flagler system.

Friends of Mr. Chambers and Miss Chambers have been anxiously awaiting news from Europe, knowing that they were
on a tour of the continent and fearing that the outbreak of the war might have meant their detention in some European
country far removed from their friends.

Now comes the news of Mr. Chambers sudden and unexpected death. It strikes home with all the greater emphasis of
deprivation and loss because of no previous intimation of any serious illness.

The cablegram, which was from London, simply states the fact of his demise and there is therefore no further
information to be obtained as to arrangements for the funeral and place of internment is unknown.

* * *

Additional information relative to the lamented death of the late W. H. Chambers, comptroller of the Florida East Coast
Railway and Hotel Systems, has reached St. Augustine in a letter to Theo. V. Pomar, auditor of the railway company.
Miss Kathleen Chambers, the bereaved daughter, writes from a small village in Wales, under date of Friday August 7th
relating the harrowing experiences through which she had passed during the preceding few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Chambers had left Berlin just before war was declared.
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