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Widow's Pension Award Sheet
Jane Floyd
wife of Adam Floyd, Veteran 33rd USCT
December 6, 1900
Pension Records
1. Jane Floyd's widow pension was issued on the service of Adam Floyd a Corporal in Co. I, 33rd USCT. The pension was issued under the rules of June
27, 1890 amended by the act of May 9, 1900. Jane lived at 127 Pomar St, St. Augustine, St. John County, Florida. The pension was paid at the rate of $8
per month starting August 2, 1900. (This was the stamped date received that the Pension office had placed on her original Declaration for Widow's

2. There are two update stames to this pension. It was stamped in 1918 for an increase to $20 per month and in 1928 it was increased to $40 per month.

3. The attorney was Butts and Phillips of Washington, D. C. who received a fee of $10 for their work.

4. It was submitted for admission on October 26, 1900 and signed by Rev. W P. Welternell on Dec. 5, 1900 on Dec 6, 1900 it was signed by M Riffel Legal

5. Adam Floyd was pensioned at 12.00 per month for right in? hernia. Adam Floyd had enlisted on January 15, 1863 and his pension was filed September
23, 1879 He was honorably discharged on January 31, 1866. He died on June 27th 1900.

6. Here's the surprise. They viewed the relationship with the first woman as an actual marriage (This would have been because he stayed with her in slavery
times and after the war till her death.  The only issue was Jane's insistence that it wasn't an actual marriage.)

7. Janes marriage was listed as July 17, 1879 and she has not remarried and was not divorced from Adam Floyd.