Return to Port Royal Experiment
W. J. Richardson
Superintendent Concerns
October 19, 1864

American Missionary Association H5428
Beaufort Oct 19th 1864

Rev. M. E. Serieby.?
New York

Dear Bro

I have some things to say that I did not get into Bro Whipples letter,

I have just had a very pleasant interview with Gen Saxton. He welcomes me back and gives renewed assurance of his
deep interest in our work, and desire to aid us, all he can.

He also wishes you to send out a good man Minister if you can to labor with one of our S. C. Cold regiments, as
missionary and teacher as they have no chaplain with them now. He being a prisoner in rebel hands. [Editor: This
would be the
1st South Carolina - later the 33rd USCT.]

I hope you will meet this request soon as possible as it will please the General and the soldiers need some help of his
kind. Give us some one, who is smart and active for this position. I have written Bo Whipple for a minister and his wife
(if you have such) for Parris Island. If you have no one with a wife, send a single man, to a female teacher to join Miss
Farsaith on that Island. It is not as large a field as Hilton Head Isle but enough there for one man to do.

Have Mr Whitney come with the Twitchell girls, if possible as they may be located together although his school, I
expect will be some 3 miles or more from Story Plant.

Mrs. Smith and Miss Alexander, I think will go to Elliott certainly so, if Mrs. Fowler does return.

Do not fail to provide teachers, (or have them) with such an outfit as will be necessary to make them comfortable ?  
bedstead, chairs, table, mattress, if needed crockery an etc for table use )__________________

Such things are high here and they can be brot do Gov. boats without cost.

I have not been able to obtain a horse from the Qr Master service my return they are to short of them. Don’t know how
I shall manage, to  bet round to my schools without one.

I hope you will find some one to come out as we talked and aid Mrs. R in domestic matters. The weather here is very
cool and comfortable now. I think the sickly season is about over

Yours truly W J Richardson