Pension of William Natteel
Additional Declaration for Invalid Pension and Arrears,
Under the Provisions of the Act of March 6, 1896
October 21, 1904

Pension Records
Additional Declaration for Invalid Pension and Arrears
St. Johns
October 21, 1904

William Natteel at time of this filing was 63 years old and lived in St. Augustine.

William Natteel was enrolled June, 1863 in Company A, 21 USCT. He was discharged at Morris Island1866.
He received a pension on August 19, 1892 for rhumatism, inflammation of throat and bladder, bronchitis,
asthma, and loss of jaw teeth.

He had cancer of the throat and neck and failure of sight and general weakness from two operations of the
neck in the hospital.

Witnesses to signature to Alex McGirt and Phillip Walker

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