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Understanding Civil War Pensions
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Pension of William Natteel
General Affidavit of Claimant
February 26, 1889

Pension Records
Cut off
has been confined to his home unable to do or perform any work and he is not to disabled that he is prevented from performing much work of any ?
except light work that this extent of his disability has been present ever since deponents discharge in 1866.

General Affidavit of William Natteel 21 USCT Co A on February 26, 1889 before Clerk of Circuit Court, St. Johns County
At the time William Natteel was 50 and a resident of St. Augustine.
He resided in St. Augustine since 1866.
He was a laborer and drayman.
He identified the place he was disabled at Morris Island.
He had contracted rheumatism and treated by Dr. Peck, Dr. Simons and Dr. Walker at various times. All St. Augustine physicians who had died.