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Deposition of Frank Higgins
for Minor children of William Morris - 33rd USCT
December 16, 1876

Pension Records
Deposition A
Case of Minors of William Morris No 171.336

On this sixteenth day of December, 1876, at Beaufort, County of Beaufort State of South Carolina before me, James H. Clements a Special Agent of the
Pension Office, personally appeared Frank Higgins, who being by me duly sworn according to law, declares that his age is about 35 years, that he resides
at Beaufort County of Beaufort, State of South Carolina, and that he was a corporal of Co "B" 33rd U. S. Col Troops, was a slave before the War,
belonged to Wm Hendricks of Jacksonville Fla, was well acquainted with William Morris, late Private Co "G"  33rd U. S. Col Troops, knew him before his
enlistment, he was a Free born man, he was a married man, was married before his enlistment, can't fix date of his marriage, his wife was a slave woman,
she belonged to Governor Moses of Pilatka Fla, don't recollect the Wife, name, Thinks Wm Morris died in the Hospital at Beaufort his Wife was in Beaufort
where he died, they had two children, a girl and boy can't give their names, the boy was the oldest, the boy was born before the War, the boy was about
seven years old when William Morris died, the girl was born after Morris enlistment. William Morris wife is now living at Jacksonville don't know whether she
has remarried since the death of said Morris or not, the last time affiant saw the widow of William Morris, she was keeping house for herself in Jacksonville
and was not married, saw her last about eight years ago, She had the two children of Wm Morris (the deceased soldier) with her at the time, Affiant is own
cousin to William Morris (deceased soldier) and was well acquainted with him and wife, don't know whether any of Governor Moses family is living or not, if
living they would be found at Pilatka Fla.

and he further declares that he has no interest, direct or indirect, in the claim of Minors of William Morris for a Pension; and further saith not
Frank (his mark) Higgins

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 16 day of December 1876, and I certify that the contents were fully made known to affiant before signing.

James H. Clements
Special Agent

1. First cousin I've ever found giving testimony.

2. Note errors on ages of children.

3. Did very information about William Morris.
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