Joseph R. Parrott
October 30, 1859 - October 13, 1913
Joseph R. Parrott (1859 - October 13, 1913)
Joseph R. Parrott was born in Oxford, Maine on Oct 30, 1859. His father was a Maine woolen
manufacturer. He graduated from Phillips Exeter. He was a graduate of Yale University Law School
with and A.B. Degree and an LL.B degree. While his undergraduate record was undistinguished he
cum laude from Yale Law school. He was a member of the skull and bones society at

Parrot wanted to work in Atlanta but chose Jacksonville when Atlanta didn't work out. He started as
a lawyer for the Jacksonville, Tampa, Key West System in the law firm of Duncan Fletcher.  In 1890
he became involved with Flagler. He was hired as a lawyer for the Flagler system. In 1892 he
became vice-president of the short-line railroad and by 1899 he was
vice-president and general
manager of the
Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway. He later became a receiver for the
railroad. His wife was Helen L. Mercer from New Haven Connecticut.

He was also president of the Florida East Coast Hotel Company. Three years before Flagler's death
he was named vice president of all Flagler corporations.

In 1909 he became the president of the Flagler system after Flagler retired. Flagler urged the
company to continue with Parrott in charge of the railway after his (Flagler's) death. Parrott was an
active pallbearer at Flagler's funeral and received $100,000 in Flagler's will. He was one of the three
trustees to carry out Flagler's will.

Unfortunately, Parrott only lived a five months after Henry Flagler. He died of an illness while at his
home in Maine. His early death became a rather difficult problem because of the amount of trust that
Flagler had placed in Parrott. He was the executive head of Flagler's vision in Florida after Flagler's

Funeral of J. R. Parrott Saturday (St. Augustine Evening Record, October 24, 1913)
St. Augustine Committee will Leave Here at 8:06.

Jacksonville Board of Trade Will Be Headquarters for Local Delegation. Large Party Will Go From

The following information is given out by the Chamber of Commerce for the guidance of the
memberswho have been appointed a committee to attend the funeral of the late J. R. Parrott, which
will occur at 11:30 o'clock tomorrow morning, the services being at St. Johns Church, Jacksonville.

The members of the committee will leave St. Augustine on the 8:05 train tomorrow morning. The
Jacksonville board of trade has very courteously invited the St. Augustine committee to make its
headquarters in their rooms at the Board of Trade building on Main street, which rooms will be used
as a meeting place and where grips, etc., may be left.

The members of the St. Augustine committee are requested to attend in informal dress, but wearing
dark clothing. They will assemble in the rooms of the Jacksonville board of trade at 10:30 o'clock,
and march in a body to the church.

General O)ffices Will Close.
In compliance with instructions received this afternoon from Vice President W. H. Beckwith, the
general offices of the Florida East Coast Railway will be closed tomorrow at 11 o'clock for the
balance of the day in respect to the memory of the late president, J. R. Parrott.

Pallbearers Announced.
According to information received in St. Augustine the honorary pallbears at the funeral of J. R.
Parrott in Jacksonville tomorrow will be James K. Ingraham, of this city; W. R. Beardsley of New
York; W. H. Beckwith, of St. Augustine, and R. W. Parsons, of New York. All are vice presidents
of the Florida East Coast Railway Company.

Council Takes Action.
City council was called together in special session by Mayor A. W. Corbett last night for the
purpose of taking some action regarding the funeral of the late J. R. Parrott in Jacksonville
tomorrow. All members were present.

Upon motion of Alderman Andreu council decided to have the city represented by a beautiful floral
offering about three feet in height in token of respect to the memory of the noted East Coast

A resolution was offered by AldermanCenter and adopted providing for all of the city officials to
attend the funeral tomorrow. The aldermen were in session but a short time.

Will Close for Funeral
E. E. Boyce announced today that the St. Augustine Beef Company will close its place of business
tomorrow from 11 o'clock in the morning until 1 o'clock in the afternoon in respect to the late J. R.
Parrott, whose funeral takes place in Jacksonville at 11 o'clock.
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