Minors of William Morris
Ellen Middleton
33rd USCT, Co. G.
December 16, 1876

Pension Records
Exhibit B
Case of Minors of William Morris, No. 171.336

On this sixteenth day of December 1876, at Ely Farm, County of Beaufort State of South Carolina, before me, James H. Clement a Special Agent of Pension Office, personally appeared Ellen
Middleton, who, being by me duly sworn according to law, declares that her age is about 29 years, that she resides at Ely's Farm County of Beaufort, State of South, and that previous to the
war she was the slave of James Landerson of
Jacksonville Florida, and the wife of Rogers Young who belonged to same owner. Was well acquainted with William Morris, who was a Private in
Co. "G"  33rd U. S. Col Troops. Affiant's husband was in Co. H. same Regiment and enlisted at the same time with William Morris, they were both taken from
Jacksonville to Hilton Head, where
they enlisted, can't give dates, it was about a year after the capture of
Fernandina by the U. S. Troops, thinks and is pretty sure William Morris was a slave, but can't recollect the name of his
owner. William Morris had a wife before the war, her name before Marriage was Minerva Morris, she was a slave, can't give her owners name, can't recollect whether her Owner lived in
Jacksonville or not, Minerva the wife of William Morris had two Children living with her when she came to Beaufort from Florida. Minerva came to Beaufort sometime during the War, Affiant
was here then, And William Morris was here with his Regiment, thinks she buried two children while she lived here in Beaufort, Minerva lived with her husband here until he died, thinks Morris
died in the house his Wife was living in, it was a large house, the house Dr. Stuart lives in now, thinks Minerva had there four Children when Morris died, Minerva Morris married again soon
after Morris (the soldier) died, She married James Bythewood, and went to
Jacksonville Fla. She did not stay long in Beaufort after her Marriage to Bythewood. She took her children with her.
Can't tell the number of the children certain. Thinks the oldest child was a boy and about ten years old when Morris died. Is certain Minerva and William Morris was married before the War
(1861) the children that Minerva had when Morris died, where (were) recognised as Morris's children. Affiant was not present at the Wedding of Minerva and William Morris. Was not present
at the birth of either of the children. Affiant has been married to Joshua Middleton about four years, previous to that was known as Ellen Young, and was a witness for Minerva in claim for a
Pension, under the name of Ellen Young, can't give name and age of Morris Children and she further declares that he has no interest, direct or indirect, in the claim of Minors of William
Morris for a Pension; and further said not.

Witness Z A. Searson

Ellen (her mark) Middleton

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 16 day of December 1876, and I certify that the contents were fully made known to affiant before signing.

James H. Clements
Special Agent.
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