Statement of Nancy Mattison
Witness of Marriage and Children
William and Mirniva Morris
33rd USCT, Co G
May, 1869

Pension Records
State of South Carolina
County of Beaufort

I Nancy Mattison of Beaufort in said State and County do hereby solmenly swear that I have been intimiately acquainted with Menerva Bithwood who was late the
widow of William Morris who as late a private Co. G. 33 USC Troops for more than twenty years and I was intimately acquainted with William Morris aforesiad for
more than ten years and I was present at the marriage of said William and Menerva and they were married at Palatca Florida in May 1857 by Mr. Johnson and I
know that there is no record evidence of her marriage except a record in her family bible and that Mr. Johnson has long since left this part of the country and she
is on that account unable to furnish his  affidavat. And I was present at the time that Sarah and John the only legimate children of said Menerva and said William
were born and I know that Sarah was born April 8, 1861 and John June 30 1857 and I do reside as aforesaid and have no interest in this claim.

Ralph Perry
L. L. ?

Nancy (her mark) Mattison

subscribed and sworn before me this day of May 1869 and I certify that I have no interest in this claim and that the above affidavit was read and explained to the
affivait before signing and that she is respectable and entitled to credit.

Geo. Newcomb
Magistrate and Clerk of Probate Court

Note spelling of Minerva/Menerva and Palatca/

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