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Pensions to Army Nurses
August 5, 1892

U. S. Statutes
PENSIONS TO ARMY NURSES. ACT AUGUST 5, 1892 (27 STAT. L., 348). Section 1. That all women employed by the
Surgeon General of the Army as nurses, under contract or otherwise, during the late war of the rebellion, or who were
employed as nurses during such period by authority which is recognized by the War Department, and who rendered
actual service as nurses in attendance upon the sick or wounded in any regimental, post, camp, or general hospital of
the armies of the United States for a period of six months or more, and who were honorably relieved from such service,
and who are now or may hereafter be unable to earn a support, shall, upon making due proof of the fact according to
such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may provide, be placed upon the list of pensioners of the
United States and be entitled to receive a pension of twelve dollars per month, and such pension shall commence from
the date of filing of the application in the Pension Office after the passage of this act: Provided, That no person shall
receive more than one pension for the same period.

Note: This is not a disability pension this is a service pension based solely on unable to ean a support. This will also
explain why you may find applications from teachers who served in the Port Royal area under military rule or later for
the Freedmen's Bureau.
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