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St. Paul's Evangelical
United Church of Christ
New Orleans, Louisiana
Page 4
1976 Annual meeting Minutes                   1/18/76
102 attend
Anniversary 65th
Church roof repair
Counting com volunteers
Dielmann Center status
Evangelism com - survey in Spring
Kurkowski expresses thanks
Lent - discontinue joint w/Salem
Memorial window, insurance, slow progress
Play group meeting

Consistory Minutes 1976
Annual meeting in SS hall
Bible study begins
Budget meeting
Caretaker - work criticized “shape up or ship out” approach;  No decision reached; To become citizen in near
Church - service discussion 1 versus 2, no decision;
   Communion card use to be reinstated;
   Confirmation proposal - Kurkowski, class starts 10/6;
   Kurkowski’s join congregation
   Lent - offering 50% to Covenant Home, Heifer Project
           Services with Salem and N. O. Association;
   Minister to give home communion, announce in Church and  “Tidings”;         
   Necessary to return borrowed property; Borrowed property form presented,
   New Church Record book purchased;
   New mimeo agreed on;
   New minister process - meet with Conf Minister, Rollin Russell
   Newsletter - Tidings, variety in cover
   Palm Sunday - Motion, 1 service
   Petition for congregation to sign, in re: New Year’s Eve incident on church premises;
   Possible new vote on church service in January
   Stewardship meeting St Matthew’s
   Typewriter maintenance contract approved;
   Visitor cards to be purchased or printed;
   Willing Workers asked to repair and/or clean altar cloths; Constution review com to be formed, Joseph Tosterud;
Consistory - vacancy Philip Pfeffer’s seat, wait till next election;  R. J. Bives replaces Clarence Fitzgerald;
   Counting com - problems, new list to be made;    
   Donations - $25 each, Scouts, Crippled Children’s Hospital;
Evangelism com - sermon discussion group, other plans,  Activities at Spook House protested from youth group    
(letters); Neighborhood survey, Pastor to decide program;    
Eleonore St - Joseph Munsch, Philip Pfeffer, Edward Ritter
Finance - renovation loan, certificate due, pay off loan, report  to be prepared;  Motion to change savings cert to 1
year type;
First Evangelical Church 150th anniversary
GNOFC - Spirit of ‘76 Program Dottie Daret, Rep
Installation service monies to General Fund
Memorial window - work slowing; Upper portion complete
Memorials - Addressograph to be purchased (Philip Pfeffer,  Amelia Marquez, possibly Seybold’s for son);
   Use of money - (3) Plan B adopted - present at annual meeting for vote
Organist - problems - will not play for choir; Janet McLellan willing to play; Supply to be paid $15 for one service,
$20 for two;
Parsonage com - Kathy Luft, Russell Bernard, Sr., Russell  Bernard, Jr., Roy Leonard;
   Estimates needed for work; Floor, garage to be panelled; Panelling problem with Fire Dept; Not a fire hazard;
   Inspection, purchase of smoke detectors; To be installed;
    New carpet on steps         
Patton St - Henry Pfeffer, Richard Bernard, Clarence Herbert
Pastor - need to raise moving expenses; Letter to congregation asking to help defray expenses;
Repairs - guttering work achieved
SCC church survey $25
Schroeder to receive 1/2 month’s salary at end of term; Schroeder’s stove purchased for $75;
Search Com (Pulpit Com) - George Luft, Elmo Priest, James Young, Kathy Luft, L. A. Sehlinger, Jake Walters;
Decide salary of interim minister, expenses for ministerial candidates; Conference office forms, installation;
Sports - basketball fee $95
SS hall - bids too high for extra shower;
   Defensive driving 4/9-10; 10/28-29;
   Door problem;         
   Ladies Exercise group;
   New door to youth room, lock on stage door;
Theater group - possible forming
UCC Conference staff - Rev. Rollins installation; St Paul’s not interested in dealing with program on homosexuality;
Yard - gardner’s work unsatisfactory; Ronnie Sanders, cut grass, water flowers;
Youth group - skylarking on church phone;

1976 - Annual Reports                                 Mbrshp 275          1/16/77                                                
Pres - William Kurz                                        
Consistory - Elmo H. Priest, Vice-Pres; Joseph Tosterud, Rec Secty; James Young, Fin Secty; George Luft, Treas;
Elders - Elmo H. Priest, William Kurz, George Luft, James Young
Trustees - Henry Pfeffer, Russell Bernard, Jr., Clarence Herbert
Baptisms 4; confirmed 2; funerals 19; weddings 2
New members - Mr. & Mrs. O. P. Hoffman;  
Transfers in - Eunice Wulf, George Gill
Transfers out - 1 to Salem
Anniversary 65th - on 4/4/76, service, dinner & special program;         Photo book
Arts, crafts & hobby show started
Camp - Rest-a-While weekend 5/28-29-30
Church - Bible study begins;
Bicentennial celebration on July 4
Christmas workshop held
Confirmation instruction to begin;
Easter sunrise service;
Halloween party;
Laity day;
Lent Union services;
Membership inventory report;
New chairs and addressograph purchased;                 
Once-a-month family style eat-out after church, cafeterias, etc;
   Return to two services scheduled except during Summer;
Drama group org, Jeanne Lincks, Coord; Presentation 5/14 & 16;
Eleonore St com - Joe Munsch, Russell Bernard, Jr., Edward Ritter, Property paid up;         
Evangelism com active - Jake Walters, Chr;  Neighborhood visitation & survey enacted (5 block area);
Neighborhood petition for new paving & curbs, Eleonore & Patton Sts
Organist - Johanna Schlater resigns in January, Janet Mclellan takes over
Patton St house committee - P. Pfeffer, R. O. Bernard, Henry Herbert
Repairs - minor, to roofs
Salaries - Min $9500, Org $1260, Secty $1800, Jan $2640
Scout master - Reno Daret, Master, Troop 420
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Secty - Camille Lang
Talent dollar activity started
WW - Mabel Luft, Treas; Dottie Daret, Pres
YMCA classes (tennis) & girl scout troop a flop; Ladies exercise class discontinued
YOADS - Rose Walters, Pres; George Luft, Treas
Young adult - new SS class organized
Youth fellowship - Lorna Sehlinger, Pres; Mary Gugliuzza, Vice-Pres; Jordy Luft, Secty; Patty Gugliuzza, Secty

1977 Annual meeting Minutes                    1/16/77
Church, 2 services, one in Summer
Consistory election
Dielmann Center dissolution
Kurkowski recommendations stressed
Memorial window
Outreach workers needed
Play group lights installed
Scout troop helpers
Consistory Minutes                                1977
Anniversary committee approved; Purchase metal case to store anniversary materials
Camp - Rest-A-While, two services on weekend
Caretaker - failure to lock building
Caretaker’s house - Skeet Stiller would like to rent for band,  will sound & fire proof, under advisement
Choir - Rehersals to resume
Church - bulletins to be placed in entry hall;
   Confirmation reunion classes of 60’s; Class suggestions,  what could be done better at Church
   Communion - serve grape juice also, decide at annual meeting
   Decision, go back to two services, one service during Summer, Marvin Leonard to present at annual meeting,
one year trial basis
   Easter sunrise service
   Graduates honored
   Lenten services offering divided St Paul & Salem; N O Assoc proposes joint w/Salem; No joint with Salem, prior
   Pledge Sunday, 8/12 & 19; Report
   Statement of Faith revision, at St. Matthew’s, support status quo
   Ushers - lack of coordination
Consistory - Change year from fiscal to calendar, no decision;
   Donations - $25 to medical fund for Karen Morton
   Jacks to be placed in Church in order to record sermons
   Parking - end by bridge in front of Church, attempting to get “no parking” sign
   Pastor’s pension
   Secty’s husband ill, leave at full salary; Secty’s chair needs repair or replace
   Signs being investigated        
   Sports - basketball fee, $95
   Statisticals ordered placed in Minutes         
   Theatre (play) Group - can sell drinks, muffins, etc; Monies to go into special account, future productions
   UCC yearbook to be purchased 3/8; Conferrence, June 6
   Values clarification workshop 8/23-20, 8/2; Rescheduled
   Vandalism in church discussed
   Waterproofing delayed until after Memorial Window installed
   Will pay our portion of City paving program
   World Hunger emphasis committee com meet
Constitution com - Myrtle Bethancourt, Marie Durr, Fred Gremillion, Joseph Tosterud, John Lincks, Jay Keppel,
George Luft, Joseph Munsch, Elmo L. Priest; Redraft nearly complete, present at annual meeting 1/78, more work
to be  done;
Dielmann Center sold $50,000, each church to receive $4,166  5/3; Net sale $44,850 + $4,758.25 in savings,
total  $51,2298.06 to be divided in 12 equal parts, no decision on use of money
Evangelism - neighborhood church survey
Evangelical Union - Board of Commissioners no longer exists
Financial - transfer of funds from Mutual Homestead to Dryades
   Homestead 7 3/4% certificate
GNOFC programs
Groups - housing, Elmhurst College choir; Covenant Players 3/22/78
Insurance - comprehensive to be checked
Katherine Thorsen plaque to be purchased & placed in Church facilities
Memorial window - repairs started, installation before Christmas, wait till after holidays, flashing to be installed
Organist - to meet requirements or ask to resign; Given one year leave of absence, will ask Janet Mclellan to take
over; eight point job description presented
Parsonage com - Kathy Luft, Richard Bernard, Henry Herbert
Scouts - donate $25 sustaining membership; Pay part of cost to Senior Patrol Leader Program, Camp Salmen;
Organizational meeting for Girl Scout Troop
SS hall - Children’s Community Puppet Show
   Defensive driving 3/23-24
   Exercise class discontinued
   Speakers in nursery so sermon can be heard         
SS hall rental - put charges in “Tidings”
Talent/Hobby/Craft fair - December, over $400 set as goal
Yard - Trees insect infestation
YMCA - church outreach Summer program policy to return; Failure; Attempt to reinstitute program in Fall         
Young adult group formed
Youth fellowship - no Spook House; Door given for room; Car wash, purchased sixteen chairs for auditorium

1977 Annual Report                               Mbrshp - 272         1/22/78
Pres - William Kurz                                        
Consistory - Marie Durr, Vice-Pres; George Luft, Treas; Richard         O. Bernard, Rec Secty; Kathy Luft, Fin Secty
Elders - Marie Durr, Kathy Luft, William Kurz, George Luft
Trustees - Henry Pfeffer, Russell Bernard, Clarence Herbert
Baptisms 5; confirmed 1; deaths 7; weddings 1
New member - Viola Cerise
Camp - Rest-A-While weekend in September
Choir - none
Church - development, new fund started;
   Christmas party held;
   Christmas workshop;
   Confirmation reunion, 50 yrs honored;
   Easter sunrise service, breakfast;
   Graduates honored;
   Hymn sing in February;
   Lent services - Ash Wednesday with St Matthew’s;
   May designated Friendship Month;
   Picnic in June; August 28;
   Two services continue except for summer;
   Violinist - Lorraine Mule’
   Vocalist - Robert Denenea
Consistory - outside of church sandblasted, caulked & painted; Investigate placing of church signs various
locations,  contact City Dept;
   Paving fund instituted;
   Phone answering machine installed;         
   Reports added to Tidings for congregation information;
Eleonore St house com - J. Munsch, R. Bernard, E. Ritter
Evangelism com - Jake Walters, Chr, neighborhood visitation
Groups - youth from Dayton, Ohio, 2 days
Memorial window - frame repaired for installing stained glass window
N O Assoc - Women in Fellowship, Thelma Hodapp, Leader
Organist - Janet Mclellan; Jordy Luft, August only
Patton St house com - P. Pfeffer, R. O. Bernard; Patton St house repaired
Real Estate fund - Joseph Munsch, Russell Bernard, Jr., Edward Ritter
Rev. Roland Pantermuhl retires, St. Matthew’s 6/15/77
Salaries - Min $10,200; Org $1,380; Secty $2,070; Jan $2,760
SCC - Public Awareness Task Force held here
Scouts - Reno Daret, Master; Kerry Luft, Asst Patrol Leader; Scout Sunday in February, religious awards
SS hall - new water cooler & refrigerator
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent dollar (2nd) project held
UCC 20th anniversary at Dillard University chapel
WW - Mabel Luft, Treas
YOADS - Dottie Daret, Pres; George Luft, Treas; Easter breakfast
Youth group - Mary Gugliuzza, Pres; Patty Gugliuzza, Secty; Jordy Luft, Treas; Car wash; 2-day trip to Ohio;
Presentation; Christmas carolling;
60+ organized; Myrtle Bethancourt, Secty; Rev. Kurkowski, Treas;
   for (Senior Adults) over 62; Trip to Middendorf’s

1978 Annual meeting Minutes             1/22/78
79 attend
Church roof leaks
Election of Consistory
Expanding of Consistory
Memorial window installation
Motion - one Church service, passed 43 - 30
Consistory Minutes                                1978         1/22/78
Anniversary (20th) poorly attended 7/5
Annual meeting topics - publish nominees names in advance
Camp - Rest-A-While weekend; Additional funds excessive, may be granted if needed; Weekend 9/9-10-11;
Committee recommended, volunteers;
Camping com - seek camp site North of Lake Pontchartrain for St Paul’s;
Caretaker’s house - Stiller band use to be precluded; Band to practice in SS hall, not caretakers house, should
end at 10 P. M., fee $5; Offered to play free rock concert, declined;
Caretaker - not watering plants
Church - Confirmation class reunion 50 yrs
   Confirmation - 5/29;
   Easter services - sunrise, breakfast; Lilies
   Installation of officers 1/23/77
   Lent services
   Pledge Sunday
   Two services status except 5/29 - 9/4
   Ushers and greeters need to be more alert
Consistory -action to be included in Tidings, recommended &  passed;
   Bowling league may be formed;
   Carpentry repairs Patton St arched windows
   Employees, and Pastor’s vacations cannot be accumulated,  must be used within year
   Equipment maintenance, office & projector
   Insulate secretary’s office floor discussion, no action
   M Power workshop - 5/1 rescheduled 5/9, 4/4; Enthusiastic response; 9/20; St. Matthew’s;
   Railing on steps loose, 4/4;
    Rained in church, roof to be repaired; Roof problem, leak by bell;
   Safe cleanout
   “Sharing of Concerns” during church service; problems & solutions
   Survey - problems, long & short term goals
   Waterproofing bid good for 30 days; Also caulk SS windows; Waterproofing complete;
Constitution com - Myrtle Bethancourt, Marie Durr, Fred Gremillion, Joseph Tosterud, John Lincks, Jay Keppel,
George Luft, Joseph Munsch, Elmo L. Priest
Dielmann Center - use of money
Eleonore St house - Joseph Munsch, Russell Bernard, Jr., Edward Ritter
Evangelism - Visitation program for inactive members; Contacts well received; Dicussion
Evangelical Union dissolution
GNOFC - Church profiles book
Memorial funds - purchase answer phone (Emile Hellmers);  Answer phone in use, 3 jacks to be installled; 5 stoles  
purchased to be dedicated Easter Sunday, also phone mate dedication;
Memorial Window com - Lespa Luft, Marie Durr, Carol Young, Marvin Leonard, Fred Gremillion, Richard Bernard;
In progress;
Parsonage com - Kathy Luft, Russell W. Bernard, Sr., Russell Bernard, Jr., Roy Leonard; Replace missing weather
board on dormer, shingle missing
Patton St house - Henry Pfeffer, Henry Herbert, Richard Bernard
Paul Pic installed as pastor of St. Matthew UCC; Ordained,  2/7
Repairs - Church & SS roof; Both should be replaced, no action; Electric work, Church to reevaluate
Scouts - defray camp expense cost $15 per boy of our troop; $50 sustaining drive; Project, paint parsonage fence;
SCC - church development fund; Public Awareness Conference;
Special congregation meeting requested - one or two services, deferred
Streets - Patton & Eleonore on City list to be paved, may be completed by 9/1978
SS hall - bids for painting front of hall;         
   Children’s Community nursery group;         
   Defensive driving, 5/30 & 6/1;
   Fire preparedness, first aid kits to be checked by Scouts, recommendations to be made;
   Kitchen sink out of use, being repaired;
   Roof repairs complete;
   Special programs to be held;
   Water cooler needs replacing, also refrigerator;
SS hall rental - com to be established;
Yard - man let go, job offered to congregation; Jack Lincks approved to cut grass $20
Youth - group sponsors - Mr. & Mrs. William Schultz; Possible trip to Missouri, may be partially subsidized;
Additional Adv, Jeanne Lincks, 10/3

1978 Annual Report                              Mbrshp - 272            1/21/79                                                        
Pres - William Kurz                                        
Consistory - Henry Pfeffer, Vice-Pres; Kathy Luft, Fin Secty;   George Luft, Treas; John Lincks, Rec Secty; Marvin
Leonard, Gwen Martinez, Reno Daret, James Young, Marie Durr, Joe Munsch, O. P. “Boots” Hoffman; (Gwen
Martinez appointed to fill unexpired term of Richard Bernard)
Elders - George Luft, Marvin Leonard, Marie Durr, William Kurz
Deacons - James Young, Reno Daret, Boots Hoffman, John Lincks
Trustees - Richard Bernard, Henry Pfeffer, Kathy Luft, Joseph         Munsch
Baptisms 8; confirmed 4; funerals 13; weddings 3;
New members - Edith Roth; Recommended - Kerry Luft, James Herbert, Bill Brown, Dale Dumbleton, approved;
Camp - Rest-A-While weekend; Cancelled (2nd)
Choir Dir - Eunice Wulf
Church -         Bible exhibit in SS hall        
   Christmas party
   Church leaders retreat (2nd) in April
   Church service (1) 9:45, SS 8:30 starting 2/12/78
   Graduates honored
   Lent - hymn sing held during first service; Ash Wednesday  with St Matthew
   Merger possible with Disciples of Christ, meetings/discussions
   Nursery & Kindergarten tried during church service
   Picnic held
   Planning retreat held
Eleonore St House - Joseph Munsch, Edward Ritter, R. Bernard
Groups - from Madison Wisconsin church, 3/6; Covenant players here during holy week, 3/22
Memorial window dedicated 4/9
N. O. Assoc - youth rally; Fall meeting at Back Bay
Patton St house - H. Pfeffer, R. O. Bernard
Real estate com - Joseph Munsch, Edward Ritter, Russell Bernard
Salaries - Min $11,100; Org $1,441; Secty $2,280; Jan $2,880
SCC at Dillard
Scouts - Reno Daret, Master, Troop 420; Jack Lincks, Jr Asst  Scout Master; Michael Kurkowski, Patrol Leader;     
Scout  Sunday held
SS hall - Monthly movie night
SS Sect/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent fair held
Temple Sinai visited
Termite proofing on all church properties
WW - Mabel Luft, Treas
YOADS - L. A. Sehlinger, Pres; Geo Luft, Treas
Youth group - Patty Gugliuzza, Pres; Buddy Blakesley, Vice-Pres; Marilyn Walters, Secty; Heather Kurkowski,
Treas; Sargeant-At-Arms, Jack Lincks; Easter cake sale; presented "Godspell" on Easter Sunday; Carolling;
60+ - first birthday, Rev. Kurkowski, Treas

1979 Annual meeting Minutes                 1/21/79    87 attend
Constitution com - almost ready
Church & SS time
Rental property
Roof finance com - new
Consistory Minutes 1979
Annual meeting discussion 1 or 2 church services, talk with SS Supt about Sunday School time;
Camp - Rest-A-While dates, 5/19-20-21 & 9/22-23-24 $250; Slumber Falls promotion; R-A-W, 8/22-25, $250
subsidy; Cancelled;
Caretaker problem - has unauthorized outside help;
Choir - Director Jay Keppel no longer interested, Rev Kurkowski to direct, investigate GNOFC artist in residence
for music help; Rev. Kurkowski to look for special music; Eunice Wulf to direct;
Church - Left open to vandals, Policy to keep building locked;
   Easter - sunrise & schedule; Breakfast;
   Lent services - no joint with Salem;
   Merger - possible, joint services with Disciples of Christ,
    Pledge Sunday - brochure; Pledges; Report;
   Sunday services to be taped & played for sick/shut-ins, system to be developed; Taping equipment to be       
purchased from memorial fund $200 maximum;
Consistory - Budget;
   Copier purchased used, Memorial Committee handle;
   Counting machine not for sale;
   Donation - benevolent; Family of patrolman Cockeran; Jessica Pelet, $25
   Drama group
   Evaluate election of a new member;
   Goals, Layman’s Sunday; Meeting; Committee 9/5;
   Leaders retreat;
    Motion to boycott ERA states
   Old window frames sold to Emmit Nugier, glass to be removed and kept;
   Organ repairs, 5/1; Chimes need repair $200, memorial com to handle, 7/10
   Paul Pic house fire, special offering, fire aid $100 and congregational donation;
   Paving - donation to us for same; Notice to repair Eleonore St sidewalk;
   Planning retreat - church leaders; Project, draw up proposal & present to Church elders; Present goals to     
   Repairs - Electric evaluation;
            Fire extinguishers recharged, need more;
           Jobs to be posted for volunteers,
           Roof problem; Work - 1/2; 3/6; 5/1; 6/12; 8/7; 12/4;
                   bids coming in, 9/5; 9/5; Repairs;
           Termite inspection, treatment;
           Window flashings being installed;
   Reports to be mailed prior to meeting;
   Richard Bernard resigns; Special meeting to be called for replacement, Gwendoyn Martinez to fill unexpired
term of Richard Bernard;  
   Salaries - secretary’s raise for doing financial reports discussed, reports late, needs correction
   Signs - N. O. Parkway Commission, not allowed on public property
   Termite coverage;
   Three new churches in conference to open, 3 pastors  installed
   Viewer to be placed in side door, light on side door of  church;
   Wilmington 10 assisted by UCC, opposed to political affairs, letter to National Headquarters & SCC, drafted, to
be combined & discussed;
   Work day 6/12
Constitution com - to be finalized next few weeks
Eleonore St - Joseph Munsch, Russell Bernard, Jr., Edward Ritter; Porch needs repairs; Temporary repairs made,
trash to be removed
Evangelism com - 2/13; 3/6; Contact Easter christians, distribute flyers & promote SS;
Finances - one share Foster Creek may sell
GNOFC - wants donation for Operation Mainstream project $25;
Memorial window - fund use suggestions;
   Installation to begin next week;
   Insurance discussion;
   Motion, insure for 3 years;
   Motion, start new memorial window fund, tabled till next  meeting;
   New com Marie Durr, Kathy Luft, Henry Pfeffer, John Lincks, Marvin Leonard to be added, declined, James
Dannemann added
Memorials - Dishwasher in memory of Mr. August Englehardt; Plaque, in mem of Mr. Bleany Monroe, possibly
lighting from inside; Correction on plaque “Those Who Made it Possible”, installed; Idea of interior lighting         
tabled, further investigation
N O Assoc - Back Bay signs are to indicate UCC support,
Parsonage com - Kathy Luft, Clarence Herbert, Roy Leonard
Patton St - Henry Pfeffer, Henry Herbert, Richard Bernard, Jay Keppel
SCC - Wilmington 10 discussed
Scouts - donate $50 for sustaining membersihp drive; Leadership program $30; Camp Salmen Chaplain $25
appeal to congregation for support; $125 to send scouts to R-A-W weekend; Fire inspection of building
suggested; Scout Sunday
SS hall - defensive driving, 2/28 & 3/1;
   Drapes to be cleaned;
   Electric problem remains;
   Kitchen clean-up;
   Time change;
   Termites (eradicated) damage remains, committee to study building problems; Inspection; Damage to be
   Rock group use denied
SS hall rental - simple meeting of non-members, $10, $20 when clean-up is requested
Talent dollars - funds to new roof, $945
Yard - Shrubs to be trimmed;
Youth - Assoc youth spaghetti dinner 7/22;
   Door repaired; Ministry experimental project

1980 Annual Report                                Mbrshp 272        1/20/80
Pres - William Kurz                                        
Consistory - Marvin Leonard, Vice-Pres; John Lincks, Rec Sec; Kathy Luft, Fin Sec; George Luft, Treas; Marie
Durr, O. P. “Boots” Hoffman, Gwen Matinez, Alyne Beier, Dottie Lawrence, Jay Keppel; (Jay Keppel leaves,
vacancy filled by Henry Pfeffer)
Elders - George Luft, Marie Durr, Marvin Leonard, William Kurz
Deacons - Jay Keppel, Boots Hoffman, Alyne Beier, Dottie Lawrence
Trustees - Kathy Luft, John Lincks, James Young, Gwendolyn Martinez
Baptisms 2; confimed 4; funerals 2; weddings 2

1980 Annual meeting
Camp - Boots Hoffman on Board; Mary Gugliuzza, Counsellor; Rest-A-While cancelled
Choir Director - Eunice Wulf
Church - Bible study resumes
   Church windows featured on "Forward Together" TV program on Ch 12 “Church of the Week”
   Easter sunrise service & breakfast
   Food bank        
   Graduates honored
   Officers installed 2/4
   Prayer vigil        
Consistory - Gutters and drains improved
   Hurricane Bob damages new roof
   Hurricane Frederick relief, Biloxi & Mobile
   New church roof installed
   New roof fund begun, three-year effort, $25,000
   Plastering & painting of church interior anticipated; done
   Vandals break in church, organ fan missing
   Workshop - training in “Values Education regarding “Sexuality”, postponed
Eleonore St house com - J. Munsch, E. Ritter, R. Bernard; New porch
Groups - from Sturgeon Bay, WI visit; St. Paul UCC youth from Mannheim, PA;
   "Beautiful Mix" from Florida UCC churches presented musical worship service;
   "Combo Studio 72" from Permerund, Holland visit
Memorial windows - (2) installed, dedicated on May 6, donated by Mrs. H. Plant in memory of husband Harry Plant
Organist - Janet McLellan
Parades cancelled
Patton St com - H. Pfeffer, R. O. Bernard
Real est com - Joseph Munsch, Edward Ritter, Russell Bernard, Jr.
Salaries - Min $12,500; Org $1505; Secty $2652; Jan $3120
Scouts active - Reno Daret, Scoutmaster; Jeff Lincks; Scout  Master training session held; Religious award
SS hall - Movie night continues
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent fair in November
UCC - Women in Fellowship, Thelma Hodapp
WW - Mabel Luft, Secty/Treas
60+ - active, Olga Luft, Treas; Rev. Kurkowski
YMCA - educational programs held
YOADS - Adele Gremillion, Pres; Geo. Luft, Treas; sponsored rummage sale in September
YOUTH - Lisa Sanders, Secty; Jeff Lincks, Treas

1981 Annual meeting Minutes                   69 attend
Church - attendance 16% increase
Choir director
Goals for increase in Church attendance, Rev. Kurkowski
List of shut-ins to be posted in church
New Directory
Roof committee - Joseph Munsch, 52% goal met, $12,000 needed,  roof is paid for, installed
Yard, shrubbery trimming outside of doors/windows needed
Consistory Minutes                                1981
Benevolent gifts - as usual, add Back Bay operational expenses
Camp com - Reno & Dottie Daret, Jake & Rose Walters, Kathy Luft, Jay & Kackie Keppel, & two from Youth
Fellowship; Camp R-A-W weekend 8/17-19
Can bank com - Edith Roth, Helen Gugliuzza, Dottie Lawrence, Florence Pier
Caretakers house - roofers to remove free of costs, no damage, Scout material to be taken out; No action;
Removal not resolved;
Choir Dir - Eunice Wulf; Discontinued
Christian Ed Com - met 7/5
Church - altar flowers committee - Mabel Luft, Rose Walters, Harriet Peace, Delores Kurkowski
   Annual meeting 1/21, after service; Extra vote counter needed & shorter list of nominees; Evaluation                
   Bible Study;        
   Christmas party, 12/21;
   Confirmation class - 4; Allow Sterling Mitchel to attend;
   Easter lilies in church;
   Green & purple altar cloths to be replaced;
   Installation of Officers, 2/4/80;        
   New Memory Book for church;
   Pledge Sunday 9/16 & 9/23; Pledge reports; Letter to be sent to non-pledgers;
    Prayer vigil, dawn to dusk;
   Vandals break in church, organ fan gone, reported to police;
Consistory - Board for Homeland Ministries, Monteleone Hotel   5/11-13;        
   Brochure to be designed and mailed;
   Budget - new budget meeting,        $42,100;
   Cabinet meeting;
   General Synod issues;
   Carpet needs repair;
   Copy machine contract not renewed;
   Electric work, master plan for project;        
   Fire extinguishers checked for year;
   Fund-raising thoughts, Policy, 4 and 5 discussed;
   Hunger Task Force - boycott Nestle Co., issues milk substitute for babies in poorer areas of world;
   Jay Keppel resigns Consistory, Henry Pfeffer to replace; Nominating committee, all on Consistory;
   Michael Kurkowski, use of lawnmower;
   Mission field speaker 2/18, Malford Long,  
   National Pastor’s conference, Kurkowski to attend;        
   New mower to be purchased from Herwig’s;        
   Organ - needs repair; Pastor to call repair man, to be made;
   Pest control to be investigated, insect/rodent  extermination;
   Phone bill - charge to group that makes call;
   Roof fund - new appeal to be made;
   Sew & Water Bd high charge, matter cleared up; Credit of  $303 for leak;
    Small fan purchased for organist, gift of $25;
   SCC - Wilmington 10 resolution passed
   Supplies prices questioned;
   Training weekend, “Values Education Regarding Sexuality”,  $250, meet later October & November; Postponed
till  Spring;
   UCC Mission day; ;
   Uptown Senior Adult Ministries participation;        
   World Council Churches indirect aid to revolutionary  organizations,
Constitution Com - Fred Gremillion, Myrtle Bethancourt, John Lincks, Jay Keppel, Elmo L. Priest, George Luft,
Joseph Tosterud, Joseph Munsch, Marie Durr; To be complete in April, new Constitution, Charter & By-laws;
Complete legal review, present to Consistory then congregation, September or October;
Electric work - specs to be drawn up;
   Evaluation revitalized; Survey; No action; No progress;        
   Panel to be installed, cut off circuits of Church;
Eleonore St - Joseph Munsch, Russell Bernard, Edward Ritter, Gwendolyn Martinez; Needs slates, replaced; Roof
leaks; New porch needed, cement porch in progress;
Evangelism com - increase membership
Finance - Foster Creek stock to be held; Letter sent, no action; No report; Hold stock;
GNOFC - Church secretary’s workshop;        
Groups - Holland Choir to be here, 7/24/79; Dutch group         entertainment night excellent $155 given to group
8/6; “Beautiful Mix” use of SS hall, 6/15;
   Wisconsin youth group, night in SS hall building 4/14-15;
   Pennsylvania church to use SS hall, 7/7-8;
   Covenant Players 6/8/80, sponsors needed;
Insurance - Workmen’s comp to be investigated; Richard Durr can get better rates; Stay with same company;
Memorial gifts committee - Olga Luft, Helen Gugliuzza, Adele Gremillion, John Jackson, Erna Hoffman
Memorial window com - 2 new windows installed, thanks to Mrs. Plant; Dissolved;
N. O. Assoc - budget increased, .60 pr member; Meet Good Shepherd 3/18;
Parsonage - Roy Leonard, Clarence Herbert, Everard Durr, Kathy Luft; Oven replaced; Phone to be listed in book
under church number
Patton St - Richard Bernard, Henry Pfeffer, Henry Herbert, Sr., James Young; Rent, discuss with committee, raised
Roof - A & W roofers folded;
   Bid accepted; 99% complete; Complete; 1 leak;
   Coating estimate, flat roof needs silver coating, no         metal;
   Estimate, raise $25,000, $18,000 for roof, $7,000 for water         damage or water proofing, three-year project;
   List of problems to be drawn up;
   Mackel roofers responsible for metal repair;
   Over 40% pledged;
   Roof complete;
   Use designated funds first, then borrow from our acct to         pay;
   Wire covering over openings, pigeon proof; Damage; Roofer         contacted;
Roof finance com - $5,000 pledged; $11,688 bid received, new appeal to be made; 52.7% raised, $13,169;
Scouts - Reno Daret, Emmit Nugier, George Luft, William Kurz; Awards banquet; Use of hall; Subsidize for Camp
Salmen; Proposition, energy conservation; Religious retreat $45 each, subsidy
Sports - E. L. Priest, Steve Hemenway
SS hall -A/C not up to capacity, to be checked;        
   Cake testing rented for 3 days;
   Defensive driving;        
   Dishwasher for kitchen, memorial;
   Fan broken;        
   Leak under building repaired;
   Roof repair;        
   Stage fire burned hole in curtain, to be repaired;
   Toilet tank leaking;
   Upstairs A/C, portable fan broken,
   Window repairs, letter to parents of boys responsible for                 breaking; No response, repaired;
Talent fair - place ad; $1,628; 75% to roof, 25% to new church in         Slidell area to be built by SCC;
Termite inspection on church and two houses
UCC - upcoming Heritage seminar in Europe; Patty Gugliuzza to attend, round trip air fare to be paid, $145;
YMCA - Kindergym program; To start, 11/12, brochures; To be clarified; 5 classes in progress;
Youth - Advisors, Mr. & Mrs. William Schultz, Jeanne Lincks; UCC improvement project;
60+ - Richard Durr present group insurance

1981 Annual Reports                         Mbrshp - 274         1/18/81
Pres - William Kurz                                        
Consistory - Marvin Leonard, Vice-pres; George Luft, Treas; Alyne Beier, Rec Secty; Joseph Munsch, Fin Secty;
Henry Pfeffer, Elmo L. Priest, Marie Durr, Mabel Luft, Fin Secty; Gwen Martinez, Dottie Lawrence, Jake Walters;
(Joe Munsch resigns, James Dannemann appointed)
Baptisms 7; confirmed 3; funerals 11; weddings 7;
New members 3;
Church - Bible study resumes;
   Christmas party held;
   Church & Sunday school cancelled due to flooding;
   Church featured on “Focus on Faith” TV program Ch 6, 5/25;        
   Easter sunrise & breakfast, YOADS, lillies for altar; Evaluate;
   Graduate recognition;
   Lent - Ash Wednesday with St. Matthew’s; Evaluate;
   OGHS Sunday;
   Officers installed;
   Picnic after service in SS hall, 7/13;
   Pledge Sunday 8/21 & 28;
   Railing installed on outside steps
Consistory - election of officers in February; Install 2/27
   Directory - (new church roster);        
   Disciples/UCC workshop - evangelism;        
   Office doors repaired & painted;        
   Organization meeting - local church & ministers;        
   Termite inspection, church & 2 houses;        
   Workshop - Local Church Opportunities and Ministries
Eleonore St com - J. Munsch, F. Kurkowski; Rent raised; Being repaired; Cost of painting house; Electric repairs
Groups - Covenant Players special guests in June; Conferece Youth Cabinet to sleep at St Paul’s 2/16-17;
Continue to accomodate groups; Catawba College choir to be invited for 3/8;
Organist - Janet Mclellan
Patton St com - H. Pfeffer, R. O. Bernard
Real Estate fund - Joseph Munsch, Rev. Kurkowski
Rev. Blome dies, memorial to St.Peter’s & Gethsemane Churches in Texas
Salaries - Min $13,700; Org $1800; Secty $2916; Jan $2730
SCC meeting - 2 days; Youth delegate discussed
Scouts - Reno Daret, Michael Kurkowski, Sr Patrol Leader; Cub pack organized, Webelos Den to be Chartered,
now official; Christian awards banquet; Scout Sunday; Eagle scout presentation
SS hall - Movies resume in September
SS Teachers - Heather Kurkowski, Nursery helper; Special young adult class cancelled, rained out
SS Treas/Secty - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent fair - in November, proceeds 75% to roof fund, 25% to new church development fund
WW - Mabel Luft, Secty/Treas
Women in Fellowship
YOADS - 25th birthday in March; Rose Walters, Pres; George Luft, Treas; Aluminun recycling begins, proceeds to
Youth group - Sarah Kurkowski, Pres; Jeff Lincks, Treas; Committee meets; Evening of fellowship; Expenses
subsidized; To decorate church for Christmas
60+ - Lorraine Mule', Chr; Olga Luft, Treas; Everard Durr, incoming Treas; Jeanne Lincks car hit by truck on         
outing, 5 hospitalized; Purchased 2 folding serving tables for kitchen;

1981 Annual meeting Minutes                 1/18/81
68 attend
Aluminum recycling
Anniversary 70th com to meet
Church doors painted
Constitution to be revamped, William Ziegler’s son to be contacted to implement
Emergency food bank, all available used
George Luft recognized
Interior Church work
Outside light at Eleonore St
Roof fund - $1,000 from Eleonore St fund to go to roof fund; 89.53% met
Consistory - some ballots overlooked, special meeting called for 1/19/81 to recount; New members as follows,
Marie Durr, Richard Durr, Dottie Lawrence, Gwen Martinez, Reno Daret, Alyne Beier
Yard - shrubbery trimmed
Young adults

1891 Consistory Minutes                         1981
Anniversary 70th discussion; Com forming; Congregational suggestions; Anniversary com - 4/3-4-5; Results         
reported Com - Everard Durr, Mabel Luft, Jake Walters, Myrtle Bethancourt, Katie Bernard, Marie Durr        
Annual meeting, suggest agenda be followed; Clarification of policy on reports
Camp - Dielmann camp fund, designated for Church camp;
Caretaker’s house - Kikuchi offered to remove little house pending legal coverage; Being removed
Church - Acknowledge presence of visitors
   Altar cloths to be cleaned; Green & purple cloths to be replaced
   Attendance/enthusiasm improvement
   Bible study attendance poor        
   Christmas party 12/18; Expenses        
    Christman decorations for church tree made by Willing Workers
   Easter sunrise - 2 services, breakfast after sunrise
   Lent - Ash Wednesday at Central, rides to service
   New Year’s eve candlelight service        
   Peter Rey affiliation with St Paul’s accepted        
   Pledges - local 82.65%, benevolences 89%; Contacts to be made
   Teacher appreciation
Consistory - Budget;
   Basketball league neglected;
   Benevolence - Masonic Home and Doll & Toy Fund        
   Cabinet meeting - 1 report from each church organization;
   Ceiling to be repaired, done, clean-up begins
   Church -Wall cracks to be repaired, volunteers needed to paint; Cracks can still be seen; Painting estimate to
be secured for walls; Church & hall walls done; Woodwork subcontracted
   Committee assignments made;
   Conference, Local Church Opportunity & Ministries;        
   Copy machine service contract, don’t renew;        
   Electric work to be done; No further progress; After Christmas;
   Emergency food gifts;        
   Energy conservation weekend 11/15-16-17, nothing decided;        
   Gutter & electric work; Guttering & roof leak;        
   New railing installed at 2 entrances; Suggested for Eleonore St side also;        
   New vacuum needed, order        
   Office doors repaired & repainted; Steps need rail;                 
   Office floor to be insulated; installed;
   Reports - each organization to submit two for annual meeting, an activity and treasurer's report
   Sexuality com - met 3/21, cancelled weekend in November;        
   Telephone committee; Report;        
   UCC/Disciples discussion, 4 churches; Report;
   Utilities paid by auto bank draft        
Constitution - needs to be reviewed        
Eleonore St - toilet leaks;
Evangelism - one month to be set aside; Meeting to be called;
Financial - get interest on savings account;
Insurance - Coverage, group for members on outings discussed; No info on liability; Notice to increase
Memorial window - water entered, Eleonore windows leak, sealing with plexiglass & repairing discussed
N O Assoc - Meeting report
Parsonage - leaky water heater tank, plumbing leaks repaired; Garage scraped for repainting; Dormer windows,
siding to replace wood boards
Repairs - list to be posted every Sunday for volunteers
   A/C vents need repair;
   Canopy over office door needs repair, fixed;
   Church sign needs paint,  ceiling plastering, get prices; Columns, touch up; Doors worked on;
   Drink machine drain; Dripping faucets;
   Guttering straightening/patching;
   Insulate under church office; Janitor closet cleaning;
   Kitchen cleaning, WW will do;  
   New tread for front steps, to be purchased; Ordered;
   Sand & refinish pastor’s office floor;
   Storage area cleaning;
   Window panes replaced;        
   Work day in March, 11/2 - 11/15;
   Youth group room being cleaned;
Roof - work completed, Mackel
Roof fund -66.1% collected; 66.7%; 72.38%; Needs 25% more; 79.64% met; 89.53% reached; Meet goals by 4/4;
Scouts - want to use little house, depends on insurance; Scout Chaplain free-will through February; Supplemental
money for Chaplain fund;
SS Hall - bathroom to be installed upstairs;
   Canopy replaced, youth room door
   Consumer testing 4 days        
   Doors repaired & painted
   Guttering & loose boards to be replaced; To be repaired  & cleaned
   Locate stakes for outside stairway        
   Movie night - repeated on last of month; Attendance poor; Continues         
   Nursery change, special committee, wants youth group room, group says no, will share during Summer; Buzzer
to be installed from nursery to church for emergency;  Water cooler needs service, checked ok;
   Railing at 2 entrances        
SS hall rental - deposit of $20 added to rental fee
Yard - shrubs cut below picture window; Salary increase for lawn man, Jack Lincks; grass cutter sought
YMCA - classes held in January; Committee send out flyers; Not  held, registration poor

1982 - Annual Report                                Mbrshp 274 - 270          1/24/82
Pre - William Kurz                                                
Consistory -  Jake Walters, Vice-Pres; Alyne Beier, Rec Secty; George Luft, Gwen Martinez, Treas; Richard Durr,
Fin Secty; Marvin Leonard, Henry Pfeffer, Dottie Lawrence, Mabel Luft, Elmo L. Priest, James Dannemann, Marie
George Luft retires as Church Treasurer, receives letter of  appreciation for 30 years service.
Deacons - Mabel Luft, Reno Daret, Dottie Lawrence, Alyne Beier
Trustees - Gwen Martinez, Jimmy Dannemann, Richard Durr, Elmo L. Priest (Edward Oggs replaces Elmo Priest)
Baptisms 5; confirmed 2; funerals 17; weddings 7
New members - Valerie Ziegler; Mildred Gordon; Mr. & Mrs. Henry Jungle; Edward Oggs; Mrs. Emma Evans
Anniversary 70th - banquet & service in the afternoon 4/5
Audit com - Joseph Munsch, Richard Bernard
Church - Christmas party, German band/dancers from Salem
   Graduate recognition
   Insulation installed under church office
   Interior repainted        
   New ceiling work begins        
   New Year's Eve service held, first in long time
   Picnic in July
   Repair & paint program on inside of church completed
Eleonore St house - James Dannemann, Richard Bernard, Edward Ritter, Fred Kurkowski
Parsonage com - Elmo L. Priest, Chr; Everard Durr, Clarence Herbert, Roy Leonard
Patton St house - H. Pfeffer & R. O. Bernard
Real Estate fund - Rev Kurkowski
Salaries - Min $14,700, Org $1,980, Secty $3,300, Jan  $3,300
Scouts - Reno Daret, Scoutmaster, Michael Wolfe, Scribe; Inaugurated Carrollton Historic Trail & made movie for  
Ch 12 on trail; Scouts are using "the little house" for meetings; Christian awards banquet in May; Scout Sunday
SS hall - men’s class to use one evangelism tape, trial basis;        Movies resume in September
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent Sundays held in December (3)
WW - Mabel Luft, Sect/Treas
Youth group - Sarah Kurkowski, Pres; Jeff Lincks, Treas
YOADS - Jimmy Young, Pres, Geo. Luft, Treas; Bought intercom         connecting nursery to sanctuary; Aluminum
60+ - Lorraine Mule', Chr; Everard Durr, Treas

1982 Annual meeting Minutes                 1/24/82
57 attend
Anniversary a success
Bible study
Building dedicated 7/81
Church renovated and painted; Rewiring, $3200 minimum
Consistory elected by acclamation, installation 1/31/82
Constitution, not revised
Eleonore St parking and light
Food bank report
Memorial window work
Parade day services
Parsonage painting; Up-keep fund, birthday env to be used
Roof fund report, roof complete, unused money to start renovation fund
Consistory Minutes                          1982  
Annual meeting 1/24
Bethel Church fire
Camp - scholarship, Slumber Falls or Disciples camp in Alexandria
Caretaker’s house - scouts, many improvements, sheet rock walls/textured, ceiling patched/painted, no water yet
Church - Christmas party, Salem German dancers
   Confirmation - reunion on Pentecost, 50 yrs will be  presented a pin, no confirmation on 5/30;                  
   Flower committee - distribution; Procurement discussed, Chopin to be thanked
   Gideon to be invited as guest speaker        
   Installation of officers 1/31        
   New locks on doors;
    Pledge Sunday, no decision; Time, talent, treasure plan; Service - lay participation in Sunday service;        
Consistory - back window leaks, picture window leaks; Estimate on Eleonore St window to be obtained; Rear
windows made available for opening when needed; Caulking to be contracted
   Budget proposed; Brochure; Meeting to be held separately, lengthy discussion, salary increase by 10%;
Brochure commitee; Brochure not ready yet
   Committee meetings in March;
   Counting committee - James Young resigns as Chr; To be  contacted about serving; To be reorganized;
Richard Durr in charge; Committee report; Moving along; Complete        
   Deacons, Elders & Trustees the same except Edward Oggs         
Doors repaired
   Eating out reactivate        
   Handicap parking        
   Intercom from classroom to church purchased
   Nominating Com report;           
   Past activities discussed;
   Picnic 7/19; Camp R-A-W 7/24; Late August, maybe scout camp 8/28; Camp R-A-W; 33 people + 5 visitors        
   Planning com - H. Pfeffer, E. L. Priest, Richard Bernard,  Jake Walters, George Luft, James Dannemann
   Profile information from SCC requested
   Purchases - projector status; Projector with remote and used slide projector $195 & $100, donate old projector
to  Rev. Kurkowski; two vacuums to be purchased
   Renovation com - dishwasher being considered, drainage problem to be fixed; Bids received; Com report;
Almost complete; Work complete, finance committee not yet met;
   Retirement Housing - Non-profit for elderly discussed; Is this possible, Disciples & N. O. Assoc to meet; Being  
supplied by UCC churches; Algiers location, will know by October if plausible
   Roof repair;
   Slidell church - Pastor appointed by SCC until full-time pastor arrives; Not approved by Board of Homeland    
   Special events committee to be organized;
   Sunday once-a-month meal discussed;        
   Time capsule to be dug up in July, buried 7/17/67;        
   Trustees meet;
Consistory new -Bill Kurz, Pres; Jake Walters, Vice-Pres; Alyne Beier, Rec Sec; Richard Durr, Fin Sec; Gwen         
Martinez, Treas;
Deacons - Reno Daret, Mabel Luft, Dottie Lawrence, Alyne Beier; Trustees - Gwen Martinez, Jimmy Young, Elmo
L. Priest, Richard Durr; (Gwen resigns from Trustees, Elmo Priest in place)
Eleonore St - James Dannemann, Richard Bernard, Edward Ritter; Roof problem, shingles/ridge tiles;
Evangelism - one day workshop, w/Disciples; St. Matthew’s 10/17  conducted by National leaders of Disciples
Financial - Audit com - Joe Munsch, Richard Bernard, Claire  Lacour, Eva Springer; Possible transfer of accounts;
   Bank account not changed; Interest renewed in higher interest paying notes;
   Check from Lucite, purpose to be found out;
   Checking account may be changed, all information not in;
   Committee to meet, upgrade investments suggested;
   Investments - Old & new treasurer to meet; earn 5 1/4% interest, invest idle funds in 6 month                 
certificates quickly; 2 1/2 year notes, not 6 mo,  higher interest, Consistory must be contacted                         
before purchase;         
           Loan - R. J. Daret no interest, invest
           Money Market certificate purchase planned;
Fund raising com - Marie Durr, Dottie Lawrence, Fred Gremillion, Alyne Beier, Joseph Munsch, Thelma Hodapp to
be asked
Insurance - injuries, damage during church activities to be investigated; Information not in;
Memorial fund - use for new projector discussed
N O Assoc - meeting, small attendance
Parenting Center - use of hall discussed; Accepted; Joint  com  to be formed; Space discussion held; Classes start
October; Institute classes for prospective Moms
Parsonage com - Elmo L. Priest, Everard Durr, Clarence Herbert, Roy Leonard; Interior needs painting; Vinyl         
siding; To be painted; Fence painted by scouts
Patton St house - roofer to check roof
Property com - parsonage, Eleonore & Patton Sts to be combined, further study; Meet to discuss merger; Will
merge coms
Repairs - Electric church work/parsonage painting present at annual meeting; Elec master panel to be done later;  
Electric work - $3200; Guttering repaired
Roof fund - 89.53%; 90.06%; 90.75%; 99.37%;06.6%; 96.8%; 96.9%; 97.57%; 97.71%;
SCC - Benevolent money to help meet pledge up to $1800; UCC profile, nothing final; Conference supper, 40
Scouts - use of hall for banquet 5/2; Scout Sunday 2/7; Plaque presented to St Paul’s for being active in scouting;
Week long leadership program subsidy;
Student aid - theological student Jay Keppel and others discussed
SS hall - Consumer testing use 2 days;
   Drink machine use study, status uncertain        
   Intercom installed between house and hall;
Talent fair - carry over to Sunday, portion of proceeds to complete roof fund, remainder to new Church start in      
Slidell; Held 11/27
VBS - one week, church funding; July 12 - 16 end with picnic, two children so far; Materials in; 26 kids
YOADS - purchase intercom, classroom to church; Work day 3/27, list of jobs to be made; Repaired windows,
cleaned floors, trimmed shrubs, some painting

1983 - Annual Reports                               Mbrshp 270- 266            1/23/83                                                        
Pres - William Kurz                                        
Consistory - Jake Walters, Vice-Pres; Richard Durr, Fin. Secty; Alyne Beier, Rec Secty; Gwen Martinez, Treas;      
Marvin Leonard, Jimmy Dannemann, Marie Durr, Dottie Lawrence, Reno Daret, Mabel Luft, Edward Oggs
Baptisms 3; confirmed 1; deaths Edward Oggs; funerals 16; weddings 3
New members - Mr. Warren Madrara; Robert Mayville; William & Pam Davis
Church - Ceramic nativity set given by Reno and Dottie Daret in memory of her brother, Fabian A. Schlater, Jr.;
   Children’s sermon begins, last Sunday of month;
   Christmas party;        
   Church growth workshop, Disciples & UCC, we formed committee;         
   Confirmation reunion held 50 plus years;
   Going out to eat resumes;
   Graduate recognition;        
   Interior improvements begin;
   Lent - Ash Wednesday joint services;
   New film strip and slide projector;
   New green paraments dedicated in honor of Mr. & Mrs. William Fitzgerald;
   Picnic at camp Rest-A-While;
   Secty - Helen Gugliuzza;
Groups - (UCC) from Texas, Ohio and New Jersey slept in SS bldg
Jay Keppel to Eden Seminary
New renovation fund for important church and parsonage repairs
Organist - Janet McLellan
Parenting Center begins, meets in SS;
Parsonage - gets face lift
Patton St house - R. O. Bernard, H. Pfeffer
Plane crashes in Kenner
Purchases - weed eater approved
Real Estate committee - Rev. Kurkowski
Salaries - Min $16,300, Org $1,633, Secty $3,192, Jan $3,192
Scouts - George Wolfe, Scoutmaster; Jeanne Lincks, Treas
   Protestant Committee on Scouting banquet; Cub pack revitalized; Fire escape painted;
SCC - supper for a few of delegates held
SS hall - Movie night continues; Discontinued, replaced by family activity night;
SS Secty/treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent Fair - Jake Walters; $1100 proceeds
VBS - first in many years
WW - Mabel Luft, Secty/Treas
YOADS - Adele Gremillion, Pres; George Luft, Treas
Youth group - Sara Kurkowski, Pres; Jeff Lincks, Treas
60+ - Rev. Kurkowski, Everard Durr, Treas