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St. Paul's Evangelical Church United Church of Christ
The Beginning
The distance was too great to attend Salem Evangelical Church (Milan and Camp Sts), so regular Sunday school
services were held by Rev. Frankenfeld, beginning in 1906, in a dwelling at Henry Clay Avenue & Annunciation
streets (in the living room, through the courtesy of Margaret Whitman, who was the great Grandmother of Penny
Hendryx and Ollie Ortiz.  Her daughter Catherine Bogel, a member of Salem, had a part in bringing this about.) In
1906 the pastor of Salem Evangelical Church, Rev. F. Frankenfeld, laid the foundation of a branch school in the
Uptown section of the City to accomodate the young children of the neighborhood.  Sunday school sessions were
held every Sunday. From this modest start, it was to ultimately to become St.Paul’s Church - the first entirely English
Evangelical Church in New Orleans.  For the first five years only Sunday school was held, with worship about once-a-
month during the week.

On April 4, 1911, Rev. Ewald Kockritz, Pastor of Salem, called a meeting for the purpose of organizing a church,
since interest and participation had grown sufficiently to warrant the organization of a congregation.  The name St.
Paul’s Evangelical Church was proposed and adopted, but the congregation was known in its infancy as “Salem
Mission”, in recognition of the help and encouragement received from Salem Evangelical Church.  On April 18, 1911,
a Constitution was proposed and adopted and officers were elected, the date of installation being set for May 2.  In
March 1922, the congregation celebrated its “Declaration of Independence” from Salem Church and became self-
supporting.  In 1934, with the merger of the Evangelical Synod of North America and the Reformed Church in the
United States, St. Paul’s Church became part of the Evangelical and Reformed Church.  On June 16, 1957, the
congregation became a part of the newly-formed United Church of Christ, a merger of the Evangelical and Reformed
Church and the Congregational-Christian Churches.

Charter Members
Mrs. John Welker, John Welker, Leppert Danneman, W. J. Heinsz, Mrs. George Gerstner, Miss Saide Plant, Mrs.
Louise Byrnes, Sarah Joachim, Mrs. J. Welker, Miss L. Seiler, Mrs. F. E. Luft, Miss May E. Seiler, Mrs. D. M. Casey,
S. P. Assenheimer, Mrs. Pinero, Mrs. J. Schmidt, Mrs. R. Huth, Mrs. Wm. Keese, Miss Frances Bardt, Miss Olga
Seiler, Miss Ruth M. Seiler, Mrs. Robert O. Dowd, Mrs. C. Fridke, Mrs. W. Dauenhauer, Mrs. O. Seiler, J. Roth,
J. Fischer, J. A. Knight, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. S. P. Assenhemer, Miss A. Seiler, Mrs. W. A. Simond, Mrs. Jos. Seiler,
Joseph Seiler, Ernest A. Simonds, Emmett Seiler, Jacob Dauenhauer, Frank Schmidt, Edward Luft, Ruth Fischer,
Louise A. Meyer, Mrs. H. Reynolds, Mrs. H. Markel, Miss. E. Bacelt, Mrs. H. Anouilt, Mrs. J. Whann, Mrs. H. Beelman,
Mrs. A. Dreiling, Mrs. G. Schwall, Mrs. W. Heinsz, Mrs. C. Roser, Mrs. L. M. Stumborg, Mrs. Geo. P. Seiler, Geo. P.
Seiler, Jno. D. Townsend, Joeph L. Dahmer, Fred Deibel

Property and Building
In September, 1911, a house at 5826 Patton Street was rented for church services at $16 per month.  On January
10, 1912 the Chapel of the Protestant Home for the Aged was engaged for services. The property at Eleonore and
Patton Streets was acquired for $5000 in July, 1912.  In 1916, the Sunday School Hall was built and dedicated.  In
1926, the present church building was constructed at a cost of $17,260.  In 1933 a parsonage was purchased.  Until
that time, pastors had occupied rented homes at various locations in the neighborhood.  In the ensuing years,
improvements and renovations continued to be made on church properites.  The present parsonage was dedicated
in conjunction with the 40th anniversary in 1951.  All the buildings were air conditioned in 1960.  On February 20,
1966 dedication services were held for the renovated and modernized Sanctuary.  St. Paul’s Church has been
blessed through the years with a congregation that has given due consideration to providing facilities for worship
and service
1911 history files                             
Pres. John Welker                                         
Min - G. A. Kanzler  - 1911 - 12   1 yr
Lippert J. Dannemann, Vice Pres; Mr. S. Assenheimer, Treas; George Seiler, Fin sec; C. C. Powell, Rec Secty

On April 4, 1911, Rev. E. Kochritz, Pastor of Salem Evangelical Church,  organized this group as St. Paul’s Mission.  
The Mission Board of the Evangelical Synod of North America provided the first full-time pastor, Rev. G. A. Kanzler.  
His first sermon was preached on November 2, attendance 65, offering $2.10.

On April 18, 1911, the Constitution was adopted and the first Board of Directors was elected, John Welker,
President; Lippert Dannemann, Vice-President; George Seiler, Financial Secretary; Scott Assenheimer, Treasurer;
and C. C. Powell, Recording Secretary.  For the small sum of $16 a month, a house at 5826 Patton Street was
rented and used as the meeting place of the new Mission.

From a “Salem Echo” article - Rev. G. A. Kanzler was installed on November 19 at 7:30 P. M.  Salem offered the use
of their church for this event and all Evangelical Churches participated.

Church every Sunday evening at 7:30 P. M.
Confirmation class 6, Tuesday & Thursday at 3:30 P. M.
Ladies’ Auxilliary formed, first contribution $16.50
Rally Day 10/29, 117 attended, including visitors
SS - 10:00 A. M.                

1912 History files                                
Pres - John Welker, Scott P. Assemheimer, Treas; Stephen McCubbin, Fin Sec;

Baptisms 15; confirmed 29; funerals 14; weddings 3;
Sunday school attendance 196
Incorporation takes place 3/26/12
Junior church workers - Marie Siemann, Pres; New officers -         Rev. Siegenthaler, Chaplain; May Siemann, Pres;
Earl Klein,         Vice-Pres; Mabel Cahil, Secty; Emile Hellmers, Treas
Lots purchased (5) $5,000
Minister's salary 1912 $200; 1915 $300
"Schema" - paper written in German filed in “Beginning of St. Paul's”
SS Secty - Charles Huth
SS treas - W. Ware        
Young people's society - Marie Siemann; New Pres - Rev. G. Siegenthaler; Paula Siemann, Vice Pres; May Siemann,
Secty; Lippert Dannemann, Treas

Rev. Siegenthaler was called in 1912.  Within a month $1000 was raised and the present site on Eleonore & Patton
Streets was bought from Mr. Charles Bacher, for $5000, with $1000 in cash and the balance at 6% interest.  The
treasury only had a balance of 60 cents.  This property consisted of five lots and multiple buildings.

1913 History Files                                                        
An eight room house was transformed into “The Chapel”.  The first service was held as a Sunrise service on Easter
morning of 1913, four hours after its completion. (Worship services continued in the Old Home Chapel at the corner
of Magazine & Eleonore Streets.)

Baptisms 22; confirmed 16; funerals 12; weddings 1

1916 History files                               
Mbrshp 102
In four years the need was felt for more room and a plan for expansion was started.  On September 12, 1916 a two-
storied building was dedicated (cost $3400). It was built by Mr. Paul Seybold.  This building originally contained a
chapel and pastor’s room on the second floor.  On the lower floor was a large stage which could be used for
entertainment.  Today our Sunday school uses that building. (See 1926)

Sunday school attendance - 203
Built new fence                
Installed electric lights
Newspaper - “St Paul’s Record” begun
Pulpit - filled by Rev. Bosold of St John’s Evangelical Church
Receipts $564.31                
St. Paul's Auxiliary
Storm damage repaired

1917 History files                               
Pres - John Welker                                       
Dues of .10 pr member for voting status required
Pastor's salary $349.63

1919  History files                                                      
In January a Resolution was introduced requesting proper authorities to have “tin banks” made to distribute to
whomsoever desired one.  All donations shall be for the Building Fund.

1921 History Files      
“Declaration of Independence” voted and commemorated, secured         3/6/22

1922 History files                               
Baptized 10; confirmed 21; deaths 5

1923 History files                                                                                             
Harry Plant, Fin Sec; Edward H. Luft, Secty
Baptisms 24; confirmed 28+2 adults; funerals 10; marriages 3
Pastors salary - $1200        

1924 History files                                
Young people's league - M. Grundy

1925  History files                        
Plans for a new church were developed and on October 5, 1925 the decision was reached to build the present
structure at a cost of $17,260.  It was constructed of “hollow tile covered with stucco.

Church contracted to be built -   Ed Markel, Architect; Henry G. DeFraites, Builder
Cornerstone laid Sunday, November 22, 1925 Parent-teachers club organized 12/25 - Mrs. A. Dreeling, Pres

1926 History files                                                       
Members shared in the laying of the cornerstone on November 22 (by the Grand Lodge of Masons of Louisiana) and
with the dedication of the new building on May 23, 1926.  Our church probably was the first in the entire Evangelical
Synod to have a Masonic cornerstone laying, H. B. Connor, G. M.

1927 History files                                
Pres: John Welker                                        
Baptisms 6; confirmed 20; funerals 13; marriages 6
Evangelical Brotherhood - G. Walter Rees, Pres; John Reinhard, Fin Sec; Frank Sivori, Treas  
Painting of Christ donated by Mrs. George Wedemeyer in memory of husband George Wedemeyer, May 27

1928 History files                                
Consistory - E. H. Luft, Sec
Brotherhood - G. W. Rees, Pres
Home Dept Supt - Mrs. H. F. Weiss
Junior League - Mrs. A. Dittmann, Sponsor
New roof put on church
SS report - Charles Durmeyer
SS Supt - E. H. Luft
SS Treas - Frank Sivori

1929 History files                              
Organist - Ella Boner resigns
Spring event com - E. K. Goll, Treas
SS Supt - E. H. Luft

1930 History files                                                      
Earl Klein, a member, graduates from Edem Seminary in May, ordained at St Paul’s 8/26, served temporarily for
several months.

1931 History files                               
Pres -                                                         Min - Raymond F. Buck
Pulpit fillers - June - Aug, Dr. Earl R. Klein;       Aug - Rev. L. Schweikhardt; Rev. Ernst Kuenzler.   Rev. Raymond F.
Buck came to St. Paul’s in 1931. Under his leadership the Sunday school building was repaired, the church was
painted, a bell installed in the tower, a caretaker’s house built, the church had its first outdoor bulletin board, and a
new kitchen installed.  A Men’s Club was newly formed

1934 History files                                
SS Asst Secty - Mr. Attenhoffer
SS Secty - Miss Thomas Bank
SS Treas - E. K. Goll
Caretaker’s house built, to give SS more space since new         departments were added

1935 History files                                
Consistory - Harry Plant 1/1/35 - 5/31/35, Earl A. von Hoven         6/1/35 - 1/4/36, Treas; E. K. Goll, Fin Sec
Spring fest 5/20
SS classes - Intermediate - Mrs. Hecker
             Junior - Miss Hooper, Miss Wegert

1936  History files                        
Pres - Edward H. Luft                                
1939 History files                                
Ladies Auxiliary - Mrs. F. Turan

1940 history file                               
Ladies Auxiliary - Mrs. S. Boner, Pres; Mabel Luft, Sec.

1941 history files                             
Pres - Edward Luft                                         
Junior Boosters - Jane Luft, Pres; Edmund Deslatte, Vice-Pres;         Marie Andrews, Secty
Organist - Mrs. Robert (Martha) Comeaux
Violinist - Miss Lorraine Zibilich

1942 History files                               
Pres - Edward H. Luft                                                                                                
Consistory - H. F. Eckhardt, Vice-Pres; E. L. Andrews,         Vice-Pres/Treas

1945 History files                               
Bell tower fire, $4,000 damage to SS Hall & Church
Church becomes debt free, in April a replica of the mortgage was burned.  During the next few years the Church hall
was remodeled and new church school equipment was purchased.  The cost of this project amounted to $17,951.80.

1951 - Annual Report                                 Mbrshp 351      1/9/52                                                
Pres - John Welker                                        
Succ by Edward H. Luft  (served 19 yrs)                                                
Consistory - E. L. Andrews, Treas                                                                                     
Baptisms 1; confirmed 9; funerals 22; weddings 8
Anniversary celebration 40th - one week celebration Rev. Gottlieb Siegenthaler, Rev. Adam J. Scherer and Dr. Earl
Klein, guest speakers (all former pastors); New electronic organ, recital by Mr. Edwards; New carpets - dedicated
Average church attendance 71+ (a decrease); SS enrollment 130
Building fund - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft         
Can banks used for debt liquidation.
Choir Dir - Thelma Hodapp
Fiscal yr att (1952) - 7438; 104 pr Sunday
               (1951) - 7163; 102 pr Sunday
Gross rcpts        1948                1949                1950                1951
        $ 9513.73        7155.80        9943.14        12182.97
Gross dsbs   9345.85        7674.94        9876.35        11819.97
Jr Boosters - Leah Feindel     
Organist - Helen Klein
Organizations - Consistory, SS teachers, Women's Guild, Young People's Groups, Leagues, Teenagers, Boosters,
Choir, many unpaid organists,(Johanna Andrews, Amelia Andrews, Robert Blome, William Blome, Barbara Ann Luft,
Carolyn Gelpi, Sidney Boner, Edmond Delatte, Martha Comeaux, Selma Monroe)
Parsonage New - to be built, cost of $19,129.30 (more than church building, and SS renovation), sale of old
parsonage to go to bank loan
Picnic held in June
Salaries - minister, pulpit supply, caretaker $4134
SS Supt - J. P. Lozes, Jr.           
Sr League - 10 members
SS Fin Sec/Treas - Emmett K. Goll
SS - Primary Dept Dir - Marybel Seybold
Women’s Guild - Thelma Hodapp

1952 - Annual Reports                          Mbrshp 345        1/53
Pres - Karl Vosloh
Baptisms 15; confirmed 5; funerals 11
Building fund - Edmund Lawrence Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward         Luft
Women’s Guild - Mrs. Edward Baumgartner        
Youth groups - Sr League 10, Teenagers 20

1953 - Annual Reports                            Mbrshp - 345        1/54                
Pres - Karl Vosloh                                        
Consistory - Edmund L. Andrews, Treas
Bldg fund -- Edmund L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Choir dir - Mary Sanford
Jr Boosters - Helen Kurz, Advisor; Martha Lynn Comeaux, Pres; Janice Mullins, Vice-pres; Evelyn Robins, Secty
Lenten services held at night
Organist - Helen Klein                                
Salaries - Minister, caretaker, $4522
SS Asst Secty - Henry Elliot
SS hall - steel staircase purchased
SS Supt - J. P. Lozes, Jr.                
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
Women's Guild - Mrs. George Ruf, Pres; Thelma Hodapp, Vice-Pres; Selma (Penny) Hendryx, Secty; Joy Shambley,
Youth Fellowship - Rev. Alvin Blome; Assts Mrs. George Ruf, Mrs. Alvin Blome; Beverly Genovese, Pres; M. J. Elliott,
Vice-Pres; Kathleen Luft, Sec/Treas; Mr. & Mrs. H. Habighorst, Advsrs

1954 - Annual Report                               Mbrshp 353         1/12/55                                        
Pres - Karl Vosloh    6 years                                                                                                         
Consistory - Emmet K. Goll, Fin Secty; Edmund L. Andrews, Treas
Baptisms 15; funerals 10; weddings 1
Audit Committee - E. H. Luft, G. L. Luft, Jr., H. G. Kurz
Blome's leave
Building Fund Comittee - Harry Plant, E. L. Andrews, Edward Luft
Patton St house - hand rail installed
Jr Boosters - Walter Sentenn, Pres; Bobby Braniff, Vice-Pres; Doris Mullens, Secty; Helen Kurz, Adv
Organist - Helen Klein        
Picnic held
Salaries - Blome $300, Grunewald $900, supply $925 - $2125
SS Asst Secty - Henry A. Elliot, Jr.
SS Supt - J. P. Lozes
SS Treas - Emmet K. Goll
Women's Guild - Eleanor Ruf, Pres; Elaine Hecker, Vice-Pres;         Thelma Hodapp, Secty; Joy Shambley, Treas
Youth group - Beverly Genovese, Pres

1955 - Annual Report            Mbrshp 353 - 278        1/11/56
Pres - Karl K. Vosloh, Jr.                        
Consistory - Emmett K. Goll, Fin Secty; E. L. Andrews, Treas
Baptisms 12; funerals 10; weddings 2
Audit Committee - Edward Luft, George Luft, Jr, Herbert Kurz
Bldg fund - Harry Plant, E. L. Andrews, Edward Luft
Choir Jr -   Jr Boosters - Bobby Leitz, Pres; Danny Hayes, Vice-Pres; Dana Lynn Feindel, Secty; Helen Kurz, Advisor
Memorial window Fund - E. L. Andrews, Treas
Organist -            
Purchases - power mower, mimeograph
Salaries - Min $3600; Org $58; Secty $60; Crtkr $883.
SS Asst Secty - Henry A. Elliot
SS Supt - J. P. Lozes
SS Treas - Emmett K. Goll
Women’s Guild - Mrs. E. Baumgartner, Pres; Mrs. Elaine Hecker, Vice-Pres; Mrs. Thelma Hodapp, Secty; Mrs. Olga
Luft, Treas
Youth Fellowship - Eva Augustine, Pres; Kenneth Seybold, Vice-Pres; Janis Ernst, Secty/Treas; Eva Augustine,
Youth Federation Rep
YOADS - organized - Constitution drawn up - Henry Herbert, Pres; Janet Jordy, Vice-Pres; Edith Roth, Secty/Treas;
Edith Grunwald, Faith Chr; George Luft, Fellowship Chr; Lawrence Seybold, Jr., Action Chr

1956 Annual Report                              Mbrshp 278 - 249         1/9/57
Pres - Karl Vosloh                                        
Consistory - Emmett Goll, Fin Secty; E. L. Andrews, Treas
Baptisms 10; confirmed 7; funerals 14; weddings 4
Audit Committee - George Luft, Jr., Herbert Kurz, Edward Luft
Bldg Fund Committee - Harry Plant, E. L. Andrews, Edward Luft
Choir Dir - Julie Huth
Damp chase light for piano
Jr Boosters - Helen Kurz, Advisor
Organist - Mrs. Ella Stier                
Memorial window fund - E. L. Andrews, Treas
Picnic held
Salaries - Min $3735; Crtkr $883; Org $705
SS Supt - J. P. Lozes                
SS Secty - Lena Baumgartner; Asst SS Secty - Henry Elliot
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
Women's Guild -
YOADS - Charles J. Walters, Pres; Reno Daret, Vice-Pres; George         Luft, Secty/Treas; Janet Jordy, Faith Chr;
Lespa Jordy,         Action Chr; Henry Herbert, Fellowship Chr
Youth Fellowship - Marilyn Breland, Pres; Robert Leitz III,         Vice-Pres; Dana Feindel, Secty/Treas

1957 Annual Reports                                  Mbrshp 249 - 247          1/8/58                                                
Pres - Karl Vosloh                                        
Consistory - Emmett Goll, Fin sec; E. L. Andrews, Treas         
Baptisms 4; funerals 7; weddings 1
Audit Committee - Herbert Kurz, Edward Luft, George Luft, Jr.
Brotherhood formed (E&R) - 5/24/57, first meeting, Charter 1252,         Clarence Fitzgerald, Pres; Fred Gremillion,
Secty; Wade         Ruppel, Sr., Vice-Pres; Fred Gremillion, Secty; Clarence         Herbert, Treas
Building Fund - H. Plant, E. L. Andrews, E. Luft
Drama club formed - Wade Ruppel, Jr; George Luft, Jr.; Bus Mgrs
Choir Jr - Helen Kurz, Dir
Choir Sr - Julie Huth
Jr Boosters - Helen Kurz, Adv
Memorial window fund - E. L. Andrews, Treas
Salaries - Min $4010; Org $726; Crtkr $855
SS Supt - J. P. Lozes                
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
Women's Guild -
Youth Fellowship - Dana Feindel, Past Sec/Treas
YOADS - Lespa Luft, Pres; Fred Gremillion, Vice-Pres; Wilbur         Herbert, Secty/Treas; Janet Jordy, Faith Chr;
Adele         Gremillion, Fellowship Chr; George Luft, Action Chr

1958 - Annual Reports                      Mbrshp 247 - 243          1/14/59
Pres - Henry Herbert                                
Consistory - E. K. Goll, Fin Secty; E. L. Andrews, Treas
Baptisms 4; confirmed 8; funerals 10; weddings 2
Audit committee - Herbert Kurz, George Luft, Jr. Edward Luft
Brotherhood - Clarence Herbert, Pres; George Luft, Vice-Pres;         Wade Ruppel, Treas; Fred Gremillion, Secty
Building fund committee - E. L. Andrews, Edward Luft, Harry Plant
Choir Jr - Helen Gugliuzza, Dir
Choir Sr - Julie Huth
Jr Boosters - Darby Pittman, Pres; Joey Geis, Secty; Cynthia         Logrie, Vice-Pres; Elmo Priest, Treas; Helen
Gugliuzza, Adv
Memorial window fund - E. L. Andrews, Treas
Organist - Mrs. Ella Stier
Parsonage committee - E. L. Andrews, Edward Luft, Harry Plant
Purchases - 6 folding tables, adding machine, safe
Salaries - Min $4010; Org $772; Crtkr $944.
SS Fin Sec - Emmett Goll
SS Supt - J. P. Lozes
Women's Guild - Mrs. Olga Luft, Pres
Youth Fellowship - Danny Hayes, Pres; Jeanie Attenhofer,  Vice-Pres; David Shambley, Secty; Alva Augustine, Treas
YOADS - Wade Ruppel, Jr., Pres; L. A. Sehlinger, Vice-Pres; Carolyn Habighorst, Secty/Treas; Fred Gremillion,
Action Chr; Adele Gremillion, Faith Chr; Reno Daret, Fellowship Chr

1959 - Annual Reports                               Mbrshp 243 - 252           1/13/60                                                
Pres - Henry Herbert                                
Consistory - Emmett Goll, Fin Sec; George Luft, Jr., Treas
Baptisms 10; funerals 5; weddings 2
Brotherhood - Clarence Herbert, Pres; Jake Walters, Vice-Pres;  Ellwin Dauphin, Secty; Wade Ruppel, Jr., Treas
Building fund - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Can banks, coin folders, Thanksgiving offering used to liquidate debt
Choir Jr - Helen Gugliuzza
Choir Sr - Julie Huth
Dielmann Center fund annual assessment
Jr Boosters - Dean Robins, Pres; Kenneth Klein, Vice-Pres; Todd         St Pe’, Secty; Reno J. Daret, III, Treas; Helen
Gugliuzza,         Adv
Organist - Ella Stier
Parsonage fund - E. L. Andrews, H. Plant, E. Luft
Salaries - Min, org, sup pastor $6278.30
Sr Fellowship - Began 10/12/59, Mr. & Mrs. E. Dauphin, Sponsors;         Elise Augustine, Pres; Dana Feindel, Vice-
Pres; Claire         Brown, Secty; Albert Rihner, Treas
SS hall - building renovated, redecorated and relighted;   Christmas workshop not held because of work in building
SS Classes - Ellwin Dauphin, Jr Hi; Thelma Hodapp, Sr class
SS Secty - Lena Baumgartner
SS Supt - Marie Durr (Lozes resigns leaves church)        
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
Women's Guild - Rose Walters, Pres; Olga Luft, Vice-Pres; Marybel         Seybold, Treas; Mabel Luft, Secty
YOADS - Jake Walters, Pres; Ellwin Dauphin, Vice-Pres; Kathy         Luft, Secty/Treas; Wade Ruppel, Faith Chr;
Lespa Luft,         Fellowship; Rose Dauphin, Action Chr

1960 - Annual Reports                               Mbrshp 249 - 273       1/11/61
Pres - Jake Walters                                        
Consistory - Emmett Goll, Fin Sec; George Luft, Jr., Treas
Baptisms 5; confirmed 4; funerals 9; weddings 2
A/C suggested for church
Anniversary committee 50th - Claude W. Rahm, Chairman; Guest         speaker - Rev. Fred McQueen, former Pastor
Brotherhood - Clarence Herbert, Pres                        
Building fund com - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Choir Jr - Helen Gugliuzza, Dir                  
Choir Sr - Julie Huth, Dir
Dielmann Center fund
Jr Hi Fellowship - Carol Priest, Pres
Memorial Window fund
Organist - Ella Stier
Parsonage fund com - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Picnic held
Reception for Rev. Buck & family
Salaries - Minister, Organist, Janitor, Supply pastor $5965
Sr Hi Fellowship - A Rihner, Pres
Sunday night services resume
SS Secty/Treas - Emmett Goll
SS Supt - Marie Durr
Women's Guild - Mable Luft, Secty
YOADS - Kathy Luft, Secty

1961 - Annual Reports                                 1/10/62
Pres - Jake Walters                                        
During the past 50 years, there have been 587 baptisms, 755 confirmands, 197 weddings and 512 burials.  At
present there are approximately 300 members, and steadily increasing.
Consistory - Emmett Goll, Fin Secty
New members  - 55
Anniversary 50th - April 9 - April 16 - anniversary booklet, decals and logos
Brotherhood - Ell Dauphin, Secty
Building fund - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Caretaker’s house - painted & repaired
Church - parapet walls repaired
Dielmann Center
Jr Hi - Darby Pittman, Secty
Memorial window fund opened Home Bldg & Loan
Parsonage com - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Players Guild started - Susan Pezold, Secty; A Rihner, Pres;         Louis Knight, Vice-Pres; Mrs. R. F. Buck, Librarian
Salaries less taxes - $6825
Sr Hi - Susan Pezold, Secty
Student aid fund
SS Supt - Marie Durr
Women's Guild - Joycelyn Shambley, Secty
YOADS - Olga Wilkes, Secty/Treas

1962 - Annual Report                                    1/9/63
Pres - Lawrence Seybold                                
Consistory - Emmett Goll, Fin secty; George Luft, Jr., Treas
New members - 13
Building fund - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Brotherhood - Fred Gremillion, Pres; John Herbert, Secty;  Father/son banquet  
Choir - Marvin Leonard, Pres; Lespa Luft, Secty; Eunice  Dannemann, Vice-Pres; Todd St Pe’, Jay Keppel, Librarians
Parsonage fund - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Salaries - $7786
SS hall - New kitchen equipment purchased by Women's Guild & SS; Christmas workshop held
SS - Supt - Marie Durr
Willing Workers formed (from 75th anniversary book)
Women's Guild - Joy Shambley, Secty
YOADS - Jackie Herbert, Secty
Youth - Todd St Pe', Act Secty

1963 - Annual Reports                                    1/64                                        
The present office rooms were started, a new 3-rank Wicks pipe organ was dedicated (given by Mr. & Mrs. Harry
Plant in memory of loved ones) and new choir robes dedicated.  Average attendance was 216 (from 75th
anniversary book).
Pres -                                                         
Consistory - Emmett Goll, Fin sec;                 
Baptisms 4; confirmed 8; funerals 18; weddings 1
New members 26
Building fund - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Brotherhood - John D. Herbert, Sr., Secty; W. Ruppel, Pres
  Father/son banquet held
Memorial window
Parsonage fund - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Real estate fund - Henry Elliott, Joe Munsch, Myron Campbell
Salaries less taxes - $8351                
Student aid
SS Supt- Marie Durr
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
VBS held - 3rd year
Women's Guild - Mrs. R. F. Buck, Pres
YOADS - Rose Dauphin, Secty/Treas
Youth Fellowship - Dean Robins, Secty

1964 - Annual Reports                                1/65                                                        
Pres - Lawrence Seybold                                
Baptisms 5; confimed 4; funerals 24; weddings 3
Brotherhood - Clarence Herbert, Secty; Myron Campbell, Pres; Clarence Fitzgerald, Vice-Pres; Walter Bodden,
Treas;         Father/son banquet
Building fund - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Choir Jr - organized - Raymond Buck
Choir Sr - Raymond Buck, Dir
Memorial window
Parsonage com - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Pastor's study panelled
Real Estate fund -
Salaries less taxes - $8545
Student aid
SS Supt - Marie Durr
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
Women’s Guild
YOADS - Doris Herbert, Secty/Treas
Youth Fellowship - Jay Keppel, Pres; Kenneth Klein, Vice-Pres;         Dean Robins, Secty; Jean Robins, Treas; Jesse
St. Pe’,         Thelma Hodapp, Mr. & Mrs. R. Daret, spnsrs

1965 Annual Report                                Mbrshp 294 - 296       1/12/66                                                                
Pres - Lawrence Seybold
Consistory - Emmett Goll, Fin Secty;
Baptisms 9; confirmed 6; funerals 23; weddings 3
Brotherhood - Clarence Herbert, Secty
Building fund - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft
Choir Jr & Sr - Raymond Buck
Church birthday supper - Women's Guild, Brotherhood
Hurricane Betsy - September 1965, destroys Dielmann Center
Memorial window
Parsonage fund - E. L. Andrews, Harry Plant, Edward Luft                
Real Estate fund - Henry Elliot, Joe Munsch, Myron Campbell
Salaries less taxes - $9198
Student aid
SS Supt - Marie Durr                
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
VBS - sponsored by SS
Women's Guild - Marybel Seybold, Pres
Willing Workers -
YOADS - Lespa Luft, Secty/Treas

1966 - Annual Report                                      1/11/67
Pres - Jake Walters                                        
Consistory - Emmett Goll, Fin Sec; George Luft, Treas
Baptisms 4; confirmed 7; funerals 19; weddings 2
Acquired property adjacent to SS building (Patton St        house)
Anniversary 55th - birthday supper held 4/11/76
Attendance down, organizational life slipped, no longer effective
Brotherhood - Everard Durr, Secty
Building fund - Edward Luft, Harry Plant, Roy Leonard
Choir Jr & Sr - Rev. Raymond Buck
New sanctuary and organ chimes (in memory of Mrs. Frank Beier, given by family) dedicated
Salaries less taxes - $9359
SS Supt - Marie Durr
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
VBS - cancelled, not enough staff
Women's Guild - Thelma Lafrenz, Pres
YOADS - Barnie Roth, Secty

1967 Annual meeting Minutes                 1/11/67
36 attend
No Minutes, ballot & attendance sheet only
Pres - Jake Walters                                        
Consistory - Henry Herbert, Fin Sec; George Luft, Jr., Treas
Baptisms 3; confirmed 4; funerals 13; weddings 8
Building fund - Harry Plant, Roy Leonard
Brotherhood - Everard Durr, Secty; (suspended for indefinite         period)
Choir Jr & Sr - Rev. Buck
Memorial window - George Luft, Treas
Organist - Norman Maunz - Johanna Schlater 8/1967
Pantry party held for new caretaker (came from Cuba on a rescue         boat with Fr. Joe Doss, an Episcopal priest)
Parsonage fund - Harry Plant, Roy Leonard
Real Estate fund - Henry Elliott, Joe Munsch, Myron Campbell
Salaries less taxes - $10,227
Scouts - Troop 420 started
Student aid - George Luft, Treas
SS Supt - Marie Durr, resigns; Lespa Luft replaces
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
VBS held
Women's Guild - Thelma LaFrenz, Pres
YOADS - Kathy Luft, Secty

1968 Annual meeting Minutes                 1/10/68
32 attend        
Assistant pastor (suggested)to begin July 1970
Committee formed to revise Charter.  Feds cracking down on non-profit organizations who do not follow their        
Charter, special meeting to be called for vote
Dr. Wehrli guest speaker at preaching meeting on 2/7 - 9
Edward Luft dies, wife Olga to finish out term, appointment by Consistory
Consistory - new - Russell Bernard, Sr., Everard Durr, Marvin         Leonard, Joseph Munsch, Henry Pfeffer, Philip
Pfeffer, Harry         Plant, Elmo Priest, Sophie Ziegler
Patton St house, 2nd year payment

1968 - Annual Report                               Mbrshp - 318        1/69
Pres - Jake Walters
Consistory - Henry Hebert, Fin Secty; George Luft, Treas;  Clarence Herbert, Henry Pfeffer, Elmo Priest, Wade  
Ruppel, C. J. Walters; (retiring Olga Luft, Roy Leonard)                                        
Baptisms 3; confirmed 9; funerals 16; weddings 5
Assistant pastor - May 68 - voted unanimously to proceed in securing - cost approximately $10,000 pr all expenses   
inclusive, funds solicited from congregation
Building fund com - Roy Leonard; R. Bernard, Sr.; Harry Plant
Consistory - Building Fund discontinued, transferred to Gen Treas, new fund to be “Debt Liquidation Fund”, apply to
balance of amount advanced to Building Fund for renovation of church sanctuary   
Organist - Johanna Schlater
Parsonage fund - Roy Leonard, R. Bernard, Sr., Harry Plant
  Parsonage fund discontinued, transferred to General Treasury
Real Estate committee - Henry Elliott, Joe Munsch, Myron Campbell
Rev. Buck gives notice to retire August 1, 1971
Salaries - $10,676
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
Youth Fellowship - Donna Gremillion, Pres; Lawrence Schlater,         Treas;
Willing Workers - 6th Birthday - continues work of Women's Guild,         cheer, altar, flower coms and community
YOADS - Lespa Luft, Secty

1969 Annual meeting Minutes                  1/15/69
51 present
Church renovation debt paid. Set goal to be debt-free August 1,         1971
Constitution Committee at work
Debt Liquidation fund takes place of Building Fund
Dr. Werhli preaching mission 2/7-9-11
20% of undesignated plate offerings to go to benevolent         missions; not retroactive to beginning of fiscal year
Lenten services will be films
Parsonage Fund monies to go through the General Treasury
Patton Street house to be paid off in September
SS hall - two pianos scrapped, sold for $15 each, you haul away  Piano in church goes in SS hall  
  Organ in SS hall to be traded in for a smaller one
Ten new tables needed
1,000 new can banks

1969 - ann rpts                                Mbrshp - 319     1/14/70
Pres - Jake Walters                                        
Consistory - Henry Herbert, Fin Secty; George Luft, Jr., Treas
Baptisms 3; confirmed 4; funerals 20; weddings 5
New members 9
Asst pastor special fund acct $1304
Choir Director Jr & Sr - Rev. Raymond Buck
Organist - Johanna Schlater
Patton St house committee - Henry Pfeffer, Pres; R. W. Bernard,         Secty; H. R. Kotteman, Treas
Salaries less taxes - $11,144
Scouts - troop 420
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
VBS held
Willing Workers - Josie (Leila) Nugier, Pres
Youth Fellowship - Lawrence Schlater, Pres; Bobby Keyes,         Vice-Pres; Lonnie Sehlinger, Secty; Chris
Gremillion, Treas
YOADS - R. J. Bives, Pres
Annual meeting Minutes                 1/14/70
62 attend
Anniversary 60th in 1971, new floor in SS hall, new stage curtain suggested
Assistant pastor search ended, monies to help settling in new pastor
Consistory installation 1/25/70, 10:30 service
Constitution - Henry Elliot ill, cannot do work
Dr. Werhli to speak
Patton St - paid for, will work on Eleonore St house
Rebuild Dielmann Center by Evangelical Union within insurance limits
12 new tables purchased

1970 Annual Report                              Mbrshp - 313        1/71                                                        
Pres - Jake Walters                                        1970 - 3/20/75
Consistory - Henry Herbert, Fin Sec
Anniversary 60th committee being formed
Asst pastor fund - $3057 - three attempts to obtain asst         pastor futile
Dr. Earl Klein recognition banquet 5/4
Farewell party for Bucks
Organist - Johanna Schlater
Real estate fund committee - Joseph Munsch, Philip Pfeffer,         Edward Ritter
Salaries - $10,306
Schroeder trial sermon May 20; Old fashioned party for         Schroeder’s; Installed 10/11
Scouts - Reno Daret, Wilbur Herbert
SS hall - new desk tops purchased for Jr dept; New furniture for         nursery; Family movie night begins
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
VBS held
WW - Elaine Hecker, Secty; Mrs. John Herbert; Mabel Luft,         Spiritual Life Com;
YOADS - Fred Gremillion, Secty
Youth fellowship - Lonnie Sehlinger; Youth Conference at Slumber Falls - 5 youths attend

Special congregation meeting         12/12/71
58 attend

Ratify Edward Luft action to sell 605 Eleonore St house for  $10,000 (no attendance sheet)

1971 - Annual Reports                               Mbrshp 313 - 287         1/12/72                                                
Pres - Jake Walters                                                                                                
Consistory - Henry Herbert, Fin sec; George Luft, Treas
Baptisms 1; confirmed 3; funerals 16; weddings 6
Reaffirmation 1; Transfers 5
Anniversary - 60th celebrated in April, pictorial Directory         produced; Rev. Raymond F. Buck and Rev. Carl D.
Burkle,         Conference Minister, speakers
Athletic union revived -- baseball, basketball
Choir Director - Part-time, hired, Tom Lee
Eleonore St house renovated
Lent - joint activities with Salem
New group started - Pairs & Spares
Organist - Johanna Schlater
Patton St house committee - H. Pfeffer, R. O. Bernard
Real estate com - J. Munsch, P. Pfeffer, E. Ritter
Rev. Buck leaves
Salaries - $11,566
SS hall - New floor installed
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
Uptown Neighborhood group formed (UNI)  
VBS held
WW - Elaine Hecker, Secty; Mabel Luft, Mrs. John Herbert
  Cheer Department  
YOADS - Henry Herbert, Sect/Treas
Youth directed ministry suggested for 1972

!972 Annual meeting Minutes                        1/12/72
56 attend
Budget - itemize church employees salaries
Bulletin board in chancel, list sick, shut-ins
Election of Consistory
Evangelical Union activities
Memorial window fund
Motion - passed, 20% benevolence money be used to meet current expenses
Recruit new members
SCC - Spring conference, Seguin, TX, vols needed
1972 - Annual Reports                              Mbrshp 287 - 291       1/17/73                                                
Pres - Jake Walters
Consistory - Harry Plant, Vice-Pres (later Joe Munsch);         Joseph Tosterud, Rec Secty; L. A. Sehlinger, Fin Sec;
George         Luft, Treas
Elders - George Luft, Jake Walters, Harry Plant, William Kurz
Trustees - Elmo Priest, Clarence Herbert, Philip Pfeffer
Baptisms 2; funerals 12; weddings 6
Athletic union active
Camp - Rest-A-While weekend
Dielmann Center liquidated, put up for sale
Dr. Wehrli preaches, Holy week
Eleonore St house - Joseph Munsch; Philip Pfeffer, Edward Ritter
Faith exploration held
Groups - housing needed for young people from Germany
Organist - Johanna Schlater
Parsonage committee - Russell Bernard, Sr.; Roy Leonard; Harry         Plant
Patton St house com - Henry Pfeffer, R. O. Bernard
Real estate com -
Salaries - no taxes - Min $7800, Jan $2344, Secty $1800, Org  $1140, Choir Dir $410
SS classes - Jr High, Eleanor Ruf, then Becky Rey; Sr High, Fay  Schultz; Kindergarten disbanded; Young peoples
class  disbanded, Eunice Dannemann, joined ladies/men’s class;
SS hall - upstairs ill-suited to needs, suggest renovations after careful study, in re: needs in years to come
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
VBS held jointly with Salem
Uptown Neighborhood Improvement organized, meet at St Paul’s
Youth group - Fay & Bill Schultz, Lois & L. A. Sehlinger,  Spnsrs; Youth room designated

1973 Annual meeting Minutes                 1/17/73
44 attend
Contact prospective members
Evangelical Union, may dissolve; Fate of Dielmann Center
New Conference Minister hiring
Revision of By-Laws, allow 18 yr olds to serve
SS floor - Rubion
Synod meeting at St. Matthew’s 5/5-6-7
Youth program revitalization
Consistory Minutes                                1973
Altar cloth shelf to be provided
Athletic program $80 softball fee
Back Bay - possible purchase of campsite North of Biloxi, decide         after Evangelical Union meeting
Benevolent gifts
Building com - meet to ascertain repairs
  Concrete steps and rail to be put in back of SS hall;
  Night lights in Parsonage yard possible;
  Repairs to back steps on SS hall;
  Screens of pastor’s office windows;
Caretaker poor performance; Draw up duties memorandum;
Church - Choir robes to be cleaned; Director hired, Thomas Lee;
  Coat racks received;
  Coin counting machine, possible purchase from St. Michael’s
  Confirmation, 5/21, one service;
  Dr. Wehrli arrival, excess of funds to go to Eden Seminary ($65) check w/Salem
  Hymnals need to be replaced;
  Lenten services w/Salem; Mid-week reminder to be discontinued for reaction of congregation
  New Year’s service not held;
  Office equipment - typewriter to be repaired
  Pledge Sunday, 9/11
  Reformation service St. Matthew’s; Promotion
  Stucco in chancel wearing; To be painted, YOADS offer to                 paint restrooms;
Consistory - counting com vacancies;
  Dinner at parsonage;
  Meeting first Monday each month;
  Two officers to sign checks;
   Vacancies, ask Mrs Plant to fill husbands’ term, declined;
Dielmann Center - plans for dissolution of, and Evangelical Union;
Donations - Christmas seal & Nat Found March of Dimes; $40
  Scout camp develop fund;
  Parish Prison Chaplaincy;
GNOFC rep - Dottie Daret & Eleanor Ruf; Request for more support;
Groups - Youth group to sleep in hall, 4/7-8;
Insurance for all other events investigation; Arranged; Approved athletic & Scouts;  Fire protection to be renewed;
Memorial - Draw up list of all memorial gifts given;
  New communion ware dedicated Harry Plant;
  Silent prayer for Harry Plant
Organist - can’t see Director over music, no solution; Duane Ring use of Church to practice
Patton St house - problems to be discussed
Parsonage - paint job needed;
  Bill Kurz to replace Harry Plant on committee         
  Private phone being installed
St Paul’s defeats First church 58 - 4
Student aid - thanks from Jay Keppel
SSC attempt w/Salem to get meeting in N. O.;
  Consultant program ordered;
  Unwise to host Spring conf with Salem
SS hall - com to study better use of space;
  Movie night, dropped for July & Aug
  New stage curtain to be made pending material & cost;                  
  The orginal floor buckled; Rubion to inspect; No action yet; Report Rubion to BBB and hire attorney to take
action;   Attorney hired, Rubion in contact;
  Women Against Crime
Yard - clear portion of shed, accomodate Pastor’s bikes
  Dead trees removal, Eleanore St, contact Parkway Commission;
  Tree in garage area to be cut down;
  Shrubbery being destroyed by neighborhood children playing on Church & Education Building grounds; Letter to
Youth fellowship room to be decided; Use of back room approved;
1973 - annual reports                                Mbrshp 291       1/9/74                                                                
Pres - Jake Walters                                        
Consistory - Joseph Munsch, Vice-Pres; Joseph Tosterud, Rec Secty; L. A. Sehlinger, Fin Sec; George Luft, Treas
Elders - George Luft, Jake Walters, Joe Munsch, Joseph Tosterud
Trustees - Clarence Herbert, Henry Pfeffer, Philip Pfeffer
Baptisms 3; funerals 16; weddings 3;
New members - John Jackson; Willie Lensmeyer; Elaine Robertson &         daughter;
Camp - Rest-A-While weekend
Choir Dir - Tom Lee
Dielmann Center for sale; Funds liquidated, St Paul’s received         share of $9500
Family night supper, men to bake cakes;
Groups - German students (13) & Rev. & Mrs. Gunter Buhl, 8 days         in Summer; Plan & coordinate activities,
asking for housing  Lenten services - w/Salem
Membership development big issue
Memorial window com formed
Organist - Johanna Schlater
Parsonage - copper tubing replaces galvanized pipe, approx $4240 Patton St house - Henry Pfeffer, R. O. Bernard
Real estate fund - P. Pfeffer, R. O. Bernard
Salaries - Min $8100; Org $1090; Sec $507; Jan $2400; Ch Dir $175
SS hall - task force suggested for remodeling & updating; central         heat, upstairs redecorated, outside painted
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Synod meeting held in New Orleans
Task force on aging suggested
WW - Elaine Hecker
YOADS - Carol Young, Pres; Bill Schultz
Youth - Spook House; Bill Schultz

1974 Annual meeting Minutes                        1/1974
47 attend
Annual congregation meeting to be held 3rd Sunday in January  following 9 A. M. special service
Benevolent donations - split Eden Home contribution with Covenant home
Evangelical Union - Dielmann Center appraised, asking $60,000,
  Dielmann money to be placed in Gen Fund acct in homestead
Eleonore St debt near liquidation
Election of Consistory
Future of Church
Memorial window com
One service & choir discussed
SS renovation committee formation
Transfer of funds from passbook accounts to certificates
Youth fellowship Christmas tree
Consistory Minutes                                1974
Annual meeting
Camp - Rest-A-While church subsidized
Car pool suggested for shopping
Caretaker - poor performance, may be replaced; Action delayed;
  Complaints, inquire cost of janitorial service; Ordered to clean out under house;
Caretaker’s house - poor condition; Rent or tear down, convert to game room; Fate, haunted house;
Choir director - problem, Virginia Schumert to be asked to fill post
Church - Attendance problem;
  Audio system being installed, status;  
          Better system to be purchased;
           New equipment to be installed; Work in progress
          Install speakers properly;
  Confirmation class - candle lighters
  Consistory & officers installation 1/28;
  Contribution forms - new to be used;
  Handrail on main steps to be installed;
  Lights need changing, 18’ ladder required needs  transportation;
  Lenten services with Salem; Offerings to Klaus Klowetter’s          
  Rural Community Development in Dominican Republic
  Mitzi to turn off heat on Sunday;
  New hymnal dedication
  Pledges 10/1
  Roof leaks to be fixed;
  Secretary, Ruth Mack resigns; “Cable” ad to be placed;  Secretary not replaced; Policy not to hire member of     
the church for position;
  Wall below Patton St windows to be panelled
Consistory - counting com, schedule to be worked out;         
  Check list to be developed; Procedures presented
Constance St rental property may be sold by St. Francis, are we  interested?; Lost our bid of $15,000;
Dielmann Center funds proposal invest in Treas bonds at 7%  int; More info needed;
  Dielmann appraised at $40,650 (low) 30 days for churches to make bid;
  Evangelical Union wants higher bid;
Donations - 4000 Top Value stamps to Willing Workers earned from homestead account, use for kitchen;
  Benevolent organizations;
  Doll & Toy fund $10;
Estimates - parsonage & educational building;
Finance - investment research, Louisiana Gas Financial Corporation 7 3/4%  int
Groups - German student hosting, more info needed;  Use of hall by group from Union Congregational Church of St.
Louis Park, Minn for sleeping
Memorial window com to be formed
Memorials - Harry Plant gifts to be used for speakers
New Orleans Assoc - Stewardshsip Com, OCWM goal
Parsonage com - Russell Bernard, Jr.; Russell Bernard, Sr;  Roy Leonard, William Kurz;
  Fuse box problem;
  Kitchen floor poor condition;         
  New carpet for den;
  Necessary electric work to be done;
Patton St com - Henry Pfeffer, Richard Bernard, Edward Ritter; Problem solved
Rev. Schroeder’s father dies, flowers & appropriate memorial sent  to charity or church  
Scouts - to meet in hall; Project, to fence in new magnolia trees; $25 for scout camp; Chaplaincy fund
Shed - problem solved; Possibly floored for storage use
SS Hall - Defensive driving class 7/10-11; 11/7-8;
  Kitchen cabinet to be repaired;
  Lockers broken into again, suggest panic bar on stairway door; Purchase lock with panic button;
  New floor registers to be purchased;
  Smoking a fire hazard, to be published;
  Soft drink machine purchased;
  Stage curtain status;
  Trash cleanup underneath hall, work detail 6/9;         
Uptown Neighborhood Improvement Program - joined $10 dues 1/17; Trying to get Patton St paved, St. Francis to be
contacted about shells for same, 1 block; Councilman Moreau, some streets in Uptown area to be taken care of
Vandalism - additional street lighting to be requested; Outside lighting inquiry in progress. Yard - Grass cutter’s
salary, $2 pr hr; Iron fence - purchased by neighbor

1974 - annual reports                                Mbrshp 291 - 288       1/19/75                                                        
Pres - Jake Walters
Consistory - Joe Munsch, Vice-Pres; Joe Tosterud, Rec Sec; L. A.         Sehlinger, Fin Sec; George Luft, Treas
Trustees - Clarence Herbert; Henry Pfeffer; Philip Pfeffer
Baptisms 6; confirmed 6; funerals 11; weddings 7
Camp - Rest-A-While 5/24-25-26
Can banks used to reduce debt
Eleonore St house - Joe Munsch, Philip Pfeffer, Edward Ritter
Groups - German students (8) plus minister & wife from         Aschaffenburg, Germany, visited & hosted by families,
Rev. &         Mrs. Gunter Buhl, farewell supper 8/74
Lent - services w/Salem
Memorial window com - Marvin Leonard, Richard Bernard, Fred         Gremillion, Carol Young, Lespa Luft, Marie
Durr; being         worked on (Ken Attenhofer)
Organist - Johanna Schlater
Parsonage com - Russell Bernard, Jr.; Russell Bernard, Sr.;         Roy Leonard; Galvanized pipe replaced by copper
Patton St. House - Henry Pfeffer, Richard Bernard, Clarence         Herbert
Real estate com -
Salaries - Min $8504, Org $1170, Jan $2410, Elizabeth Boggs,         Secty $1050, Claire LaCour, Secty $735
SS hall - renovated, stage curtains, central heat, window                 curtains, upstairs redecorated, outside painted
  New desk, 2 new chairs purchased for SS staff
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas - Emmett Goll
Willing Workers - Elaine Hecker
YOADS - Bill Schultz, Secty
Youth - B. Schultz, Spnsr; Easter cake sale; Christmas tree         purchased

1975 Annual meeting Minutes                   1/19/75    76 attend
Dielmann Center not yet sold, interest from money dedicated to camping
Memorial gifts - list as bulk amount; Plan adopted by Consistory will be used in future
Memorial window progress
Patton St house repairs
Rev. Schroeder reports goals
SCC - San Antonio

Special congregational meeting         7/13/75
103 attend
Time and number of services; 55 - 38 secret ballot
  53 - 47 one service; 72 - 17 9:30 to be retained

Consistory Minutes                                1975
Annual meeting matters discussed
Back Bay - requests donations for Thrift Shop
Borrowed articles - record needs to be kept
Camp - Rest-A-While weekend, 5/24-25-26
Caretaker is to water shrubs; Garden needs weeding
Choir director - investigate hiring Rev. Norman Maunz son
Church -communion wine to be donated;
Confirmation - discontinue Lesson Sunday recommended,  confirm, 6/2; reception;
Debt - ever rising, $20,000, can banks & other possible avenues;         
Easter services; Hymnals - offered to congregation on first come, first served basis, unclaimed to symphony book
fair, surplus monies put in debt liquidation;
Lent services money, here and at Salem, send to Back Bay Mission
New ladder to be purchased
  Office - Mimeograph to be repaired
  Projector speaker
  Secty, Elizabeth Boggs resigns, Claire Lacour interim Sec, will hire in spite of policy
  Thanksgiving offering dedicated to needy
Dielmann Center property offered at $60,000;
Donations - burned out family $50; Additional help $300.96;          
  March of Dimes donation stays the same;
  Parish prison chaplaincy $100
Financial - Miller Oil Co dividends, address requested
Groups - German Students - committee to be formed; Unresolved;
Harriet Peace honored for work with altar cloths and commumion implements;
Insurance - flood coverage to be researched; Not purchased, high cost, reconsider in future;
  Get information on misappropriation & burglary; To be purchased;
  Investigate flood; Not necessary;
Kotteman estate - may be a plaque
Memorial Window com - theme selected; Progressing; Samples received
Memorials - gifts usage possibilities, plan;
  Seybold, give further thought; Sent to Pat Schroeder’s choice, memory of Father;
Merger of Bethany & St John’s, properties to be sold, move to Clearview area, aid from other churches discussed,
no conclusions;
Organist - Janet Dannemann substitutes
Parsonage - breezeway screens need repair, also mouldy area below transom;
  Pipe in kitchen ceiling broke, repaired, system needs to be redone, copper pipes & fittings, holes in ceiling;
          Plumbing bill accepted
Patton St property - fence placed in proper stead; Construct fence in back
Real estate fund - retiring of notes payable
Regional Women’s Guild retreat
Repairs - Lawn mower broken, repaired, cost $6
Rev. Winston Waugh installation Beecher UCC
Scouts - donate $30 to them
SS hall - renovation committee not resolved; Stage curtain; Fire  escape to be scraped and painted; New bids on     
renovation $22,000 special congregation meeting to be called;
   Cooperative Free School use of facilities for their location, denied;
  Curtain presentation;         
  Defensive driving use 5/8-9; 11/13-14;
  Old space heaters to be sold;
  Possible extra shower back of stage area,         
  Refrigerator needs to be repaired;
  Stage door to youth room to get latch;
  YOADS cleanup found 4 long tables missing, card file to be set up;
  Usage fee & janitor pay;
Yard - shrubs to be trimmed
Youth roundup - resource leader Bruno Schroeder;

1975 - Annual Reports                             Mbrshp 288 - 290         1/18/76                                                        
Pres - William Kurz                                 8/1975 - 9/1983
Consistory - Joseph Munsch, Vice-Pres; Joseph Tosterud, Rec Sec; L. A. Sehlinger, Fin Sec; George Luft, Treas.
Elders - Elmo H. Priest; William Kurz; George Luft, Joseph Munsch
Trustees - Clarence Herbert, Henry Pfeffer, Philip Pfeffer         (resigns)
Baptisms 3; confirmed 4; funerals 3; weddings 3
Camp - Rest-A-While weekends (2)
Choir - reorganized, Jay Keppel
Church - Addressograph to be replaced
  Christmas workshop held, annually since 1956
  Directory (roster) - 1976 to be prepared
  Secty Claire LaCour, resigns; Helen Gugliuzza, new                         secty;
  Typewriter & mimeograph replaced through memorial                         funds
Constitution committee formed
Eleonore st house -
Evangelism com formed, Jake Walters, Chr; Neighborhood visitation planned
Schroeder resigns; Going away party for Schroeder's
Ladies exercise class started
Organist - Johanna Schlater
Patton St house - Henry Pfeffer, R. O. Bernard
Real estate com -
Salaries less taxes - Min $6227, Org $1200, Sec $1800, Jan $2500
Scouts - Reno Daret, Master, Troop 420
Search com formed, February
SS New time 8:30 A. M. - 9:15 A. M.; Nursery again active - Rose         Walters
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
Welcome pantry party for Kurkowski's
WW - Dottie Daret, Pres; Mabel Luft, Treas
YOADS - Dottie Daret, Pres; George Luft, Treas
Youth group - Patricia Gugliuzza, Sect; Mary Gugliuzza, Treas ;         Easter cake sale, car wash; Play presentation
12/19 &         12/20; “Jesus Christ Superstar” 3/26/75
G. A. Kanzer
Gottieb Siegenthaler
Frederick E. McQueen
Theodore Tillmans
A. J. Scherer
Albert Dittman
Raymond F. Buck
Roy Stock
Otto Meyer
Alvin Blome
Donald T. Grunwald
Raymond Buck
Bruno Schroeder
Fred Kurowski
Rex Wallace
Thomas F. Shreve
Thomas I. Warren
Kate Rose (co)