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St. Paul's Evangelical United Church of Christ
New Orleans, Louisiana
Page 4
Consistory Minutes                          1983
Annual meeting 1/23; Present change, fiscal to calendar year
Voted in, other organizations to follow suit, pledge         Sunday to be in November
Annual reports evaluation, to be simpler
Building maintenance and miscellaneous operating expenses discussed
Camp - R-A-W plans 5/13-15
Caretaker - to be given schedule of events
Church - Ash Wednesday at and with Trinity
Confirmation - none, recognize those 50+ years;     
Easter sunrise - YOADS breakfast;;
Friendship cards in pews;
Picnic - indoors; Have farewell party instead
Pledge Sunday
Consistory - Brochure, pledge cards to be redesigned;
Budget - 25% supplemented from October to December, approved;
Church Growth Com - Survey
Crab boil, to be in park?, survey congregation
Directory - almost complete
New mailbox discussed;        
Kurkowski resigns 8/30, search committee to be formed
Memorials - from Consistory, Edward Oggs;
N I C D - plans discussed
Parenting Center
Special events committee to be organized
Stewardship workshop - St. Matthew’s 3/5
Time capsule buried 7/17/67 to be dug up in July
To meet 3rd Tuesday of month;
Trustees named, meet to reorganize;
UCC retirement housing being considered (St. Paul's, Good Shepherd, Little Farms, Beecher & maybe Trinity - 2 1/2
acres across river being considered.  HUD will have to approve.  Retirement Housing Foundation of California      to
advance money for option on property. Land obtained,  option put up, will know by October if HUD accepts;         
Conference insurance plan meeting to be held to present; March meeting to explain
Utilities cost discussed;
William Kurz in hospital;
Constitution - Attorney review, necessary changes; Final decision needs to be made; Progress discussed; Postpone
action; Discussion 11/29, copy to be sent to all members voting at annual meeting on 1/29/84
Finance - Foster Creek restructuring, exchange of stock?, keep stock; Certificates matured deposited CMA, Security
10.75% interest;
Insurance - property, rescheduled 5/13; Not finalized through UCC
N O Assoc - Emergency flood relief where needed
Patton St house - people pay own water bills
Repairs - A/C motor fixed, may be replaced, A/C fund; Electrical plans, broken window, nursery wall hole; Eleonore St
house; Office roof leaks;         
Salaries - will remain same
Scouts - trailer liability discussed, to be registered in troop’s name; Scout Sunday charge to Scout Chaplain, special
SCC - delegates to be nominated at annual meeting; Pledge; Issues survey returns; Genereal Synod issues,
Christian Education spiritual renewal
Search committee - Rex Wallace trial sermon 12/3
Student aid - Jay Keppel by request; 2 years
SS hall - repair walls, needs paint; Fire escape painted by scouts; NGL consumer testing use, biscuit testing         
5/24-25; Old stove to VOA
Talent fair
VBS - committee to meet
Women in Fellowship - meet at St. Paul’s
Yard - Eleonore St trees trimmed, dead trees removed

1984 Annual Report                                Mbrshp 266 - 270
Pres - Reno J. Daret, Jr                                2/1984 - 10/1992
Consistory - Alyne Beier, Rec Secty; Richard Durr, Fin         Secty; Gwen Martinez, Treas; Marvin Leonard, Marie
Durr,  Dottie Lawrence, Carol Young, Bill Kurz, James Dannemann,         Mabel Luft;
Church - Family activity night replaces movie night
Fiscal year changes to calendar year;
Growth com organized
Constitution com work finished, adoption of new Constitution recommended
Parsonage remodeled/restored
Patton St house - R. O. Bernard, Henry Pfeffer
Real Estate com - Rev. Kurkowski
Rev. Kurkowski resigns
Salaries - Min $17,599; Org $2398; Sec $3,993; Jan $4398
Scouts - George Wolfe, Scoutmaster; Jeanne Lincks, Treas;
Talent Fair - Jake Walters, Chr
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
VBS - Camille Lang, Secty
WW - Mabel Luft, Secty/Treas
Youth - Jeanne Lincks; Sarah Kurkowski, Pres; Jeffrey Lincks, Treas
YOADS - George Luft, Treas; Adele Gremmillion, Pres;
60+ - Everard Durr, Treas; Marie Durr
Annual meeting Minutes       1/29/84
64 attend
By-laws accepted as presented
Church attendance
Constitution accepted as presented
Consistory election
Parsonage refrigerator needed
Shut-in flowers
Consistory Minutes                                 1984  
Constitution com - completed work, adoption recommended by Consistory
Fiscal year change
Salaries - Min $17,599; Org $2398; Sec $3993; Jan $4398
Scouts - Jeanne Lincks, Treas
Search com invites Rex Wallace for interview
SS hall -Movie night replaced by family night
SS Sect - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent Fair - Jake Walters, Chr
VBS Sect - Camille Lang
WW Sect/Treas - Mabel Luft
Youth Fellowship
YOADS - George Luft, Treas
60+ Treas - Everard Durr, Marie Durr

1985 Annual Reports                             Mbrshp 270 - 263   1/85
Pres - Jake Walters                                        
Consistory - Richard Durr, Fin Sec; Reno Daret, Mabel Luft,         Dottie Lawrence, Bill Kurz, Carol Young, Alyne
Beier, James Dannemann, Marie Durr, Marvin Leonard, Gwendolyn Martinez
Confirmed 3;
Church - Church exterior trim, nursery, offices, boardroom,  restrooms, painted        
Location signs recommended;
Constitution & By-Laws adopted
Consistory - New printer for office, new address platemaker purchased         
Parsonage painted; furnace & A/C;
Salaries - Min $12,705; Secty $3721; Org $2078; Jan $4086
Scouts - Jeanne Lincks, Treas
SS hall - A/C unit installed; Nursery, hallway & entrance, two restrooms papered; Time changed to 9 A. M. - 9:40
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent fair - Barnie Roth, Treas; Elmo H. Priest
WW - Elaine Hecker, Secty; Mabel Luft, Treas
Yard - Shrubs trimmed
YOADS - Dottie Daret, Pres; George Luft, Treas
60+ Marie Durr, Secty; Everard Durr, Treas
Annual meeting Minutes                        1/27/85
No attendance record
Bring a Friend Sunday
Church growth, finance, wiring
Consistory election
Flower chart, delivery
Lent services
Individual financial status
Motion to ask police to make Eleonore St near corner a "parking         zone", passed
Special congregation meeting                 1/31/85
Name of church change; document only, no attendance sheet  
Consistory Minutes                          1985
Anniversary 75th - Committee; Commerative plates
Annual meeting 1/27; 1/19/86
Benevolences - accrued 5 items - window memorials & memorials - to be combined, real estate fund, student aid,
remainder into general fund
Caretaker - Job discussed, not meeting job agreement, will be dismissed
Christian ed -
Church - Blood bank - donors needed        
Christmas party 12/20        
Easter services - two, breakfast after sunrise        
Fellowship night
Growth committee
Lent - Ash Wednesday - St Charles Ave Christian, services St Paul’s
Consistory - activities committee to be appointed;
Calendar distributed;        
Church sign being investigated; Samples sent; Cast aluminum price to be obtained, local company to make; In         
progress; Present at annual meeting        
Computer - no decision; Purchased Apple IIE, keyboard, monitor, disk drive & printer $1100        
Counting com - more needed
Fingerprinting of children 6/15        
Meeting to start at 7 P.M., trial basis;
Membership - questionaire sent; Letter to be sent early January        
Name change $250 fee, Janis Wellman to handle; Cost only  $165; Incorporation and name change sent to State     
New Charter - delayed, monies needed        
N O Classic discussed
New renovation fund
New printer and address platemaker for office
Nursery, offices, board room, restrooms, hallway and entrance to Parsonage painted,
Offering envelopes ordered        
Offering plates and vases being replated and lacquered        
Renovations - Church exterior trim painted
Stewardship Sunday 10/24; 11/15; 61% of budget, 72% of benevolences        
Telephones - Pending; To be purchased
Trustees report - one real estate fund for all church owned property excluding Church & SS hall, rents to be             
Eleonore St - Joseph Munsch, R. Bernard, Emmit Nugier; Needs new roof, repaired; Shower to be investigated
Evangelism & Church Growth - brochures to be printed; Materials in; Bring a friend Sunday 6/23        
Finance - GNO passbook closed
Insurance - workmen’s comp (three years); Flood on all properties discussed; Policies received; Property insurance -
no information received; Committee forming;
Jay Keppel - ordained 6/9, reception in fellowship hall
Memorials - dedication of altar cloths 10/6; Russell Charles family $1000 for definite project, sign on Eleonore and    
N O Assoc - Fall meeting, St Paul’s
Parking - no decision; Passenger zone on Eleonore St; Loading zone sign Eleonore St; No response Dept of Streets;
No  action on signs
Parsonage - E. L. Priest, Clarence Herbert; Drainage, shells placed in front
Patton St - Russell Bernard, Henry Pfeffer; New porch, to be painted
Paul Longstreth installed Trinity
Repairs - church toilet in back broken, new to be installed;
Electric work, study to be done; Plumbing, some copper pipe  installed; Water pipes insulation in progress
Retired men - “Git up & Go” revived
Richard Carse installed Good Shepherd
Salvation Army - Good Neighbor Program, care of food, housing, etc
SS hall - Uptown Neighborhood group rummage sale 5/18; Not held; 55 Alive driving class; New A/C unit
Talent fair - New church start, Back Bay battered women and abused children, balance to Church deficits and Jay
Keppel; Charged to Craft/talent Fair 10/26-27; $890, 1/2 for Church anniversary, rest to SCC for new Church start
Uptown Shepherd Center representative - Dolly Shepherd
VBS - material samples received, plans in progress; June 17-21; Closing meatball & spaghetti dinner w/Bring a
Friend Sunday; Funds to Salvation Army for Good Neighbor Program

1986 - Annual Reports                                 Mbrshp 263 - 253     1/19/86
Pres. - Jake Walters
Consistory - Reno Daret, Vice-Pres; Fred Gremillion, Fin Sec; Elmo H. Priest, Treas; Alyne Beier, Rec Sec; Clarence
Herbert, Richard Durr, Emmit Nugier, Elmo L. Priest, Marie Durr, Bill Kurz, Barnie Roth, Joseph Munsch
Deacons - Barnie Roth, Elmo H. Priest, Fred Gremillion, Alyne  Beier
Elders -Jake Walters, Reno Daret, Marie Durr, Bill Kurz
Trustees - Russell Bernard, Richard Bernard, Elmo L. Priest, Clarence Herbert, Henry Pfeffer, Emmit Nugier, Joseph  
Anniversary 75th - projects for 1986
Outdoor identity sign; Ceramic commemorative plates to  be sold
Church - Apple 11E computer purchase approved $1,100;
      Computer donated, Mr. & Mrs. Russel Charles, value $4000        
Blood bank started;
Electrical work to be completed in 1986
Insurance program updated; Flood insurance taken on all properties;
New church sign being investigated;
Offering plates replated
49 kids fingerprinted
Eleonore Street - Joe Munsch, Richard Bernard, Emmit Nugier
New roof
Jay Keppel ordained 6/9/85 - gift of robe
Legally changing church name to St Paul's UCC being investigated, some cost involved
New charter discussed, 6 charter members or their descendents needed to enact
New men's group formed "Git Up & Go Club"
Parsonage com - Elmo L. Priest, Clarence Herbert
Patton Street - Russell Bernard, Henry Pfeffer; New porch;  Salaries - Min $17,000; Secty $4176; Org $2,420; Jan
SS hall - New restroom 2nd floor; Shower installed 1st floor restroom; 55 Alive mature driving classes
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent fair
VBS held, Camille Lang, Treas
Water lines damaged in freeze, replaced with copper, insulated  and drainable
WW - Elaine Hecker, Secty; Mabel Luft, Treas
YOADS - Dottie Daret, Pres; George Luft, Treas
60+ - Marie Durr, Secty; Everard Durr, Tres
Annual meeting Minutes 1/19/86
no attendance on file
Anniversary 75th, commerative plates
Clarification “earmarked” funds, expenses, interest
Consistory election, by acclamation
Investment location questioned, expenses, interest
Jake Walters recognized
Motion for new sign, passed
Motion for commerative plates, passed
Volunteers recognized
Consistory Minutes 1986
Anniversary - Children’s choir suggested; Committee met, in progress, pins ordered;  Commemorative plates
approved; 102 sold; 40 reservations; Ball point pens to be distributed; Parking at Poydras home, need a shuttle;
Christian Ed - VBS material ordered; Workers meeting held,
6/16-20; In full swing; Successful; Program 12/21
Church - A/C dials set & taped
Blood bank - quota met, 4 have benefitted
Christmas party        
Easter - sunrise service, breakfast follows         
Laity Sunday 10/12        
Lent - Ash Wednesday, First UCC, services at St Paul’s
New year’s eve service        
Consistory - annual meeting 1/18/87; six expired terms reelected
Budget com;
CUE contribution
Dr. Earl Klein - St Paul’s named beneficiary; Succession not opened; Succession discussed; 1/10 to go to            
anniversary; Estate to be settled soon; To settle in three weeks;                 
Eden Home - fund raising
Family night - pitch in suppers, annual picnics 9/12        
Food bank - Back Bay help        
Good Shepherd help suggested
Membership list - inactive members, 62 letters sent, 15  replies, 8 neg, 7 yes;
Merger - think & pray        
New vacuum cleaner discussed
Parking - not solved
Phones - to be studied; Exchange old for new; 2 lines?        
Rails - touch up paint        
Sign approved at annual meeting $806 - 1/2 of cost; Base to be constructed by 3/24 installed, spotlight, dedicated
Stewardship Sunday; Committee to meet
US Census
Electric work - Contractor to survey; Russell Bernard to retire soon & will do work, emergency needs completed
Evangelism & Church Growth - Seminar with Disciples
Memorials - Velma Stadler, Florence Pier, service 11/23
N O Assoc - First UCC Baton Rouge to join; Fall meeting Little Farms
Patton St - Bath remodeled, undersill at side door termite eaten needs to be replaced; Floor repair adjoining
bedroom,   replace board at back of doorway, being investigated; Work almost done;
Property - Rentals, no conclusion; Raise rent, possibly sell; Do not sell
Scouts - activity fading
SCC - Dillard 5/23-25, St Paul’s host 40 for lunch 5/24
SS hall - Side-by-side donated, Lorraine Mule’; Songfest combined with Sunday school requested; Kitchen
remodelled; Work in progress, Torgonal floor to be installed in hall;
55 Alive driving class; Assistant Superintendant suggested; SS hall rental - committee to investigate contract
Talent/craft fair - 10/25-26, posters, ads, radio, TV  announcement if possible, fliers to churches; Divide with         
Eden Home
WW - dispose of sewing machines,no longer used

1987 - Annual Report                             Mbrshp 253 - 237       1/18/87
Pres - Jake Walters
Consistory - Elmo Priest, Vice-Pres; Barnie Roth, Rec Secty; Fred Gremillion, Fin Sec; (Elmo Priest, Treas, resigns,  
Herbert Kurz, Treas; replaces), William Kurz, Joseph Munsch, Alyne Beier, Clarence Herbert, Rhonda Walters, Emmit
Nugier, Kenneth Lawrence
Deacons - Joseph Munsch, Fred Gremillion, Herbert Kurz, Kenneth Lawrence, Barnie Roth, Rhonda Walters
Elders - William Kurz, Elmo Priest, Alyne Beier, Marvin Leonard, Marie Durr
Trustees - Clarence Herbert, Emmit Nugier, Elmo Priest, Russel Bernard, Richard Bernard, Henry Pfeffer
Deaths - Joseph B. Tosterud; Velma Stadler; Florence Pier; Selma R. Monroe; John D. Geis; John Lanning
New members - Betty Keyes; Gerald Duhe
Transfers out - Mr. & Mrs. Elmo H. Priest
Anniversary celebration 75th - commerative plates sold for $12; Rev. & Mrs. Buck attend anniversary celebration
Church - Blood bank
Decided not to sell rental properties;
Fell short of budget again
Commerative plates, a few left        
Dr. Earl Klein ($76,000); St Paul's named beneficiary  1/10th to go to benevolent cause
Members - 34 put on inactive list, if no response by  6/2/87, will be removed from rolls
New hand rails installed in church
New calculator        
New sign installed; dedicated April 20;          
Memorial - use for new church sign - Gus Englehardt & Virginia Englehardt Kelly in memory of mother, Rosalie
Patton St house - bathrooms remodeled
Salaries - Min $16,900; Secty $4968; Org $,856; Jan $3624
SS hall - Handrails installed; Kitchen & janitors locker remodelled; Side-by-side donated by Lorraine Mule'
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent fair - $1,000
VBS - held in June, Camille Lang, Secty
YOADS - Jeanne Lincks, Pres; George Luft, Treas
WW - Mabel Luft, Pres/Treas; Dispose of sewing machines
60+ - Marie Durr, Secty; Everard Durr, Treas

1987 Annual meeting Minutes                 1/18/87
56 attend
Consistory accepted, acclamation
Dr. Klein estate
Jake Walters and Rex Wallace noted for good job done
Motion to locate young group leaders passed
Motion to study feasibility of second service on Sunday
Two congregational meetings per year
Two services
Consistory Minutes                          1987
Annual meeting 1/24/88
Benevolence - $50 to PANO; Financial assistance for third party through Church by Gwen & Jorge Martinez
Camp - Rest-A-While retreat 8/21-22-23; Young adult group to attend; Report
Caretaker’s house - allocate funds to demolished
Christian Ed - VBS committee to be formed; Materials & instruction, starts 6/22
Church - Blood bank
Celebration - 90 yr olds, reception 10/25, finger sandwiches        
Christmas party - attendance poor, possibly a bulletin sent before Christmas and party for kids        
Christmas service        
Easter services - sunrise, breakfast, egg hunt        
Food offering Sunday - Back Bay        
Laity Sunday        
Lenten mid-week study        
Pledge Sunday 11/22        
Services - 2 poll binding        
Special service Sunday, luncheon
Consistory - A/C’s to be serviced
Copier requested, get information; New copier purchased        
Change meeting from third Tuesday to fourth Monday;
Election of officers;
Electric work
GNOFC budget
Good Shepherd requests loan for new education & fellowship building; Thanks for offer of loan $50,000 @ 7% int
Men’s banquet - First Church
Memorial - Earl and Leslie Ittman, what shall it be?
New vacuum - Cleaner Craft, talent/craft fair money to be used
Phones - AT&T carrier        
Picnic - Shelter #2, 5/30, Brechtel Park        
Special budget meeting 9/28
Stewardship committee        
VISA card for church to be investigated
Constitution - rewritten and in computer
Dielmann Center - Interest on $10,000 earmarked for camping
Evangelism & Church Growth
Finance com - Elmo Priest, Herbert Kurz, Fred Gremillion, Richard Bernard, Marie Durr; Vice-Pres & Fin Sec,
Trustees,  Pastor & two from congregation suggested;
Bequest - Florence Pier $5,000; In escrow, further notice, interest bearing MM account
Change name on all savings and Foster Creek, statement to be sent to businesses;
Daret loan - original $10,000 reduced to $7,000
Dr. Klein estate bequest - $76,012.46, 10% benevolences, invest with big int, 50/50 for benevolences and current   
expenses; Inheritance fund $7600 benevolence in 6 months certificates, $66,000 at Security 6 months certificates;
Rundown of savings and CD’s, some to be up-dated; Taken care of;
Insurance - pension premiums increase, physical property decrease
N O Assoc - 4/26 St Matthew’s; N O Association Constitution and By-Laws; Budget; Texas workshop, sent two, will
report to church; Meeting at St Mark’s 10/25
Parsonage - front door repaired temporarily, drapes installed, dining & living room
Patton st - repairs by Kikuchi, also extend shed about 4’
Scouts - Eagle awards 5/24
Student aid - Janet Mclellan, organist, financial aid for nursing school; Supplement Monya Mayville tuition nursing
SS hall - RTA retirees meet, $25 donation; Repairs & maintenance on interior and exterior; Drop ceiling, lights, install  
panelling, work to start 12/1; Insulation to be installed;
55 Alive driving class;
SS hall rental - $35, $5 for cleaning
Talent/craft fair 10/31
William Fairbank installation 2/1
Young adult group - proposed; To be formed; Crawfish boil

1988 - Annual Reports                        Mbrshp 237 - 195   1/24/88
Pres - Jake Walters                        
Consistory - Herbert Kurz, Treas; Fred Gremillion, Fin sec; James Young, William Kurz, Josie Nugier, Clarence
Herbert, Emmit Nugier, Kenneth Lawrence, Rose Walters

Trustees - Clarence Herbert, Chr; Emmett Nugier, Elmo L. Priest, Russell Bernard, Richard Bernard, Henry Pfeffer
Camp - Rest-A-While, first since 1983
Church - birthday celebration 4 90-year-olds
Flowers planted;
Four members celebrate 90th birthday
Lift installed in memory of Leslie & Earl Ittmann
Meeting held to consider future of following churches,  St Paul's, St Charles Ave Christian, Trinity & First,  strong
possibility of merger of some of these churches
Consistory - Copier purchase to be made;
Picnic held Brechtel Park;
Finance - Dr. Klein estate funds received, invested in Dixie Homestead; 10% to go for benevolent purposes; $2500 to
      1St UCC Baton Rouge, $2500 to Good Shepherd, $600 SCC Gen Synod, total used $5600
N O Association - completion of rewriting of Constiution &  By-laws          
Parsonage - new drapes
Salaries - Min $17,000; Secty $6000; Org $3300, Jan $4500
SS hall fascia board & gutters replaced; Inside upstairs  panelled, suspended ceiling and new lighting installed
Rear storage room turned into usable room
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas - Camille Lang
Talent/craft fair  
VBS held - Camille Lang, Secty
YOADS - John Lincks, Pres; George Luft, Treas
Youth group - forming fails
WW - Secty/Treas Mabel Luft
60+ - Marie Durr, Pres; Everard Durr, Treas
Annual meeting Minutes                    1/24/88
Blood bank
Church picnic;
Motion, hold church picnics closer, passed
Dr. Klein estate
Motion, demolish caretaker's house, defeated
Motion $1300 to demolish caretaker's house, passed
Special meeting to be called
Young people's group a flop
Consistory Minutes                          1988
Annual meeting 1/22/89
Benevolence - PANO $100 for bullet proof vest
Camp - Rest-A-While weekend 7/29-31; $50 Kenny Lawrence postage & promotion
Caretaker’s house - being demolished; 15 yards of dirt to fill  void, some used around concrete runways at parsonage
Christian Ed - VBS material arrived, dates 8/8-12
Church - Christmas party
Christmas service
Confirmation class - starts 10/1, 3 in class        
Easter - sunrise, breakfast, egg hunt, cake sale
Interior walls retouched        
Lay people take part in service        
Lenten Services, Ash Wednesday, N O Assoc Churches,  combined services at Beecher  Memorial service        
Pledge Sunday        
Recognition service - volunteers, meal planned, March; Thanksgiving - fruit baskets
Consistory - budget meeting 9/12, deferred pending int due, use  int from savings certs & accts to pay bills;
Computer software (donation) purchased
Copier - service discontinued        
Electric work
Folding machine to be purchased        
Future of Church meeting w/St Charles Ave Christian 7/9,    w/First Church         
GNOFC - Rep, Kenneth Lawrence
Homeland ministries participation        
Kenneth Lawrence status, no response
New threshold installed
Pictorial family portraits
Rail on side entrance & choir loft suggested        
Renovation - delayed till next year
Stewardship - Workshop instruction 8/27
Workshop at St Paul’s 10/22
Evangelism & Church Growth - Workshop 4/3 Trinity; Report of meeting to be made;  Merger meeting 10/28, at
Trinity, joint  planning        
Finance - investments status up-dated; Julie Huth estate
Good Shepherd facilities dedicated
Memorials - research ramp in memory of Ittmans; Construction proposal of lift $4267 installed, tabled; Lift at door on  
Eleonore St; Installed; Minor adjustment to ramp $215.49,  done 11/6; Rail around lift for safety; Memorial to Luft's     
dedicated 11/6
N O Assoc - meeting 10/23;
Pest control - termites, bill, but no contact
SS hall - old lights from upstairs used downstairs; Paint walls, drop ceilings, upstairs est $2000; Upstairs classrooms
being painted
Talent fair - 50% to Uptown Shepherd’s Center;
Yard - Flowers planted;

1989 - Annual Reports                        Mbrshp 195 - 189       1/22/89
Pres - Jake Walters                                
Consistory - Herbert Kurz, Treas; Fred Gremillion, Fin Sec; Thomas Rey, Barnie Roth, William Kurz, Josie Nugier,
Reno Daret, Clarence Fitzgerald, Emmit Nugier, Russell Bernard, Marie Durr (Jake Walters will resign as president at
the end of 1988)
Elders - William Kurz, Barnie Roth, Jake Walters, Josie Nugier, Clarence Fitzgerald, Rex Wallace
Deacons - Herbert Kurz, Fred Gremillion, Thomas Rey, Russell Bernard, Marie Durr, Reno Daret
Trustees - Clarence Herbert, Russell Bernard, Richard Bernard, Emmit Nugier, Henry Pfeffer, Jake Walters
New members - Mr. & Mrs. Roy (Sally) Leonard
Camp - Rest-A-While weekend
Caretaker's house demolished
Church - Merger possible, St Charles Ave Christian & Trinity
Threshold replaced;
Salaries - Min $18,000; Secty $6120; Org $3190, Jan $3950
SS hall - New panelling upstairs, drop ceilings, some walls painted, new lights, old lights cleaned/repaired put         
downstairs hall
SS Fin Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent/Craft fair -
VBS held in August - Camille Lang, Secty
WW - Mabel Luft, Secty/Treas  
YOADS - Dottie Daret, Pres; George Luft, Treas
60+ - Marie Durr, Plan Com; Everard Durr, Treas
Annual meeting Minutes                        1/22/89     45 attend
Advent Sunday covenant
Camp weekend
Consistory - Clarence Herbert to serve one year of James Young’s term; 6 elected by acclamation
Picnic - not held
Synod meeting
Women in Fellowship
Consistory Minutes                          1989
Allen Eikelmann installed pastor of St Matthew’s 4/9
Annual meet - possible date changed; Special meeting called, to         be held 6/11, change to February;
Constitutional change adopted, change annual meeting from January to February;         
Camp - R-A-W give newly donated clothes dryer; Spiritual retreat 4 churches        
Christian ed - VBS plans; St Paul’s 7/17-21, First 7/24-28; Strong; Workshop, St Matthew’s 11/4; Campus
Church - Christmas Eve service, St Charles Christian        
Confirmation - 5/21 (3), reception        
Easter - breakfast, egg hunt, bake sale
Enlistment Sunday; Survey        
Lent - Ash Wednesday w/St Matthew’s discussed
New Year’ Eve service        
Prayer vigil
Pulpit exchange        
4 church meeting at Trinity 11/11
Consistory - budget meeting;        
Guard rail for lift installed, suggested weather covering, purchased
Ministers’ political action group forming, meet at 1st UMC, to follow at Mt Herman Church        
Repairs - entrance doors to be painted; rail to office entrance replaced; Copper gutter over office realigned;            
Repair of front door investigated, Refinished; Stained glass window recaulked & painted; Windows & doors being       
worked on, painted; Drill purchased
Stewardship com - Farmington conf, Rex Wallace
Evangelism & Church Growth - to be reactivated; Little Farms meeting; Get new people; Bring a friend Sunday,
Finance - Foster Creek proxy ballot; Oak St acct, quarterly to cover accrued benevolence
Myrtle Bethancourt retiring, 65 yrs teaching SS; M. B. day 10/23, framed certificate, special pin
N O Assoc - Spring meet, Good Shepherd 4/29; Council meeting; Fall meeting, St. Matthew 10/21
Organist - Janet McLellan resigns, $100 appreciation gift,
Search begins; Nella Brainis audition; Rexanne Wallace substitutes, may be full-time start 10/1
SCC - Gen Synod needs 10 vols
Scouts - Historic Trail Com to be formed, Bienville & Carrollton trails; $200 gift from disbanded troop given to Gen
Fund; Football game
Sports - adult volley ball team
SS hall - Apple computer meeting; Christmas program; India child support needed, rcpts $51.43; Locking device put  
on doors to isolate fellowship hall, outside rentals; Refrigerator dead, replace, repaired $158; Renovation upstairs
rear room $1200, no floor, walls & ceiling only; Tables & chairs sanded & polyurethaned; Window blinds installed
second floor;
Talent/craft fair - 10/28; 1/2 of proceeds 89, 90 to Emmaus Home;  Advertise in newspaper; Combine w/other
Yard - oak trees sprayed for caterpillars, $38
YOADS - Aluminum recycling net $318;
Youth group - 5 attend

1990 - Annual Report                                       Mbrshp 189-184        2/11/90
Pres - Josie (Leila) Nugier                                 
Consistory - Fred Gremillion, Fin Sec; Herbert Kurz, Treas; Jake Walters, Vice-Pres; Barnie Roth, Rec Secty
Elders - William Kurz, Barnie Roth, Jake Walters, Clarence Fitzgerald, Rex Wallace
Deacons - Herbert Kurz, Fred Gremillion, Thomas Rey, Russell Bernard, Marie Durr, Reno Daret
Trustees - Clarence Fitzgerald, Russell Bernard, Richard Bernard, Alyne Beier, Emmit Nugier, Henry Pfeffer, Jake     
Deaths - Edith Palmisano, Ronald Heim, Dominic Denenea, Althea Leonard, Mabel Luft, Norman Kottemann
Camp - Rest-A-While - joint retreat 3 churches 10/13-15 at  camp  R-A-W
Church -annual meeting date changed to February at special  meeting 6/11/89
Doors repaired/refinished, hand rails installed on  steps        
Easter, Lent, Thanksgiving, Christmas services to be held  jointly
Lift device installed - memory of Leslie & Earl Ittmann
Merger - voted against, St Paul’s will not merge; Pulpit exchange - St Paul’s New Iberia, Rev. Burnell Robertson         
Seder service - 3 churches
Evangelism & Church Growth - Bring a Friend Sunday;
Myrtle Bethancourt retires after 65 years of teaching SS, reception held        
Organist - Janet McLellan resigns, organist search began; Nella Brainis hired;
Repairs - pipes on rental property repaired/replaced
Retired men
Salaries - Min $18,720; Secty $6400; Org $2874; Jan $4724
Scouts - Troop 420
SS hall - Upstairs back room completed; Entrance doors repaired & refinished        
SS Supt - Lespa Luft;
Talent Fair - participation of four churches being considered  $984
VBS - held jointly with First Evangelical for 2 weeks; Camille Lang, Secty/Treas
WW - Mabel Luft, Treas
YOADS - 34th ann; Lespa Luft, Pres; George Luft, Treas
60+ - Marie Durr, Plan Com; Everard Durr, Treas
Annual meeting Minutes                        2/11/90   49 attend
Annual conference
Consistory, by acclamation
Special congregational meeting to be held 6/11/89, to change Part V111, Para B of By-laws
Consistory minutes                          1990
Camp - R-A-W retreat 8/28-30, church picnic; Volunteers;  Cancelled
Caretaker - to be asked to resign by 7/1/90, given notice, may  remain for $120, offer job to Kikuchi’s for same
salary/rent as Fraguela pays; Kikuchis take on, start 7/1;
Christian ed - VBS material in; 6/11-15 at 1st Church; Help needed; Success, offering $205, $70, excess funds to
food bank; Conference at Good Shepherd
Church - A/C worked on
Christmas party        
Christmas service; Poinsettias for season        
Confirmation - instruction, 4 churches pooled
Easter Sunday activity, Parenting Center children to be invited         
Graduate Sunday 6/10; Kim Herbert, Colleen A. Boyle, Michelle Fink        
Lent - Ash Wednesday, 1st Christian, Metairie;        
Memorial Sunday - 11/18        
New Year’s service        
Pledge Sunday 11/18        
Reception - 90 yr old recognition 5/13; Depends on Nellie McCormack attendance
SS during Church, kids up to 2nd grade        
Thanksgiving service - Trinity 11/22        
Consistory - annual meeting 2/3/91
Budget meeting 10/15; 1991 presented
Copier, new drum installed;         
OCWM - budget, use formula        
Offering envelopes - purchase from our denomination        
Office A/C purchased, panelling & floor done        
Panelling installed in Church        
Records - investigate microfilming        
Repairs - edger, or buy new one;
Uptown Shepherd’s Center speaker & donations        
VISA card - no fee        
Visitation com - to form
Donations - PANO requests $100 for bullet proof vests, more info
Eleonore St house - gutters, weatherboarding replaced; 2 smoke detectors
Evangelism & Church Growth - bring a friend, last Sunday of month, quarterly, informal service, refreshments; Have   
2 not 4;        
Colleen deFraites pursued to become member;
“One-on-one” forms dedicated, crosses given to signees; Starter meeting; Status;
Workshop - “Secrets of Stewardship Development” 3/16-17, Dr. Bill Easum, $25 subsidized by Church; Report        
Finance com - Herbert Kurz, Fred Gremillion, Richard Bernard, Jake Walters; CD at Oak Tree rolled over; List of         
GNOFC - church growth, 1st Baptist 8/30
Memorial - George Luft, Sr., brass planters at foot of altar, by  request of Luft family; Anonymous donor; Rev. Buck,   
$50; Mrs. Leona Hoffman, Marge Wallace’s mother; Send $50 to Eden, $25 to Altar Guild St. Joseph Church in          
Evansville, Ind;                 
Nellie McCormack - thanks for $1000
N O Assoc - meeting 4/28, with Disciples of Christ; Report; Meet Central 10/27, election of new officers
Parenting Center - starts 10/1
Parsonage - tree to be cut $325
Patton St - 2 smoke detectors; Plumbing
Rental properties - raise rent?; Wall replaced w/siding; Smoke detectors installed
Scouts - Chaplaincy fund $200;
Sports - Bowling team financial help
SS hall - rental contract review; 1 ton A/C, new refrigerator to be purchased for kitchen; India child support continues;
2 smoke detectors installed; Fire escape painting complete;
Talent/craft Fair - 10/27; 50% to Emmaus Home; Check w/1st Church; Invite other churches; 1990 proceeds to Back
Bay $997.60; 1991 how to use proceeds
Yard - Eleonore St trees to be cut down
YOADS - Aluminum recycling $236

1991 - Annual Report                            2/3/91
Pres - Josie (Leila) Nugier                         
Consistory - Herbert Kurz, Treas; Fred Gremillion, Fin Secty;  Russell Bernard, Thomas Rey, Rec Secty; Joseph
Munsch, Henry  Pfeffer, Henry Herbert;(Marie Durr to serve balance of  Josie’s term)  
Deaths - Ronald Heim, Dominic Denenea, Althea Leonard, Mabel Luft, Olga Luft, Norman Kottemann, Nellie
New members - Jeanne R. Baudoin, Robert Mayville, Scott Walters
Church - Guard rail by lift to be installed;
Confirmation classes held at Good Shepherd;
Consistory - Deep freeze Christmas 1989, 11 degrees; damaged plumbing replaced
Caulking of stained glass windows;
Contribution to Emmaus House, Missouri;        
Copier drum replaced;                
Expenses & budgeted items met, no interest used;        
Growth conference - N O Assoc & Disciples of Christ;        
Last of 4 church meetings w/Trinity, First & St Charles Ave Christian;                
New panelling installed below stained glass windows, wall & flooring repaired, outside wall on Patton St repaired;
Opening in pastor's office enlarged for new A/C;  
Re-microfilming of church records to be investigated;
Stewardship development workshop 3/16-17;        
Troops in Desert Shield in Saudi Arabia - money collected for gifts and personal items;
Eleonore St house - new guttering installed
Evangelism committee meet
Organist - Janet Dannemann McLellan resigns after 13 years;
Search for new organist begins; Nella Brainis starts 4/2 for 6-month trial period; goes full-time 10/1
Patton St - Outside wall on Patton St property repaired
smoke detectors installed
Salaries - Min $19,500; Secty $6810; Org $3080; Jan $5104
Scouts - Trail fund; $200 for Chaplain for Summer camp
Memorial - brass containers given by Luft family
SS hall - fire escape repainted; New A/C and new refrigerator for  kitchen to be purchased; Smoke detectors installed;
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Talent/craft fair 10/27, $997, Back Bay
VBS held at First Evang; Gwen Martinez, Co-dir; money sent to         Back Bay mission for baby food & formula
WW - Josie Nugier, Pres; Camille Lang, Secty
YOADS - Doris Herbert, outgoing Pres; Lois Sehlinger, incoming         Pres; George Luft, Secty/Treas
60+ - Marie Durr, Plan Com; Everard Durr, Treas
Annual meeting Minutes                 2/3/91
41 attend
Church sign addition
Consistory election
Search committee formation
SS bldg, new roof
Special congregational meeting         6/11/91
Called 6/11 - propose changing annual meeting from January to February - passed unanimously
Consistory Minutes                          1991
Anniversary - 80th, plans in progress; Jay Keppel not able to attend
Annual meeting - 2/9
Camp - Rest-a-While retreat cancelled, lack of interest
Caretaker - Ezequiel Fraguela resigns as custodian, will stay  on premises; Job will be offered to Kikuchi family to
start 7/1
Christian ed - VBS 7/15-19, 1st Church; Planning; Registration small; Well attended; Thanksgiving program;
Christmas party
Church - Bibles, investigate purchase for Sanctuary, w/forms inserted $10 each, 4 each pew
Choir robes to be cleaned
Easter - sunrise, breakfast, SS program, egg hunt
Lent - traditional services, Holy week services St Paul’s
New Year service        
Pulpit exchange        
Consistory - All rental contracts to be reviewed
Budget meeting 12/2;
Counting com - more volunteers (substitutes too) needed;
Gideons - round off to $200, St Paul’s pay $47        
Leadership conf - 3/14 Salem, Consistory officers to participate
Letters to vols of DET, no response        
Lift - guard rail or chain be investigated; Installed        
Offering env for Evangelical children’s home        
Office - new typewriter to be purchased, obtained Covenant  Home rummage sale, no charge, new ribbon needed
Reformation - service renewal unnecessary
Consistory - new,
Deacons - Herbert Kurz, Fred Gremillion, Thomas Rey, Marie Durr, Joseph Munsch, Reno Daret        
Elders - William Kurz, Barnie Roth, Jake Walters, Henry Herbert
Trustees - Clarence Herbert, Russell Bernard, Richard Bernard, Emmit Nugier, Henry Pfeffer, Jake Walters,              
Alyne Beier
Letters to others not on Consistory to be asked to serve as Deacons, Elders, Trustees;
Evangelism & Church Growth - workshop 1st Christian Church
Financial com - Herbert Kurz, Fred Gremillion, Richard Bernard, Joseph Munsch; 2 signatures needed on every
financial         transaction; To meet in August; Recommend to Consistory of assets; All assets FDIC insured including
int; Investment         of money from defunct Security S/L into treasury notes; Renew 6 mo CD’s; Move MM from
Dryades to Fidelity
Memorial - brass planter being investigated;
Contribution letter, $900, Louis Peneguy, in re: Nellie McCormack, purchase new carpet, 2 flags & back drop,           
carpet est $3900; Donation for pew Bibles;
Memorial service - Elaine Hecker, Howard Kottemann, Louis Pier,  Nola Anouilh, John Jackson
N O Assoc - Little Farms 10/26
Organist - salary increase $2.25
Patton St - plumbing, copper water lines, complete; Est for roof, $3840 bid for repairs;  
Property - all to be checked every 6 mos; Inspection made, est to be given
SCC - annual meeting, June, St Paul’s participation; $15 pr person for workers meals in addition to delegate fees
paid by Church
SS hall - A/C repaired; Roof needs repair, procure 2 est; Roof & gutters being replaced
Talent fair - 10/19; $758.25, 1/2 to Evangelical children’s home, 1/2 to St Paul’s
UCC - “News” & “Explorer” subscriptions sent to all who request         it
Women in Fellowship

1992 Annual Report   Mbrshp 179-179 2/3/92                                                                                                          
Pres - Henry Herbert                        
Consistory - Fred Gremillion, Fin Sec; Herbert Kurz, Treas;  Alyne Beier; Steve Crowder, Reno Daret, William Kurz,
Barnie Roth
Deaths - Elaine Hecker, Nola Anouilh, Louis Pier, John Jackson
New members - Steve Diamond, Teri Walters, Ed & Olga Crabtree
Anniversary 80th - Fr. Ron Dauphin guest speaker, pens distributed, pew bibles dedicated, 9/8
Church - Choir start not successful;
Memorials - Flags & dossal curtain replaced by Louis Peneguy in memory of Nellie McCormack;
N O Assoc - Spring & Fall meeting
N O Council meeting
N O Strategy Planning meeting;        
Patton St house - roof repaired;         
Ret men - Jake Walters
Rex Wallace resigns, Search com formed
Salaries - Min $20,280; Secty $7081; Org $3320; Jan $5200
SCC - held in Biloxi
Semi-annual inspection of all properties started, repairs done to Patton St property
SS hall - A/C & heat units repaired; Easter program &  egg hunt; New roof in April;
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas - Camille Lang
Talent fair
WW - Josie Nugier, Pres; Camille Lang, Treas
VBS held at Trinity, Gwen Martinez, Co-dir
YOADS - Lois Sehlinger, Pres
60+ - Marie Durr, Plan Com; Everard Durr, Treas
Annual meeting Minutes                 2/3/92
37 attend
Anniversary meeting agenda revision suggested
Annual meeting business to be addressed next consistory meeting
Church sign action
Consistory election
Minutes of annual meeting to be included in March Tidings
SC conference
Consistory Minutes              1992
Annual meeting 2/9; Actions discussed
Christian ed - VBS materials; 6/8-12 First Trinity; A success;  Rides available if needed, put in ”Tidings”; Bring a
Friend Sunday, refreshments
Church - badges being looked into
Christmas service        
Confirmands - classes begin in September; Tabled, need more  detail; Wait arrival of ew pastor; Annual homecoming  
in April, all classes        
Easter - sunrise service, breakfast, bake sale proceeds to India child;        
Hearing devices made available in church;
Lent - Ash Wednesday at Dillard 3/4; Services at St Paul’s;        
Memorial Sunday - Lawrence Seybold        
New Year service        
Officer installation 2/23;        
Pledge Sunday 11/8; Reminder        
Pulpit exchange - Sam Allen, Bob Matheny;        
Rev. Robert Matheny to be approached for interim ministry        
Consistory - A/C, heating work completed; All Consistory reports, Minutes, Treasurer’s Financial Secretary’s to be
posted on Church bulletin board;
Budget meeting 1993
Choir robes to be cleaned;
Donate old dossal curtain to Dillard U;
Fax machine purchased(?);
Leadership workshop - Salem 3/14;        
Motion - Amendment to By-Laws, be prepared in the future “a member of Pastor’s family not be allowed to serve on  
Consistory (5 for, 4 against, 1 abstained);
New typewriter for church;
Picnic - Zemurray Gardens, joint UCC/Disciples 5/26        
Profile committee - to be selected by Search Com;        
Repairs - A/C, heating work complete; Contracts, repair & paint Patton St & Church windows up to $1200
      Sign addition prices
Windows & doors to be repaired $950        
Wireless microphone to be purchased, tabled
Workshop - Paul Peters at 1st Trinity

Consistory - new, Reno Daret, Pres; Steve Crowder, Vice-Pres; Herbert Kurz, Treas; Fred Gremillion, Fin Secty;
Thomas Rey, Rec Secty

Eleonore St house - needs concrete steps; Purchased & installed; Inspection, complete repairs about $2400
Evangelism & Church Growth - workshop, First Christian; Name tags/badges suggested for congregation; Bring a
Friend         Sunday & fish fry 9/13, fish fry a success; Ways to increase Church attendance; Bring a friend Sunday
5/17, refreshments;
Finance com - investigating variety of options, Ginnie Mae’s, CD’s etc, for maturing investments; Gov’t securities 7%
paid monthly to church, part int & part principal
Insurance - workmen’s comp expires 6/1, investigate need, new  company, committee to be formed; $827 pr an;
Obtained GNO  Ins Agcy
Memorial -  window for Mabel Luft measured, to be chosen in near future
Memorials - if additional cost, com will cover dossal curtain &  2 flags, $281.34 and $733, thank you card for gifts;      
Dedication, last Sunday in March 3/29; George Luft, Sr., & Mabel Luft memorial to be investigated; Luft’s                 
brass planters soon ready;
N O Assoc - Spring meet 4/25, will supply banner, YOADS, WW,  retired men to assist
Parenting Center -
Parsonage - inspection complete, repairs to begin
Patton St - Trustees recommend sale of property, being considered; Ceiling complete, front to be painted; Motion to  
tear down house proposed, renovate Eleonore to house 2 families to be brought to special congregation meeting,    
Motion rescinded this meeting 4/20; Repairs made, more to be done, notified of rent increase, porch painted
Rental property com - (rent fees) Russell Bernard, Henry Pfeffer, Thomas Rey, Richard Bernard, Jake Walters; Rents
to be raised; Semi-annual inspection of all properties program begun;
Rex Wallace retires in December; Changed to October; Retirement reception, ask other friends
Search com - forming; John Lincks, Johanna Schlater, Alyne Beier, Doris Herbert, Marvin Leonard, Thomas Rey,
Yvette Green; Met  w/James Tomasek, waiting on Profile Com; Presented profile to Consistory; Waiting on
Conference officer; Reviewing resumes
SS Hall - Time may be moved earlier
SS hall rental - use com to set up;
Talent/craft fair - 10/24 use part of monies to purchase microwave for kitchen; Idea to rent tables to other churches   
studied; Ad in Times/Picayune
Yard - Trees sprayed for Buck moth caterpillars
YOADS - 37th birthday

1993 - Annual Reports                                Mbrshp 179 - 175      2/14/93
Pres -  Reno Daret, Jr.                        
Consistory - Herbert Kurz, Treas, Fred Gremillion, Fin Sec
Elders - Reno Daret, Henry Herbert, Barnie Roth, Herbert Kurz
Deacons - Alyne Beier, Josie Nugier, William Kurz, Jake Walters
Trustees - Fred Gremillion, Emmit Nugier, R. W. Bernard, R. O.         Bernard
Deaths - Lawrence Seybold, Sr.; Agnes Foley; James Dannemann
Church - Christmas chorale program, covered dish supper;        
Easter breakfast;        
Fish fry;        
Flags & SS stage curtain dedicated;        
Lent - Ash Wednesday service at Dillard Chapel;
Consistory - Area Mission Strategy Council meeting;
Leadership workshop;        
Piano to be tuned        
Windows and doors on Eleonore St side painted
Eleonore St house - new steps
Evangelism & Church Growth - Henry Herbert, Chr; Bring a friend Sunday, May & Sept;        
Patton St house - new front room ceiling; New roof
Profile com - John Lincks, others to be named
Ret men - Jake Walters
Rex Wallace retires 12/92; Retirement party at noon after church
Salaries - Min $17,583; Secty $7365; Org $3480; Jan $5407
Search com - John Lincks, Chr; Johanna Schlater, Secty; Alyne Beier, Doris Herbert, Marvin Leonard, Thomas Rey,
Yvette         Keppell
SS hall -New microwave for kitchen;
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas - Camille Lang
Talent/craft fair
VBS with First/Trinity; Gwen Martinez, Co-dir
WW - Josie Nugier, Pres; Camille Lang, Treas
YOADS - Jake Walters, Pres; George Luft, Treas
60+ - Camille Lang, Plan Com; Everard Durr, Treas
Special Congregation meeting        1/17/93
Acceptance of S. Robertson St. property for donation of $500         (closing costs) defeated (2 copies, signature
sheet, Thomas Rey, Secty)
1993 Annual meeting Minutes                        2/14/93   49 attend
Consistory elected by acclamation, Josie to fill Steve Crowder’s terms
Motion to accept Thomas Shreve as pastor, passed
SC conference
Consistory Minutes                         1993
Camp - $60 pr camper to Slumber Falls
Caretaker - Kikuchi working without insurance on church property discussed, seek resolution; Need to fill position, 4
points discussed; Duties list being prepared for review; New  caretaker, Janelle Shreve $499
Christian ed - VBS at St Paul’s 6/14; Successful, 29 attend, critique for future to be done by leaders; At Trinity,pay     
1/2 of costs
Church - Confirmands - examination 6/2; Class starts September; No class        
Easter - sunrise, WW coordinate breakfast & cake sale, monies from cakes to parsonage renovation, $142
Lent - Ash Wednesday at Good Shepherd        
Memorial Sunday 11/7        
Name tags for all suggested;
New Year’s day, no service
Organist to play entire 1st verse of hymn before singing, give congregation time to locate        
Consistory - All consistory reports to be posted on church bulletin board
Amendment to By-laws, in re: Member of pastor's family cannot serve on Consistory
Annual meeting  2/20, pot luck supper;
Begin rebuilding, contact prospective members        
Budget meeting 10/18        
Bulletin order reduced        
Computer - desk purchase discussed; Needs up-grading, $3500 to purchase new computer, monitor, printer, used
copier & new or used folding machine, donate obsolete computer  & copy equipment to a UCC church that could use
it;  Donate to Rex Wallace         
Deacons to meet w/SS Supt to upgrade SS program        
Elders, Deacons, Trustees to increase effectiveness, review duties stated in Constitution
Electric door strike & intercom to be installed on exterior doors, cost to be researched; Bid        
Fire extinguishers on property need to be replaced, two new purchased, third for secons floor in SS hall        
Fish fry 6/20, $5 reservations, funds purchase 2 deep pots for future        
Food donations - in future to Salvation Army, not food bank        
Installation monies $250 to assist mid-west flood victims, envelope in next “Tidings” for same cause,                  
contributions sent direct to Plymouth Cong Ch in Des Moines, Iowa; Flood relief money to be sent to Pilgrim                 
Cong Church        
Items in storage disposal, clean up days        
McCormack property, 2613-15 S. Robertson donation, if we pay $500 closing costs, recommend to congregation to  
accept, 1 yes, not to accept 4 no’s, 3 abstained, congregation needs to vote on, special meeting to be                 
Meeting room roof needs repair;
New letterhead ordered        
New pastor - Thomas Shreve pantry party, reception, installation 7/18, background published in Tidings
      Motion, recommend to congregation to accept Thomas Shreve as minister; 3 moving companies to submit bids;
Salary, portion reclassified as allowance for utility  expenses, to be considered; Motion, Church to pay first                 
$2400 pr yr of utility bills of parsonage, all excess paid by Pastor;
Non-members requests for consideration to be studied        
Organist - discussion
Picnic at Zemurray Gardens in May;
Phones - listing in Yellow Pages advantage to be investigated;
Piano tuning complete        
Pledge Sunday - 11/14, more emphasis in future, fish fry,  $250 - 260 collected        
Purchases - 150’ hose & reel
Paul Pic installation 1st Trinity 4/25
Rev. Robert Matheny, appreciation dinner
Roof - office roof patched, church roof may need to be replaced; Bid        
Secretary’s salary increased to $667 pr mo
Sign ordered; Plate received; Obscured by bush
“Statement of Faith” location, announce when using
Yard - trees sprayed for Buck moth caterpillars
Eleonore St house - Kikuchi’s to move in, son Cliff to stay in Patton St house; Improvements by Cliff Kikuchi reviewed;
Rent raised; Repairs $512; 2 new storm doors
Evangelism & Church Growth - canvass members for goals;
Cards & calls to those who miss 3 Sundays;
Complete list of membership, less than listed in profile, to visit each family w/consistory member;
High level activity attracts new members & retains existing, Outside speakers interest young church members;
Rewriting of church planning input form on hold because of special com to start rebuilding St Paul’s        
Sick & shut-in visits;
Special committee review        
Up to $100 for pot-luck supper; Covered dish supper 2/14, 50 people, next meal 3/14, meat not provided; Pot-luck   
3/28 discussion;
Finance - Agnes Foley estate, distribution of assets;
Fund raising - UCC endowment program “Make a Difference” presented by Rev. Fairbank
Insurance - workmen's comp to be investigated; obtained through Greater New Orleans Insurance Agency (Virginia
Memorials - Food warmer, not dishwasher, cost $521 + tax;          
George Luft, Sr., brass planter purchased, dedication  3rd Sunday in January;
Sub-committee to develop list of potential gifts; List begun; List memorials in persons name given, Helen                 
Gugliuzza to help        
N O Assoc - meet Good Shepherd 4/17; Visioning Implementation Committee; No change proposed in Conf Coord job
Parsonage - additional help needed for work; Carpet & outside paint; Work nearing completion, cleaning 4/16,
professional dry cleaning of drapes; Carpet installed; Front screen door painted, screen replaced, not installed,
storm door preferred, installed; Central A/C fails, replaced
Patton Street house - razing proposed, passed; goes to congregational meeting; Cliff Kikuchi to paint, Church will    
buy paint $125; Repairs discussion; Reduce rent from $170 to $100 pr mo; Future, tabled
Pest control - roach poison or contact Seale; 3 months $40 pr mo;
failed several appts, will resolve; Seale on schedule
Scouts - $200 donation Protestant Committee on Scouting
SCC - James Tomasek retires;
“News” send to all consistory members;
Visioning Team 7/25, at Good Shepherd w/N O churches;
Resolution discussed “Arming of Nations”, no action
Response card to be completed & returned
Search com - thanks & reimburse
SS hall - A/C in nursery not operating order, check, repair or replace, no repair, purchase 2 units & install wiring        
approximately $1200, 1 unit for church secretary;
Replace toilet in ladies’ w/handicap facility, Handi toilet $250, try to get cheaper, tabled;
Sunburst window in entry repaired/replaced after inspection, tiles in Parenting Center to be replaced
SS hall rental - discussed, rules, “use charge” for non-church members, established
Talent Fair/garage sale - 10/30, proceeds to Back Bay if no other commitment, ad in paper, radio & TV stations;
Poster prepared; $700 benevolent purposes
Tax exempt status - start to use, secretary to investigate; Requested application for sales tax exemption from La Dept
of Revenue; Annual cost of applying for sales tax exemption greater than anticipated, will not be obtained

1994 - Annual Reports                               Mbrshp 175 - 173                            2/20/94                                                
Pres - Henry Herbert                                  5/1993 - 1/1995
Consistory - Herbert Kurz, Treas, Reno Daret, Fin Secty; Barnie         Roth, Vice-Pres; R. O. Bernard, Rec Secty  
Deacons - George Luft, Fred Gremillion, John Lincks, William Kurz
Elders - Barnie Roth, Henry Herbert, Reno Daret, Herbert Kurz
Trustees - L. A. Sehlinger, Jake Walters, R. W. Bernard, R. O. Bernard
Confirmed 3
Deaths - Myrtle Bethancourt, James Dannemann, Oscar Hoffman, Sr., Mildred Mangum, Eva Springer
Church - Helen Gugliuzza, Secty, recognized 3/28/93;
Confirmation class;
Craft/rummage sale;
Consistory - Conference Visioning Team meetings 7/25;
New office equipment, computer, copier, etc;
Piano to be tuned;
Planning committee to rebuild attendance & membership
Tom Shreve interviewed in 2/12; trial sermon on 1/14,
      approved unanimously, begins 5/1/93; Installed 7/18;  Reception for family planned
Groups - Matin's choir from Des Moines, Iowa presentation;
Parsonage renovated, walls, ceiling, woodwork refinished, carpet replaced, electric and plumbing upgraded,
dryer         and A/C replaced, outside painting done
Salaries - Min $13,600; Secty $7759; Org $3717; Jan $5279
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas - Camille Lang
VBS held
WW - Camille Lang, Secty/Treas
YOADS - Lois Sehlinger, Pres; George Luft, Treas
60+ - Camille Lang, Plan Com; Everard Durr, Treas
Annual meeting Minutes                   2/20/94
45 attend
Church needs new roof
Henry Herbert thanked
Outgoing Consistory thanked
Reduction of Consistory size if needed;
Tom & Janelle Shreve thanked for service
Special congregational meeting        12/14/94
Declining membership - may have to dissolve or merge, letter sent         to notify
Discussions for resolution of problems at St Paul's   R. O. Bernard, Secty
Consistory Minutes                                1994
Annual meeting date 2/12/95, pot luck
Bible school class, 10 students
Caretaker - custodial duties listed 12/20/93 Minutes; Janelle Shreve resigns, will assist till new arrangements are
Choir - needs to start
Christian ed - VBS w/1st Trinity; Successful 6/20-24, 30 kids;
Church - attendance record method        
Choir robe dedication 12/19/94
Easter - breakfast & cake sale proceeds to roof fund        
Installation of officers 3/6, pot luck & planning session        
Lent - Ash Wednesday, 1st Christian, Metairie, St Paul’s at  A. M., except Holy Week, night        
Memorial service 11/6, roast beef dinner        
Pledge Sunday - 11/13        
Pulpit fillers - Denny Smelley
Recognition 80 yr olds
Seder service        
Planters dedicated;
Consistory - Audio - contact Executone, make necessary  connections and repairs, microphone problem;
      Options for correcting problems; Corrected;        
      Purchase new, 3 mikes $1250;
Budget meeting 10/17;
Bulk mail, discontinued, higher cost
Conserve capital, salaries frozen, OCWM reduced;
Duties of Elders, Deacons;
Eden Home requests inclusion in budget        
Electric door strike, intercom, new steps, ch office door  $1200; Work to begin soon, Patton St ent
Electric work - bid not rcd from Arcenaux Elec
Envelopes - multi-purpose in pews for special donations        
Fire extinguishers replaced
Funding of Teche Area churches $500 coming year;
George Luft resigns;
Kikuchi family to move from Patton St house to Eleonore St house
Newsletter - adverse comments on “Tidings”, ask for more comments, next issue; Comments favorable        
Nominating com;
Pay $2,400 of parsonage utilities, pastor pays rest;
Pest Control - Terminix not responsive to calls; Taken with Seale        
Phone - new answering system, call forwarding, special code used to get messages        
Problems - dragging doors, overloaded fuses
Purchases - two new A/C to be purchased; office and nursery
Purchase of new computer, monitor, printer, used copier and new/used folding machine discussed; old equipment to
be donated to Rex Wallace; New vacuum purchased $167
Roof - church roof leaks, all bids under $10,000 new, can bank revenues for repair; Over ladies class to be             
repaired; Include portion of SS roof that needs  repairing, $11,000 approved to replace; Pelican $9000,                 
started; Complete, leaks over pastor’s desk to be  repaired
Space heater, church office to be checked
Special cong meet 12/11/94, pastor replacement, future of St Paul’s, letter to be sent        
Storage area full, contents need to be sold        
Trip to Branson, MO & Eureka Springs in Sept, proposal; Trustees, list of responsibilities to be made;
Typewriter repaired        
UCC yearbook forms rcd, processed, returned
William Kurz day 6/5/94, reception; W. Kurz dies, Thomas Rey to fill W. Kurz term;
Eleonore St - bathroom problems; Not covered by termite ins
Evangelism & Church Growth - planning com to form; Plan Com special report, possible merger w/1st Trinity;
Planning Com info, further discussion, special consistory meeting called for 7/7; Proposal to renew draft paper;
Distribute copies of Constitution & By-Laws, need more time to form committee, special meeting 8/23
Finance - Agnes Foley estate; No communication, will check on status of bequest; Registered letter sent to attorney;  
First distribution $20,000, $10,000 to pay benevolence obligations, $10,000 invest in Merrill-Lynch;
Alyne Beier will 10% of proceeds from house sale after expenses, estimate $11,000 - $12,000, bequest                    
of $11,871.67;
Fund raising - “Make a Difference” date to be set, tabled
Memorials - Choir robes - Pam Windham in memory of mother, Mildred Windham, dedication 12/25        
List of suitable items;        
Replace church bell w/electronic bell, difficulty in ringing
N O Assoc - Visioning Implementation Com 1/29; Spring meet, delinquent dues pay on 1/4 basis in future
Organist - Nella Brainis resigns, Janet to substitute, Janet & Jordy to alternate $50 pr Sunday; Brainis letter accepted,
Resolution made in regards to her letter (on file in office with letter) letter sent; Not able to acquire permanent         
organist; Janet accepts position; Jordy Luft resigns; Replacement sought
Parenting Center -
Parsonage - electric work, contract at $1000; Service panel replaced $895; Drapes being cleaned; Storm doors
Patton St - highly susceptible to termites, trash to be removed;
Sidewalk needs repairs, bids to be obtained on replacing; $1700 to pave & driveway slab at parsonage, get 2nd bid;
Complete $1700
Property com - rent increase by $25 effective 5/1, both houses; Raising rents tabled;
SCC - Conference Minister - James Tomasek resigns;  
Gail Reynolds leaving, gift to be sent by N. O. churches; Thomas Shreve resigns, accepted, 1/27/95 last day
SS hall - door repairable, termites in door frames; Elec estimates to correct problems of SS & Church
Talent fair - craft/rummage combined w/book/plant sale of YOADS;  Rcpts $841
Yard - grass cutter secured $140 pr mo plus certain custodial duties, Janelle to do rest
Special consistory meeting         12/13/94
Dr. David Felton on revitalizing St. Paul's; “Guides on         Obtaining a Pastor”, Welcome wagon, Search
Declining membership since 1992 - may have to dissolve or merge; Letter sent to notify of meeting