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St. Paul's Evangelical United Church of Christ
New Orleans, Louisiana
Page 5
1995 Annual Reports                               Mbrshp 173 - 169     2/12/95                                                
Pres - Henry Herbert, Jan/Sept                
Barnie Roth, Oct/Dec                        
Consistory - Herbert Kurz, Treas; Reno Daret, Fin sec;  (Henry Herbert resigns as Pres due to medical reasons)
Deaths - Anna May Rohrbacher, Alyne Beier, William Kurz, Jr.,         Martha Comeaux
Church - Lenten services held 10 A. M.;
Recognition for over 80 planned, reception;
William Kurz day held 6/5/94;
Consistory - Bequests, Agnes Foley $20,000; Alyne Beier, $11,871
New computer and copier purchased;
New vacuum to be purchased;
Phone answering service installed;
Planning committee dissolved;
Roof replaced
Organist - Janet McClellan, Jordy Luft, alternate, both temporary
Salaries - Min $21,600; Secty $8214; Org $2015; Jan $6392
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas - Camille Lang
Talent fair - rummage/plant sale/craft/book fair held in Fall
Tom Shreve resigns 1//27/95, early retirement, medical         reasons
VBS held
WW - Camille Lang, Secty/Treas
YOADS - George Luft, Treas
60+ - Camille Lang, Plan Com; Everard Durr, Treas
Annual meeting Minutes                        2/12/95
Attendance not noted
Copy of letter in re: Proposed Amendment to Constitution recommendation, (no letter)
Motion to allow absentee voting, passed
Special congregational meeting         5/21/95
Dr. Sills proposal in re: problems at St. Paul's, 1 copy
Consistory Minutes                          1995
Christian ed - VBS plans, 1st Christian, Little Farms, St Matthew included, at Little Farms, 7/14-18
Church - Choir to be started
Easter - one service, no breakfast;
Lent - Passover supper, talk to Paul Pic about doing together, Holy Thursday, Good Friday services;
Officers installation 3/19;
Consistory - adverse comments on new “Tidings” format received
Annual meeting - letter & proposed change, remove Part VIII,  para B of By-Laws entirely;
Associate pastor discussion held, possible hiring  
Benevolence donations - Little Farms flooding needs, thanks from Little Farms; Yvette & Randy Pazos $200 from     
Disaster Relief Fund of UCC; $500 Rev. Donald Morgan of New Iberia for recovery
Bids on painting entire interior, 2 bids on carpeting being sought; Bid to paint church windows & doors on North side,
$600 accepted, belfry leak corrected;
Budget meeting 12/18;        
Church heating system minor repairs needed;
Directory (new) needed, committee formed;
Merger - potential - dialogue with First Christian held;  Announce invitation by 1st Trinity;
Motion - extra speaker for choir loft, pending;        
Motion - include church attendance in Sunday bulletin;
Motion - offer Judy Nelson permanent supply pastorship, every other week service.        
Motion - plumber to cap leak on outside faucet, lighting company to change all inacessible lights;
Motion - supply pastor honorarium to $100, defeated        
Motion - special congregational meeting to give/lend Little Farms donation to acquire land next to their church        
New carpet needed, com formed, being finalized; New fire extinguishers installed;
Secretary - Helen Kurz dies; hire Christina Lincks part-time for $600 pr mo, sends thanks        
Someone needed to open for service, flowers & set up communion; Kikuchi agreed to open for service &            
meetings, deduct $75 from rent;
Termites found in SS door frames
Water bill high;
Consistory - new, Jake Walters, Pres; Fred Gremillion, Vice-Pres; Reno Daret, Fin Secty; Herbert Kurz, Treas;
Thomas Rey, Rec Secty
Deacons - Thomas Rey, Jeanne Lincks, Reno Daret, Clarence Fitzgerald
Elders - Fred Gremillion, Jake Walters, Herbert Kurz, Barnie Roth, Edward Crabtree to be contacted
Trustees - L. A. sehlinger, Russell Bernard, Richard Bernard, Clarence Herbert
Constitution - formal Amendment being written & will be notarized
Eleonore St - plumbing problems
Electric door strikes and intercom discussed
Evangelism & Church Growth - workshop $30, St Matthew’s 2/28;  Questionnaires sent in re: pastor search; Meet         
w/congregation, Rev. Howard Sills proposal 5/21 after church        
Finance - Foley estate, check should be forthcoming; $20,000 put in MM, at right time government bonds;
St Paul's included in Alyne Beiers will; 10% of sale of house;          
Memorial window - Mabel Luft window $750
Memorials - Choir robes to be purchased, given by Pam Windham in memory of mother Mildred;
N O Assoc - at St Paul’s 10/28; Donation of $65 in lieu of paying Rev. John Pecoul & Kate Rose; Beecher 4/29;
Organ - Motion proposed for maintenance contract $200
Organist -  Nella Brainis resigns; Janet and Jordy to substitute;
Rexanne Wallace to fill in as organist; Janet McLellan will play for Lenten services, hired as organist,  will do choir;
Org/choir dir search to be conducted; no permanent organist yet; replacement for Jordy sought, resigns to take full-
time position at Little Farms,  will ask Mitzi; Seeking permanent supply; Hire Lisa Cairns full-time for $400 pr mo
Parsonage - Electric service panel replaced; Bid for painting & repairs, caretaker won’t do, sand needed in driveway
by new concrete, spread where needed; Minor repairs in progress;
Patton St sidewalk needs to be replaced
Rental property - rents increased
Roof - company to repair leak in belfry
Scouts - Sunday 2/5, collect for Protestant Chaplain; Donate $200
Search com - formed, Russell Bernard, George Luft, 2 more needed; Purchase “Local Church Plan”; Jake to meet
w/them in re: interims; Notify conf 1st candidate to meet w/committee & consistory, will accept unanimously, place Call
to him, took church in New Jersey; Invite Jay Keppel as interim;
SCC - annual meeting 5/7, College Station, TX; Gail Reynolds, acting Conference Minister resigns
Thomas Shreve - $800 gift, day of last sermon 1/22
Yard - grass cutter secured, will do some custodial work; Caretaker - Janell Shreve resigns as custodian; Copy of
custodial duties given to Ned Dufrene

1996 - Annual  Reports                                Mbrshp        2/11/96
Pres - Jake Walters                                
Consistory - Herbert Kurz, Treas; Reno Daret, Fin Secty;  
Baptisms - Jace Lincks, Megan Lincks; Nicholas Allan Munsch;
New members - Christina Lincks, Yvonne Herbert;
Possible new members - Toby Wiggins & Marco; Jane & Will Munsch,         Catherine Munsch
Church - Belfry leak corrected;
Secretary, Helen Gugliuzza, dies 9/95; Special thanks to Johanna Schlater and Barnie Roth for keeping the office      
going; New secretary hired, Christine Lincks 1/14/96;
Memorial window - Mabel Luft, in progress
Salaries - Min $1800; Secty $7446; Org $2340; Jan $5355
Search com - George Luft, Chr; Johanna Schlater, Secty;  Russell Bernard, Edward Crabtree, Eunice Dannemann,
two more needed
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
YOADS - Jeanne Lincks, Pres; George Luft, Treas
60+ - Camille Lang, Secty/Treas
WW - Camille Lang, Secty/Treas
Annual meeting Minutes                        2/11/96
38 attend
Amendment to be added to Constitution
Consistory elected by acclamation
Motion to seek pastors outside UCC, passed
Motion to increase net salary & benefits to $50,000 passed
Motion to waterproof, paint, carpet and replace burned out lights in church, passed
Consistory Minutes 1996
All church retreat 2/22/97, process of writing Mission Statement
Anniversary 85th - com, 4/21 celebration postponed because of renovation, may be in September, reception;
Scheduled for 9/29, need budget figure; Sit down dinner $1000 budget; Coms in place, reception instead of dinner,
time & cost under advisement, put in Gambit magazine & Lagniappe column; Bruno Schroeder to participate
Building com - Patton/Eleonore - Kitchen ceiling falling, repair, $685 est for drop ceiling; Guttering removed, need est
to replace, also weatherboard; Guttering on rental property up, part on shed free, Tenants rent increase
Camp R-A-W - weekend tentatively reserved for October
Christian ed - SS future, addition 2 new teachers, Primary & Jr High, ad in July “Tidings”, Christina Lincks wants to        
be SS teacher, sent to 3 week course in Christian Ed,  $50, sponsored by the N O Assoc, Oct 5-12-19 Good             
Future of St Paul’s;
Meeting 11/20, VBC first or second week in June, to be in July;
VBS, Little Farms has own, may combine;
Church - Bible study
Commitment Sunday        
Confirmation 5/29, Jacob & Ben Martinez, pastor of Little Farms
Easter - 1 service
Halloween party group; Needs storage cabinet        
Liturgist at service, people involvement for sense of ownership, pg & ref of Scripture to be in Sunday                         
Living Nativity - Nicholas A. Munsch as baby Jesus        
Memorial Sunday 11/17, letters to be sent        
Officer installation 8/8        
Seder dinner - Rev. Nollman, St Charles Christian, to preside, ride share program
Service - too much time on details & announcements before service, put in bulletin & refer
Consistory - Annual meeting 2/16, donate $25 for refreshments
Bette Youngblood requests assistance, $55 collected        
Bid on replacing table & burned out lights        
Broken windows, hold kids accountable        
Budget meeting 11/4; Completed        
Carpet - 2 bids, install after painting; com disbanded        
Cheryl Crabtree resigns consistory, works in Texas        
Church attendance to be included in Sunday bulletin
Clean-up day prior to anniversary suggested        
Computer - software pkg “Church Windows” to be purchased $595; Software rcd, Christi will create data-base, may   
need to add hardware; New & updating; Additional memory installed for “Church Windows” program; Don’t up-date      
old computer, purchase new; Computer to be picked up soon; New printer purchase suggested        
Copy machine not working, to be fixed        
Directional sign location - 2 on St Charles Ave & 2 on Magazine St; 4 ordered;        
Directory committee formed; Turned over to Evangelism &  disbanded        
Ed Crabtree resigns        
Electric panel work in near future        
Eleonore St trees, price to trim, City takes 6 months, get permit, cost $850; Trees to be trimmed;
Envelopes to be ordered
Fiberglass box for planters to be investigated        
Free will donation from couple married here
Grumberg patio - tree in back tearing up neighbors patio, what action, get legal opinion; consistory not                
responsible; He will contact lawyer; Attempted to contact lawyer, no response        
Gutters/weatherboards $180 to change, to meet w/Greg        
Hazel Ottwell - possible move to Covenant Home        
Mailing list - purchase, Jefferson Ave to Audubon Park,  Prytania to river area        
Motion - AARP to meet in SS hall, special acct for chair replacement as well as new; AARP rent to be clarified
Motion to remove part V111, Para. B of Constitution in entirety, letter to all members - in re: disposition of                 
property upon dissolution of church. Amendment to Constitution being written to be notarized; To be filed with State
Motion to acquire extra speaker for choir box;
Organ maintenance contract to be procured, $200 pr an
Paint consultant for sanctuary, church to be held in SS for two Sundays while painting, performance bond
Pastor’s salary breakdown, not determined, $50,000 tabled; Moving expense not exceed $3003; Breakdown
discussed, new accepted; .31c mileage above salary solved; $50,000 gross, .31c mile kept, contract presented,
Railing on side steps loose, remove or repair        
Replace lumber outside picture window in church; $32 pr hr +10% overhead & ins, 3rd person add $9; Detailed time  
sheet, copy of insurance requested, put on file; Work complete; Waterproof & paint interior of building;  Painting
Roster (directory) committee formed
Secretary, Christi Lincks resigns 11/14/96, pd 1 week  vacation; Place ad in newspaper for secretary, do not             
use church number; New secretary hired Lori Zirot 12/96;
Street - get hole on Eleonore filled        
Supply pastor raise from $65 to $75 approved        
Tidings - mail-out defeated, hand out first, mail balance        
Tom Warren presented for review by consistory, introduction & discussion, unanimous acceptance, trial sermon;       
Pantry shower, article in “Tidings”; Installation 12/8,  reception; Tom Warren, 3 days vacation        
UCC/Disciples retreat 11/6 Zemurray Gardens        
Waterproofing outside of church delayed
Willie Kikuchi to open church and turn on utilities, set up communion, receive flower delivery
Consistory new -
Elders - Jake Walters, Herbert Kurz, Fred Gremillion, Barnie Roth
Deacons - Reno Daret, Jeanne Lincks, Henry Herbert, Clarence Fitzgerald
Trustees - Clarence Fitzgeralfd, Russell Bernard, Richard Bernard, L. A. Sehlinger

Constitution - change not filed w/State, $60 filing fee
Eleonore St house - New fence, $620, neighbor to pay $140; Post & sill on porch need to be replaced, get estimate,
also electric work        
Steps need repair/replace, concrete $403.30, repair to rear shed $20, wooden stair $245, concrete steps bought &    
installed; steps $190, both sides $275, suspended ceiling        
Evangelism & Church Growth - concert, Kenner UMC handbell choir,  joint concert in August, ice cream social, or
Good Shepherd handbell choir, set precedent for handbell choir at St Paul’s;
Earmark aluminum can money;
Father’s Day tribute, potluck brunch, entree provided;
Fish fry 7/14, plant swap/sale 7/27;
Line dance lesson & party 8/11, 25 attend
New brochure, holding existing, calling out & seeking new members, little interest;
Visitor welcome card,
Wednesday night bible study - put ad in Tulane paper, no response        
Finance - Foley estate, all documents to Bar Assoc in Washington, no progress w/executor, final settlement; Foley
estate settlement $8000, more to come, no copy of will, detailed report of entire settlement, Atty Gen of La contacted,
sent registered letter to attorney, to pursue final payment
Memorial window - Marvin to contact about 2 side windows; Each side of stained glass, 1 for Myrtle
Bethancourt,$1647, 1 for his parents $600; Back vestibule window in memory of Mrs. Herbert, & Mrs. Walters, Jake
and daughter Charlene donate;         Dedication 9/22
N O Assoc meeting 9/17; St Mark’s 10/26;
Organist - Rexanne takes permanent position at First Christian Church in Metairie, can no longer substitute; President
to ask Johanna Schlater to fill in when Janet & Jordy can't be there; Trinity, Good Shepherd to merge, both                 
have organists, get names, pursue; Mr. Mouton might be interested, not interested; Charles Young can no longer        
play; Move piano into church, repairman called; Contact Baptist Seminary; Org/Choir Dir - work up package,
presented document w/details
Parsonage - driveway area filled in with sand; Electric bill questioned
Patton St house - cited for trash; Rent potential, talk to City, may tear down shed; Installed new faucet
Search - “Local Church Plan” purchased to help in search of minister; first pastor candidate interviewed, later sent     
regrets, took church in New Jersey. Search for permanent (not interim) pastor continues; Candidate being given         
consideration, trial sermon another church; Judy Nelson contacted, in re: retirement settlement;
SS hall - A/C not up to capacity, desk over vent is probably  cause, to be moved, monitor unit;
A/C purchased for Boomer’s classroom 115v, 9000 BTU
Door needs auto opener        
Rally day in September;         
Termites - no entry found, remove planters alongside  building, cover w/grate, needs to be resolved
Upstairs back room to be cleaned out, store items in shed,  use as youth room, new blinds
Yard - trees need to be trimmed, touch building & cause mildew

1997 Annual Report                            2/16/97                                                
Pres - Barnie Roth                                       
Consistory - Herbert Kurz, Treas; Fred Gremillion, Fin Sec;
Baptisms ; Jace & Megan Lincks, Rebecca Redler; Nicholas Alan         Munsch;
Confirmed - Carl Wolfe;
Deaths - Hazel Otwell; Jules Wertz; Alvin Boman
Funerals - 1
Weddings - Megan Faran - Bob Vashko;
New members 5; Jane & Will Munsch; Catherine Munsch; Christi         Lincks, Yvonne Herbert;
Anniversary (85th) celebration
Church - all church retreat to be held in February;
Boomer Bible study began on Sundays;        
Church clean-up day;        
First Halloween party held;
First living nativity, Nicholas Allan Munsch as the baby Jesus, and Christmas pageant;
Labor day BBQ;        
New church location signs placed on St Charles Ave and on Magazine Street;
United Campus Ministries dinner, Cheryl Crabtree;        
Wednesday evening Bible study, 4 - 9 participants
Memorial window - back vestibule window in memory of Mrs. Herbert and Mrs. Walters, given by Jake Walters and
daughter Charlene Rome; Stained glass windows on North side of church, each side, in memory of Mr. & Mrs.
Leonard and Myrtle Bethancourt; Windows dedicated 9/22
Organist- Jeff Haeger hired         
Salaries - Min $12,947; Secty $7050; Org $2665; Jan $5280
SS hall - First line dance held; Plant swap held
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Teachers, Kim Miller, Primary; Rose        Walters, Nursery;         Thelma Hodapp, Adult class  
SS Treas - Camille Lang
Tom Warren installed 12/8, reception held
YOADS - Lespa Luft, Pres; George Luft, Secty/Treas
60+ - Camille Lang, Secty/Treas/Plan Com
WW - Camille Lang, Secty/Treas
Annual meeting Minutes                        2/16/97
43 attend
Acknowledgements to donor and family be sent for memorial or other gifts
Consistory elected by acclamation, elected - Richard Bernard, Russell Bernard, Eunice Dannemann, Gwen Martinez,
Yvette Pazos, Thomas Rey, Jake Walters
Foley estate
Motion to allow wine/beer (no hard liquor) be served at church dinners, passed
Motion to change church service to 10:30 A. M., with SS from 9 to 10 A. M., coffee break from 10 to 10:30 A. M., for    
3-month trial period, passed
Pastor’s gross salary
Treasurer’s report correction
Special congregational meeting         6/22/97
47 attend
George Luft recognized for work on Foley estate
Keep services at 10:30
Mission Statement adopted
Motion - Patton St house razing for parking lot/playground, passed
Consistory Minutes                         1997
Anniversary (85th)  projected date 9/26, Bruno Schroeder to participate
Annual meeting - 6/22 - Mission Statement, Church service time; Patton St house removal; Lunch, no dessert;
Proposals, three voted on, all passed
Bible study group - church to pay for books, individuals pay in future
CAFUM - “Covenant Academy for Urban Ministry, 5 - 7 churches in N O Association take part for 1 year, St Pauls         
participation, carried; Speaker, Rev. Mike Vosler 9/12-13 at  Central; Report; $100 sent; Official beginning 1/24 at St  
Camp - expenses paid for any youth who attends
Caretaker - Motion, Christopher Green & Yvette Pazos to clean what janitor has missed, twice-a-month, 10 hrs, $100,
one month trial, passed
Christian ed - VBS 6/23-27; Associate pastor (or co-pastor discussion), also to be Christian Ed minister; Committee to
be reinstated; Working on profile, asked for views on duties; To be reviewed, salary, benefits, responsibilities, in
written Motion, present at annual meeting 2/98; Motion to be offered to Kate Rose, salary $11,000, pension 14%,
social security paid in full, if congregation agrees, to start 3/1/98        
Church - windows broken, kids in area responsible, Rev. Tom Warren will pursue
Halloween party 10/31        
Lent services - schedule to be in “Tidings”; Bible study        
Liturgist to be used at church services
Live nativity - 12/21 with worship service, Elorna Marory as baby Jesus, mother is Shelly;        
Memorial Sunday - 11/2;        
Stewardship Sunday - 11/9, dinner (first annual)
Street signs dedicated 1/19, then placed
Youth Sunday proposed
Wednesday evening bible study started
Consistory - AARP be allowed to rent hall suggested, fee to be  used for chair replacement, to be put in special        
Adult ed classes started mid-week, 6 weeks
All church retreat, Episcopal Retreat Center, Robert, LA; Good Shepherd owed $20 for use of van  Back Bay - 75th
anniversary; Relationship; (see CAFUM) Mission project, renovate, redo & build homes, ACORN said City will give
abandoned houses to churches to fix up and sell; Continue talks; Paint houses etc, for  senior citizens, low income
families, hope to draw youth groups, Bruno Schroeder will help set up        
Barnie Roth resigns from all committees except anniversary
Bible study - Sunday morning; Thursday evenings; Bible study for women, Kate Rose to conduct, open to
“Big Easy” TV show - money to defray cost of North Carolina conference, carried, $1400
Calendar of events for church to be drawn up        
Cheryl Crabtree resigns consistory, works in Texas;
Concert - chamber music, Loyola & Tulane contacted, will get back to us, Spring concert, no admission or
Contract drawn up for pastor's salary and benefits
Covenant Home - “No Talent” show;        
Donations - piano being donated by Thelma Hodapp, in process of being moved        
Edward Crabtree resigns from church
Flood assistance - 24 cleaning & 12 personal kits made for victims        
Intercom & electric door opener, Patton St side, being investigated $1000        
Member in need of financial assistance $500 given, if more needed consistory will be advised        
Mission Statement to be sent to congregation        
Motion, floor vents to be replaced, purchase A/C for kitchen, passed;
Motion - rest of upstairs & nursery, front access to SS  & church office entrance to be remodeled                               
w/electric lock installed on church office entrance door, passed        
Motion - sell Eleonore St property, tabled, assessors to be contacted        
OCWM half of $5000 send now, other half by end of the year        
Painting est for inside of church; Partial payment of $2000 to be made to painter; Painting of buildings complete,       
carpet installation next week; Carpet paid in full;        
Plant sale - earned $197.56, 1 plant sent to newlyweds
Purchases -new chair for secretary's office; New computer,  "Church Windows" program for computer; Suggested new
printer also;
Rental property - rents raised
Rev. Sam Allen of Salem UCC dies; Memorial of $100 to Salem, passed
Roster com - Barnie Roth, Johanna Schlater                   
St Mark’s 40th anniversary, invite, $400 gift sent & 10%  of Foley estate if & when received, passed        
Secretary, Christi Lincks resigns 11/14/96; Advertise for secretary; New secretary, Lori Zirot, hired 12/96,                 
resigns 1997; New Secretary, Karen Anderson, hired 8/97, to be married 12/13/97;        
Supply pastors - raise in fee asked for
Termites found in dressing rooms, repair both, passed recommend to do away with planters on outside of                
building; Upstairs door safety latch
Tom Warren interviewed by Consistory; Unanimously accepted, will do trial sermon; Installed 12/8/96,                 
reception held; Pantry party for Tom Warren and Kim Miller;
Tree behind SS tearing up neighbors patio; Grumberg atty to get letter acknowledgement, talk about                         
trimming tree/wooden deck; St Paul’s pay to have tree removed, new patio, equivalent to original,                         
carried; Tree & stump removed, $1200 to Grunberg to replace patio & letter of release from future                         
complaints for St Paul; Grunberg signed release,  slab poured
Yard - talk to grass cutter, look for new caretaker; Cost to take care of outside only, new caretaker search                
tabled;  Trees on Eleonore Street have been trimmed                         
Youth development, part of Correctional Dep, use of fellowship hall for tutoring, space needed for                         
school mentoring program; more info needed;                 
Consistory new - Barnie Roth, Pres; Thomas Rey, Vice-Pres; Herbert Kurz, Treas; Gwendolyn Martinez, Fin Secty;
Jeanne Lincks, Rec Secty
Elders  - Barnie Roth, Herbert Kurz, Yvette Pazos, Joseph Muncsh
Deacons - Eunice Dannemann, Gwendolyn Martinez, Thomas Rey, Jeanne Lincks
Trustees - Jake Walters, Richard Bernard, Russell Bernard, L. A. Sehlinger
Constitution - change to be filed with state, fee involved,  Barnie given $60 check
Eleonore St house - tax status tabled; Motion, hire accountant to evaluate risk property under current mode of use
having to pay local, state and federal taxes, did not pass
Evangelism com - Tom Rey, Cheryl Crabtree
Finance - Foley estate, no progress, documents turned over to Bar Association in Washington, in re: final                   
settlement; George Luft to be recognized at annual meeting & in ”Tidings” for handling of Foley estate,                 
check to be sent to us 5/20, final payment of $15,600
Groups - Teen youth group in the works for Summer; Winnetka Congregational Church youth group 3/28-29;
Memorial window - 2 in memory of Reno Daret forthcoming;  Lois Sehlinger window should be ready by Christmas; In   
place by end of year
Memorials - $50 to Emmaus Home in St Charles MO, in memory of Gail Reynolds; Foley memorial, stage curtain;
Agnes Foley, deferred, new stage curtain and paint stage;        
N O Assoc - choir concert 4/20, fund raiser, wants pledge of  $15; Spring meeting 4/16, Little Farms; Women in      
Fellowship at St Paul’s 10/14; Fall meeting, St Matthew’s 10/25;
Organist - Janet McLellan’s last Sunday, Easter; Search for org/choir dir begins; Ad in T/P, Loyola, Tulane &               
Gambit papers, 1 response, $700 pr mo, backed out; package being worked up; Organist/Choir Dir - Jeff                 
Haeger hired, $500 pr mo, signed contract
Parenting Center - Trustees to meet, discuss flooring & painting of upstairs hall; Specify pay for use of                 
building, letter to be sent;   Rent $750 each session
Parking lot - Maria Kron of UNI says check w/zoning committee, waiting for reply; Against zoning laws unless part of
Church property, forms process instituted to rezone        
Parsonage - A/C coil replaced $1690; Electric work to accomodate a kiln, Pastor to pay extra use of                         
electricity; Funds to pressure wash, caretaker will be asked to do job;
Patton St - property cited for rat problem; Demolish for parking lot, passed & recommend to congregation,               
meeting will be called, passed; “The Bank” to demolish at no cost, other bids $3000, accept proposal & remove         
shed in yard, carried; Demolished by “Bank Architectual  Antiques” SCC - annual meeting 6/13-15; Thanks to Cheryl
Crabtree for housing; New Conference Minister, Mark Miller
SS - A/C to be purchased for Boomer's classroom, and for  kitchen;
Carpet in nursery and upstairs        
Committee to purchase new stage curtain, est $3155,  velvet & valances, back drop st to come from C.                Bell;
Probst est, all $4800 if tax exempt, if $5200, on hold;        
Hire someone to clean stage;
Kitchen supplies need overseer
New adult class, material to be ordered        
New blinds and ceiling in upstairs classroom;
Parenting Center offered to paint & carpet, accepted        
Sunday refreshments, cost to be reimbursed to provider
Thanks to Colleen Defraites for mural in nursery        
Youth class - Will Munsch wants to teach
Talent/Craft fair - invite UCC churches in area to participate 11/15; $800 collected for N O                                 
Association & $200 St Paul’s youth group
UCC Women’s Conference - Blowing Rock N C, in September
VOA - Soul Search and Recovery Program, $1200 over three  years        
Youth - VBS donated bird houses, will assemble and sell; Thanks from Mike Roth $200 check given us; Meeting 8/7,   
9 kids

1998 - Annual Report                                 2/98
Pres - Barnie Roth                                      
Consistory - Herbert Kurz, Treas; Gwen Martinez, Fin Sec; Jeanne Lincks, Rec Sec; Richard Bernard, Russell
Bernard, Eunice Dannemann, Yvette Pazos; Thomas Rey, Jake Walters
Deaths - Guy Lartique
Prospective new member - Bill Temmink
Back Bay celebrated 75 years
Bequest - Agnes Foley $6,108
Church - "Big Easy" TV filmed here;
CAFUM organized;
Church and SS painted inside, new carpet installed in church and SS classrooms;
Talent/Craft fair held with other UCC churches;
First Easter sunrise service on levee in Audubon Park; Flood collection for S Dakota;        
Halloween party - (2nd);
Living Nativity (2nd) Elorna Marory as baby Jesus, mother is Shelly;  
Retreat held Episcopal Conference Center, Robert,  La;
Stewardship dinner 11/9;
Memorial window given in Memory of Lois Sehlinger 4/5
Patton St House to be torn down to make way for parking lot
Participation in VOA Soul Search and Recovery program
Salaries - Min $28,252; Secty $7303; Org $5285; Jan $5280
SS Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
VBS held in June
WW - Camille Lang
YOADS - George Luft, Secty/Treas; Dotty Daret, Fin Sec
60+ - Camille Lang, Secty/Treas, Plan Com
Annual meeting minutes                         2/8/1998
42 attend
Barnie Roth was recognized for her work as President and presented a gift.
Co-pastor committee presentation on cost and benefits of hiring  same, including salary and benefits, plus her grant
for $3500 for evangelism.  MOTION - hire Kate Rose for 2 years at $15,000 pr an gross, passed.  35 for, 2 against, 3  
Up-date on razing of Patton Street house and parking lot, property becomes part of church property
Consistory election - Jake Walters, Chairman - Herbert Kurz, Jeanne Lincks, L. A. Shelinger, Richard Durr, Stella
Redler, Will Munsch, Barnie Roth, all elected save Stella Redler, 40 ballots.

Special congregational meeting          8/30/98
Patton St house razing controversy, parking lot in its place,          passed 19 - 7

Consistory Minutes 1998
Camp - Slumber Falls camper assistance
Christian ed - VBS committee formed; Questions raised; Dr. Stephen Patterson to be invited, seminar, 70 people
attend; VBS not to be held, family nights through Summer instead;
Church - Christmas Eve service;
Easter sunrise, Audubon Park levee; Piano rent too high, see about a keyboard, Ned may help bring chairs to park,  
how much?; Check on SS egg hunt
Halloween party;        
Lent - Ash Wednesday service, Beecher, mass choir; Other services, St Matthew, St Paul, Salem & First Trinity        
Living nativity - (need portable piano and sound system,  stand for piano to be built, palm trees bought;                      
Create lists, cost and crews, thank you notes to animal people        
Men’s Sunday        
Service - talking before church too loud; Format, don’t  forget older members        
Stewardship Sunday 11/8        
Women’s Sunday 3/1, fish fry $5 fee
Consistory - AARP - wants to play bingo after meeting, investigate w/City
Assistant pastor com - change to co-pastor
Audio system - get prices, may up-date        
Baptisms - present Bible
Budget meeting 10/12; To be set up;        
Building com - church & hall glass doors to be priced; Church roof leak;
     Electric work                
CAFUM - start 4/4
Candlelighters - need to be trained        
Caretaker/yard com - to investigate workers;        
Computer/printer - to be repaired this week;        
Co-pastor com to be reinstated (Christian Ed) - discussion; Kate Rose reception 2/1, first Sunday 3/1; Office space   
for Kate Rose, moving day 2/26; Storm door for Kate Rose office, cost $250 labor, $125 door and wood;                 
Ordination 5/31, St. Matthew’s;
Counting committee - meeting set up for new guidelines, new list of instructions, new list of people;         
Easter - lilies on altar; May rent piano & place ad, flyers and signs to be put out, research acquiring of keyboard      
and PA system for hall and outdoor services, prices;
Jeff Haeger to decide if he will use keyboard, will check with three members of choir;
Election problems; Election in three months, committee formed;        
Joe - a transient, comments, agreed ok        
Members - contact old and invite back        
Minutes - all monthly Minutes to be kept together for easy reference        
Motion to go on-line        
New vacuum needed, old vacuum repaired        
One Great Hour of Sharing - offering for World Mission
Pastors’ retreat - expenses to be paid
Phone system proposal, install decent one; New system $1800, another bid needed; Phone system ordered, install
next week; Phone lines installed;        
Rev. Sam Allen of Salem dies
Secretary Karen Anderson starts 8/1997; Karen Anderson & Michael Edwards wedding at church 12/13, sent plant as
gift; Karen asks for more hours, will see if needed; To get six additional hours, $72 pr week, pastors to                 
insure this be productive
Treasurer, Fin Secty and Secty reports to be ready and given out to Consistory Sunday before Consistory meeting
Tree - St Paul's to remove, and roots on Grunberg property, pay equivalent cost of old patio before ruined by tree
Consistory new - Barnie Roth, Pres; Will Munsch, Vice-Pres; Thomas Rey, Fin Secty; Herbert Kurz, Treas; Jeanne      
Lincks, Rec Secty;
Elders - Barnie Roth, Herbert Kurz, Richard Bernard, Will Munsch
Deacons - Jeanne Lincks, Thomas Rey, Eunice Dannemann, Gwendolyn Martinez (Tom Rey resigns, Marvin Leonard
to serve remaining term; Jake Walters to be new Fin Sec till new consistory elected; (Herbert Kurz dies, fill his term on
consistory and counting committee) Motion, Jeanne Lincks to be Treas)
Trustees - Jake Walters, Richard Bernard, Russell Bernard, L. A. Sehlinger
Constitution - revised & given to members of consistory         
Eleonore St house, rent to be raised, $75 taken off  for starting A/C units in church, rent up by $100 for one year;
Evangelism & Church growth - Thomas Rey resigns as Chair; Meet  4/21; Summer night programs; $380 collected,
Mission Council  wants check account to be opened, $500 to start, base from  General Fund
Financial - bequest $1000, Lorraine Mule’; Dorothy Daret wants to cash her loan note of $7000, $6500 paid; Move
$15,000 investment funds for ready cash; Two treasury notes owned,  $10,000 and $40,000
Groups - Illinois SCC UCC youth delegation to Back Bay, stay at St Paul’s 6/20 night;
30 hour famine, raise money for World Vision a Christian relief organization, 3/7-8 St Mark & St Matthew,                   
sleep in church
Memorial window - ready to be installed, dedicated 4/12; Sketch for Reno Daret window, new vision;
Memorials - large print Bible, like pew Bibles, to be purchased in memory of Lorraine Mule’, new Bible in, which name
to use to dedicate it; How to use Herbert Kurz ($1400, more to come, use for office supplies) and William Kurz money;
Updating of Memorial Book, organize on notifying and thanks to people sending memorials;
Organist - Ad in Times Picyune, Gambit and at Tulane & Loyola; Jeff Haeger leaves 12/20, back to school,
recommends a  woman as replacement;  
Parenting Center to paint and carpet second floor of SS; May raise rent, rent raised to $1000;
Parking lot - UNI met with us, suggested St Paul buy St Francis parking lot, surveyor to be contacted, go ahead with    
house removal and lot, specific dates known, will notify UNI;
Have architect submit proposal and any alternate plans or options, then call consistory meeting to discuss;
Laine Trippe met with City Attorney on stop work order,  lifted;         
Letter sent to UNI;
Blacktop cost approximately $12,000, sidewalk and drive approximately $560, wood fence $384, storage separate    
$1700, get permits for blacktop and storage;
See if Tulane students will work on it;
Discussion on front, talk to City;
Met with contractor, plans by mid-June
Parsonage upstairs bath leak;
Plumbing to be checked and fixed;
Repairs, go ahead on trial basis, notify trustees
Patton St - house razing to go before congregation for vote; Waiting on City to re-subdivide property, will check on      
House & church are now one property, razing information needed, check contract;
Demolishing passed, Civil Engineer to contact for parking lot plans to meet all codes;
Vice-President to contact demolition company and within 48 hours of meeting start immediately;                 
Contact someone to clean up
Roof - roofer contacted, 2 new spots in church
SCC - meeting 6/12-14, San Antonio, TX;
Ruby Fitzgerald retiring, $100 gift sent;
Conference 6/98, T-shirts for conference attendees and available to congregation, ordered through Tulane Shirt       
Meeting of 6/22 cancelled, to be rescheduled for 5/18;
SS hall - A/C to be purchased for kitchen, and floor vents in SS to be replaced, safety latch on upstairs door;         
Bathrooms up and down repaired, also water fountain; Back in need or repair including electric work $2685,                 
get other bids;
Go ahead on stage curtain, check if bid is the same,  $2408.90;
Electric distribution system to be repaired;
Nursery growing, help needed;
Remaining portion of second floor, nursery and front access to SS and church (Patton St entrance) to be remodeled,
with electric lock to church office entrance door;
Teen classes inconsistent attendance;
Termites in men and women's bathrooms, to be repaired
SS hall rental - wedding fee/party, non-member $75 for church &  $75 for hall, or pastor can decide; $100 for non-
members, clean-up $20 (optional);
Yard - man will cut grass, weed & trim for $40 pr mo if Pazos         will continue 10 hours clean up pr mo; Flowers
placed around         church
Youth group (Young adults start suggested) - start teenage/young         adult theatre, some cost involved

1999 - Annual Report                                 2/99
Pres - Barnie Roth                                                
Consistory - Tom Rey resigns, Marvin Leonard replaces
Baptism - George Courville; Elizabeth Lincks; Spenser George Taylor;
Deaths - Flo DuVernay; Herbert Kurz
Weddings 6
New members  - Allanda Williams, Dorothy Moelly, Lane Trippe,  Bill Temmink, Jill Knaublach, Mat Woods;
CAFUM meeting, St Matthew's 1/24; Beecher 2/14; CAFUM racism program 3/13/,14; Meet at St Paul's 4/18; response
5/3; meeting at St Mark's; Meeting 6/20 Central; Good Shepherd 8/29; CAFUM core group 8/27;
Church - Adopted a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas (w/YOADS and Childrens' Hospital);
Advent healing circle
All church choir concert St Matthew's 5/9;
Annual congregation meeting 2/8;
Christmas Eve service;        
Easter sunrise service in Audubon Park on levee;
Fill the nets Sunday (new members);        
Fred Meade guest speaker 6/7 (candidate for pastorate at St  Matthew’s, trial sermon)
Halloween party;
Hurricane Mitch - sent 3 carloads of food and clothing & $2,000 for Honduras & Nicaraguan relief;
International partnership - seeking "sister" church in Latin America;         
Kate Rose preaches, reception follows, 2/1, comes on board St Paul's, 3/1, installed, 6/28; Ordained 5/31                 
at St Matthew's
Kool Thursday's start 7/9;
Lenten services;        
Living nativity (3rd) with Elizabeth Lincks as baby Jesus 12/98;
Men’s Sunday;        
Mid-week Bible study;        
Officers installed 3/21;
Senior Sunday 5/3;
OGHS specials 3/1,8,15,22 $1000 goal; actual $1193.27;  Raised $1200 for global relief; Fr. Matt Rousseau             
preaches, OGHS offering
UCC mass choir concert 5/9
Consistory - Alma Peters playspot cleanup 5/16;
Church renewal grant awarded in April can be applied for 3 times;
Dr. Stephen Patterson Seminar 10/17;        
Lay Education Program to be held at St. Matthew's;
Membership photos taken 1/4-11;
New office phone system installed;
New stage curtain;
Parking lot plans being worked on
Storm door for office to be purchased;
Evangelism com - Thursday evening program
Finance - Daret loan repaid; Bequest, Lorraine Mule' estate;
Groups - from Illinois to stay in SS, working at Back Bay
Memorial window - Lois Sehlinger dedicated 4/12
Mission Council began - meeting 1/12; 6/28; 7/28; meet at Back Bay mission with Bruno Schroeder 7/26-27; Paint &
patch program applied for & received $2,000 grant, to be used for coordinator's salary; Group painted a house;
visiting youth groups to participate; will be housed at St Paul's;        
N O Assoc Lay Ed program 3/7,8,14,15; Spring meeting 5/2 at Central; Women in Fellowship, Beecher, 2/10
Patton St property becomes part of church property
Salaries - Min $37,417; Secty $9000; Org $7000; Cust $5280
SCC -  annual meeting, San Antonio 6/12-16
SS classes -Adult class, Kate Rose; Nursery, Rose Walters;
Primary Class, Jane Munsch; Young people, Tom Warren
New stage curtain installed
SS hall - Bathrooms up and downstairs, and water fountain  repaired;
SS Sect - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
SS Treas/Secty - Camille Lang
Thelma Hodapp retires - honored for 50 yrs teaching
T-shirts sold
Women’s Sunday fish fry
WW - Camille Lang, Treas/Secty; Flower fund; Filled stockings for Salvation Army;
YOADS - 43rd anniversary service, 3/15
Youth group - 30-hour famine 3/7-8; Trip to Blue Bayou 7/13;
60+ - Camille Lang - Plan Com

Annual meeting                                 2/7/99                                
36 attend
Blue print of parking lot presented, approximate cost $12,000,  begin in three to four weeks, storage shed in back
Fund-raising events discussed;
Counting com volunteers;
Barnie Roth given gift for her years of service on consistory
Consistory new - Richard Bernard, Russell Bernard, Marvin  Leonard, Gwendolyn Martinez, Yvette Pazos, Jake
Walters, Stella Redler to fill rest of Barnie Roth’s term

Special congregational meeting         8/19/99
Special cong meeting - future of 624 Eleonore St 9/19; voted to sell property);         

Consistory Minutes      1999                        
Consistory - Barnie Roth   - Will Munsch, Pres; Jeanne Lincks, Treas; Richard Durr, Vice-Pres; Gwendolyn Martinez,
Rec Sec; Jake Walters, Fin Sec; (Barney Roth retires, Stella Redler to complete her term)

Deacons - Jeanne Lincks, Eunice Dannemann, Marvin Leonard, Gwendolyn Martinez
Elders - L. A. Sehlinger, Stella Redler, Richard Durr, Yvette Pazos
Trustees - Russell Bernard, Dick Bernard, Will Munsch, Jake Walters

Baptisms - Kayden Pellegrin; Melissa Danielle Herbert; Daniel Miller Warren; Gisela McMahon
Deaths - Marybel Seybold, donated to Tulane
Funerals - Emmit Nugier;
Weddings - Baudoin - Bartell;
Births - Greyson & Sophia Pellegrin 11/17

New members 12; Liz Reed; Kate Broom, reception; Leaf Pellegrin, Darrell Pellegrin, Garrin Pellegrin, Jim Yenowine,
David Hall, David Thiberville, Brenna McMahon; Larry Geer; Joann Geer; Ellen Nugier by reaffirmation

Potential new members - Julie Hughes, Nicci Rivers, Kecia Wooten, Kimberly Hermann,

Transfers ? - Bill Temmink moves to Boston

Building fund - Boutique Buddies formed for fund-raising, Penny Hendryx, Co-ord        
CAFUM - co-ordinators - Liz Reed, Jane Munsch; St Paul's, care group planning committee; First Trinity/Faith
Cumberland; Retreat 1/22/2000
Church - Ash Wednesday, St Charles Christian;
Christmas party, carolling 12/17        
Christmas worship services 12/24, 12/25        
Communion com - different ways to do; Will ask Catherine Munsch to be responsible;        
Confirmation class begins 8/26, Michelle Thiberville,  Brenna McMahon, meet till January, confirmation                        
date to be set        
Cong fish fry 2/21;
Easter sunrise - Audubon Park on levee, put out leaflets &  publicity, test speakers, chair set up - $75 for 100          
chairs, don’t pay for chair setup; Lilies for altar,          
Halloween party 10/31        
Installation of officers 2/21;
Laity Sunday in August - Richard Durr speaking;
Lent - service attendance low        
Motion place Bible on altar; New church Bible;
Pulpit exchange - Paul Pic        
Women's Sunday, OGHS fish fry 3/19 (over $300 raised); special video, total all inc $1096.58
Consistory -Annual meeting, need more control of meeting, fall-out, Pres to handle;
Basement flooding corrected;        
Budget meeting, discussion, idea plan presented for next 5 years
Calendar - compose for coming year
Canoe trip - Honey Island Swamp in moonlight, 9/22
Church Service - Altar too bare, not liked;
Announcements by lay person before service,
Apostles Creed gone, too many new hymns, address comments to Pastor, discussion, concerned, to be                
addressed in “Tidings”         
     Move time to 9:45 to start church, will be worked on,        
     Requested, brief time in service, people come forward  to Minister, tell private concerns/prayers                       
     Starts late, too long, disjointed, more serious, length of children’s sermon, some of the singing & prayer           
Complaints - items stored in basement, don’t overwork people, tighten up around here, handicap equipment         
destination, thanks to barrier people, thank you notes status
Computer - fax/scanner/printer donated, Gwen & Jorge Martinez; Linkage not feasible
Counting Com - guidelines to be posted permanent place                
Directory - (roster) draft to be checked; Revised copy, present next meeting        
Earth day service, Audubon park 3/22;
Eye glass collection 7/25
Fund raising meeting 3/21, consistory should attend;        
Jazz dinner fund raiser 7/10, $66, 55 people
Joyce Holliday semimar - all day presentation, Fall special
Kate Rose contract extension discussed, will not renew        
Leslie Reed reimbursed $200 for plants
Media critic workshop - September, tape distributed;
Member list - clean up to be made, separate list of active members, mailing purposes, update; Form membership    
committee to investigate & make projection; (Member needs to find apt)        
Mission Council - each group pay $100 and an additional $50 pr prsn to defray St Paul’s cost, should totally         
cover; Parking lot sale, money designation decide later        
New Century hymnal - research, use as supplement; Nothing decided        
New doors installed in church & Sunday school by Easter (cost $4000); Safety bars not required, will check; Ad         
in Picayune for old Church doors to be sold;
New shed to cost $2,000, put on hold; Permit needed, need ownership papers;
On-Line auction Coord - Sue Schenken        
Pastor's Bible study on Tuesdays
Pellegrin family to join, suggest next food drive Sunday be diaper drive, expecting twins        
Phone Com - calls to sick & absentees
Program - Arts/Activity/Bible school, being sought
Publicity - WTIX AM 690 media program, present at St Paul’s, free publicity, host program, try, 2-3 weeks in              
SS hall;
Repairs - electric work to be done to cost $3200 (found to cost $3568); $3200 needed replace all panels,                 
much needed work, all mains to Church & SS hall, then up to compliance, leave off square ceiling lights, hard to
change, burned out; Bigger than thought, $300 more than 1st bid, wait on job, label broken circuits & block trouble
outlet for quick fix until work can be done, $3568 new price
Heat & cool equipment in bad shape; Boiler needs service;  A/C units in SS hall to be patched;         
Retreat - Rev. Gary Arndt 3/20; Should attend Retreat 3/20,
Rummage sale - $700, 2/3 to Building Fund savings acct opened, 1/3 to Mission Council fund        
St Mark's revival, citywide churches
Secty - duties & priorities, more coordination between  pastors & secty; Karen Edwards - resigned 9/99;             
Volunteers to help in office; Jane Munsch, Editor of  “Tidings”, produced by church members; Johanna                         
Schlater, Producer of Sunday bulletins
Storage - areas to be cleaned
Stewardship - looking at fund-raising; Strategize ways to raise money & promote more committees giving                 
levels, series of events to start 10/17 till 11/14;        
Summer activities - 6-week duration; Speaker in the works;  Publicity;
Tulane & N O Aids Task Force speakers
UCC World Mission Bd, Cleveland, 10/31
Up-date 5-60 second time slots not ready in time for event, Video project 7/5-17, can be run later at cost of $530      
for 10 time slots        
Visitation list        
Water bill high notice, check for leaks        
Covenant Home ministry - Penny Hendryx, Camille Lang, Ollie Ortiz
Eleonore St house - Kikuchi’s moving, $45 off rent for cutting grass;
Lawrence Schlater consulted on status of property, rent as is, sell, or fix up, want ball park figure; Report                 
presented;  May want to sell instead of rent;  Condition, suggested get out of real estate business,         
MOTION put before congregation - selling, letter to be sent for congregational meeting for discussion 8/19;
List w/L. Schlater for $160,000; Sold 10/25, $136,700;
Brief legal history of Constitution - needs to be ready for  10/25 Act of Sale, acknowledged in force at this time, was
unanimously ratified, By-Laws also, RESOLUTION: Will Munsch & Gwendolyn Martinez to represent St Paul’s,
Special meeting after sale, before next Consistory meeting, committee of 4, scheduled 11/1
Evangelism com - swallowed by Mission Council?
Finances - need $2000 pr week to operate, not coming in, review report, disbursements may need to have separate   
Merrill-Lynch to be custodian of treasury notes; Presentation, investment/saving, mutual funds & bonds,                 
program received, fee involved        
Place funds in progressive funds, talk in near future;         
Special meeting budget & future money wise before next Consistory meeting, int not covering losses
Spending from savings, serious, needs work & consideration
Fund raising - letter presented & mailed members no longer coming, for support; Letter to be sent to all past         
confirmands, 2nd letter to congregation; On-line auction proceeds to church, Sue Schenken, Co-ord        
Groups - Friends Congregational UCC stayed 7/11-18 for Paint & Patch
Touro youth visit church service, class in comparative religions 3/21;
Memorial window - for Daret being discussed; Being redesigned, 1month; working w/new person;
Memorials - Bill Kurz, $2500 for new copier, traded old copier,  brass plaque near copier to honor Bill, wife donated     
Contact families of recent gifts & see if doors are  acceptable;
Herbert Kurz, to be used for office supplies by request of wife June Kurz; Money to go to organizing church                
office, possible new copier; No other substantial  amounts to go to doors; Purchase table & chairs for                 
meeting room; Purchase folding chairs;
$100, sent for murdered pastor & wife in Texas;
Mission Council - meeting, Matt Rousseau speaker, Nicaragua
Paint & Patch - Jill Knoblauch coord; 3 groups to arrive; April, 1st UCC Grand Marais, Minnesota; Good                 
Friends Cong UCC on 7/11-18; Upperline St house painted, worked at N O Mission; Second Harvesters Food            
bank; Opens acct at Whitney         
N O Assoc - Assoc Spring Conf, Central, Rev. Miller speaks;
Education Com meet, Central 9/27;
Fall meeting 10/30, Beecher UCC;
Leadership workshop, N O UCC Churches, 5/22;
Spring meet at St Paul’s, continental brkfst;
Stewardship Comm Chair, Giles Norrington, - fund raising  strategies;
Music Dir/Organist - Ashley Smethermann, Jan - Mar; Bryan Masson thru 5/16; Jeff Haeger, June - July; Elizabeth
Messina, August - ; Situation; Married to Bernard Floyd 11/99;
Parking lot - Fence needs to be painted;         
Finished & railing installed, to be striped;
Lay-out plans $1,000; Cost $22,000 ($22,727.93);         
Lights for back area to be investigated, what kind;  progress;
$26,000 for concrete, more bids to come, 5 bids, high $29,000, average $18,000, evaluate/select contractor,           
concrete lot, pay out of low int bearing acct, depend on permits from City; $22,000;
Metal barrier between lot & SS hall donated, cones or blockades in front of lot (workers to do);
Motion, pay Ned $65 for doing lot a 2nd time;
Sidewalk complaint, in process of improving;
Striping persons to be contacted, talks in progress;
SCC - Meeting June 6/11-13; Bd of Directors meeting 9/18; National youth event, Ames, Iowa, 7/6-10/2000; Rev. Bill   
Royster hired as Assoc Conference Minister
South Regional women's retreat UCC, at Gulfshore Bapt Assembly, Pass Christian MS 10/15
Summer activities draft; Project packet         
Summer program packet presented by Kate Rose;
Annual Kid's day, (first) 20 kids, 6/12;
Community ed style program suggested;
Eat & Dance Cajun (cancelled);
Fractured Fairy Tales 6/14 & 26;
Honduran travel dinner 6/3;
How to Cook Good Quick 6/10;
How to Cope with your Family;
How to find Uptown day Care 7/22;
Instant Theater project 7/19 - 30; Performance 7/30;
Travel dinner held, Liz Reed cook;
Wills and Estate planning 7/18;
SS hall - AARP will ask Carl Redler if he would like to set up chairs, and for other events; Carl to set up &                 
remove chairs for $20
A/C units serviced; Efficiency to be investigated
Adult education class to begin         
Cabinets & kitchen cleaned, stage is next;   
Drink machine acquisition, will be donated, profits to Building Fund, need help to move;        
Events committee        
Green refrigerator broken, dispose of it, freezer may be donated; Old refrigerator to be picked up;
Insulation around A/C;
New water heater needed        
New mini-blinds in nursery;
Old gas heater to be removed, how to replace, with what;
Rally day 9/12;
Rummage sale 9/25
Second shower installed ($500), Mission Council money to be used;
Stage - clean-up day 6/5, dispose of junk; stage cleared, junk to dump
Thorough cleaning after Summer
Two pianos tuned, upstairs piano action needs work $150, replacement/restoration discussed w/tuner;              
Nursery piano to be sold
SS Secty - Camille Lang
SS Supt - Lespa Luft
Women in Fellowship - 5/11 at St. Mark's
Women's fellowship - Good Shepherd
Yard/Caretaker -  Leslie Reed reimbursed $200 for plants;
Ned Dufrene to leave on 6/1, discussed replacing Ned; Yard/grass cutting needs decision; Upgrading, janitor         
discussion, grass cut for less; Grass, beds $45 pr cut - $30 - $35;
Professional maids to clean before Yvette Pazos starts 4-5 hour week of custodian duties; Maid service contacted,    
1st time $40 pr hr then establish a price; Custodian perfect, hard to find, will contact person in neighborhood, tabled,
decide next meeting;
Steve Redler cut 2 times; Edger needs fixing;
Yvette added hours
YOADS - George Luft, Treas; Lespa Luft, Pres; Doris Herbert, Pres 2000
Young adults - New group meets 6/17; Meeting, 5/13, Frankie & Johnnie's, 16 attend; Organize & look for more  
Crab boil, 25 attend; Met at Joey-K’s 6/17, 18 people; Jazz dinner in SS 7/10;
Youth group 30-hour famine 2/7-8
60+ - Camille Lang, Co-ord

From Sunday Bulletin & “Tidings”
CAFUM retreat - St Charles Ave Baptist
Caretakers - Yvette Pazos, Steve Redler        
Christian Unity service, St Louis Cathedral
Christmas Eve service, children’s play
Confirmed 3/12 - Brenna McMahon, Glen McLellan
Festival of faith - Christ Church Cathedral, city-wide
prayer service, for the new millenium 12/5                
Gathering of choirs 4/18
Jay Keppel called to church in Maquoketa, Iowa
Lent - Ash Wednesday joint services, Disciples of Christ, Good         Shepherd UCC
Living Nativity - (4th) Greyson & Sophia Pellegrin as baby                 Jesus 12/19        

2000 Annual reports                              2/6/2000
Pres - Will Munsch
Consistory - Richard Durr, Vice-pres; Jeanne Lincks, Treas; Jake         Walters, Fin Secty; Gwen Martinez, Rec Secty;
Eunice         Dannemann, Richard Bernard, Russell Bernard, Marvin Leonard,         Yvette Pazos, L. A. Sehlinger
Baptisms 3
New members 12
Bible study                                
Christmas pageant
Easter sunrise service
Eleonore St house sale
Financial assets restructured
Glass doors installed sanctuary and fellowship hall
Halloween party
Joyce Holliday Lecture on violence
Kid’s day
Live nativity - Pellegrin twins as baby Jesus
OGHS fish fry
Mission Council
Paint & Patch program - Jill Knoblauch
Patton St house removed, parking lot built, metal bumpers         
Rally day
Shower installed in S S hall (2nd)
Stage cleaned
Summer workshop series
S S growth all ages
S S Supt - Lespa Luft
S S Secty/Treas - Camille Lang
WW - Camille Lang, Secty/Treas
YOADS - George Luft, Treas
60+ - Camille Lang, Coord/Secty/Treas

Annual meeting Minutes                 2/6/2000
31 attend
Jeanne Lincks                        Joe Munsch                Doris Hoffman
Penny Hendryx                       Camille Lang                Olga Robins
Eunice Dannemann                Clarence Herbert        Yvonne Herbert
Jill Knoblauch                          Matt Woods                Kim Miller
Jane Munsch                           Johanna Schlater        Richard Bernard
Russell Bernard                      George Lawrence        Dorothy Lawrence
Lespa Luft                               George Luft, Jr.        John Lincks
Liz Reed                                  Lane Trippe                Susan Schenken
Leslie Reed                             Richard Durr                Tom Warren
Dorothy Moely                         Dottie Daret                Kate Rose
Gwen Martinez

New Consistory - Will Munsch, Pres (2 years); Jeanne Lincks     Treas (2 years); Richard Durr, Vice-Pres (1 year);
Jake Walters, Fin. Sec; Lane Trippe Rec. Rec. Secty (2 years); Gwendolyn Martinez, Marvin Leonard, Yvette Pazos,
Susan Schenken (2 years), Kate Broome (2 years), Leslee Reed (1 year), Liz Reed (2 years)

Difference in Financial Secretary’s and Treasurer’s report questioned but accepted (Motion by Richard Bernard,
seconded by R. Durr), to be discussed at Consistory meeting.

Motion to accept balance of reports made by George Luft, seconded by Liz Reed, passed.

Proposed budget and overview presented, and benefits of same explained.  $80,000 loss explained by Will Munsch
(see Minutes), stewardship stressed.  Motion to accept budget made by Richard Bernard, seconded by George Luft,

Design for two small stained glass windows (Eleonore St side of church) presented, also for large window, along with
suggestion of financing same presented by G. Martinez.  Alternative designs suggested, may conflict with other fund-
raising projects.

Motion made, Richard Durr, seconded by Richard Bernard, to reissue can banks and dedicate to Building Fund for
new heating/cooling system for church.

Open floor discussion on sale of Eleonore St. house (see Minutes).

Open meeting in two weeks, all are invited (see Minutes).

Meeting moved to Fellowship hall instead of in Sanctuary, many not happy with move.

Discussion on children taking communion, fitting age for eligibility, will be taken up in two weeks at open meeting.

(no dates given - may be the 50’s)

Dossal curtain - Wedemeyer family for Ben Mule’
Candlesticks - for Mr. August Englehardt and Mr. John Eagan
Cross - for Mrs. Rosa Huth
Carpet - for Lt. Waldron Geagan
Communion cup holders - for Mrs. Ben Welman
Wrought iron stands - by family for Robert C. Leitz, Sr.
Flower vases - for Mr/Mrs. Mansfield Roth
Missal stand and Book of Worship - by Juanita and Zoe Lyn Duke
Memorial window, Patton Street - Seiler?

1978 - Copy machine
1979 - 2 windows each side of large window on Patton Street, Mrs.         Harry Plant in memory of husband Harry Plant
1982 - Green paraments in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Fitzgerald
1982 - Ceramic nativity in memory of brother, Fabian A. Schlater,         Jr., by Dottie Daret
1986 - New church sign (partial) by August Engelhardt and         Virginia Englehardt Kelly in memory of Rosa
Englehardt and         Mrs. Eagan
1990 - Brass plant containers - Luft family
1992 - Flags and dossal curtain by Louis Peneguy in memory of         Nellie McCormack
1994 - Choir robes by Pam Wyndham in memory of mother, Mildred
1995 - Center stained glass window North side of church in memory         of
1996 - Stained glass windows on North side of church, each side         of center window by Marvin Leonard, in
memory of Mr. & Mrs.         Leonard and Myrtle Bethancourt- center window in memory of         Mabel Cahil Luft
1997 - Front vestibule stained glass window in memory of Lois         Bives Sehlinger by family
2000 - Two small windows, Eleonore Street side, in memory of Reno         J. Daret, Jr., through monetary memory gifts
given to church